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Fandom Warhammer Fantasy : The fall of Praag

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Chaos waxes as the normally fractious forces of chaos united under one banner and set their sights on the southern lands. Rumors abound that a new ever chosen of chaos has risen and that the end of the world is coming. Other dismiss these as just rumors that happen anytime the norskans gather together. With the furthest cities to the north falling silent one after another the governor of Praag is taking no chases. A call was sent out promising riches and glory to those willing to bolster the city against the north men's invasion. This had lead to a flood of desperate and greedy souls all seeking fame or riches, or some other goal. You are one of these souls for some reason you have come to the bastion city of Praag answering the call on the eve of battle against the chaotic hordes.

So yeah tldr chaos its a attaching praag and you have come for whatever reason to defend the city. This is a warhammer fantasy rp so stormcasts are not a thing, but you can play almost any other faction except chaos and skaven. There isn't really a set time for this all going down so i won't be to nitpicky about timeline stuff and as i like the old lore of the warp connecting many worlds and such who knows what goodies you may have come across in your travels.

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