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Fantasy Warm Up RP

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Your Princess
I want to try out the Website's system and just basically try to vibe with roleplaying before I do anything serious. We can try a basic dungeon quest with traps and monsters. I like the idea of a character sheet to give direct permissions for Roleplay, such as being a Knight means people are going to refer to you as such.

#Name (It's a Human D&D Name Generator, but it can also apply if you're non Human. It's just a nice set of generic fantasy names)
#Gender (Can mean male, female, gay, lesbian, anything but "queer" but pan, fluid, etc are fine)

#Description (Up to 5 sentences that tells what your character looks like. An image is not necesary)
#Background (Up to 5 sentences that tells your character's history relevant and enriching for the RP)

(Below are snappy quips that use as few, meaningful words as possible. The best ones are the ones that can benefit or backfire, other than Flaw)
#High Concept
#3 Other Aspects
The Aspects system was ripped from Fate: Core. But it won't be using dice, these are just pieces of direct information that can help set expectations and give little trump cards for most issues. (or potential to backfire). We can go by a 3-point system where you spend them to invoke these Aspects but can only get Points back if you allow the Aspect to make it worse.

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