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This is definitely going to be a little niche. But I'm gonna try anyway because I can't find anyone making something like it anywhere else. Here's a shout out to the Warhammer 40,000 fans out there!

I'd like to get a roleplay going in a very specific character group of an inquisitorial retinue. I have a former Sororita that is now an Acolyte, and I am wanting to put her into the mix of a good roleplay. But I will still need a handful of other players for the rest of the retinue as well as the very pivotal role of an Inquisitor.

Here's the thing, though: I don't GM. I have neither the time, nor patience for it anymore. So one of the other people interested is going to have to take up that mantle or we can all sorta cooperatively do it... I dunno. I just know that I, myself, am not available to be in charge of pushing the narrative forward for everyone else. But I am adamant that this be a freeform roleplay. No systems.

Characters can be either male or female. They have to fit the lore setting and not be over-the-top edgelord characters. Aiming for a timeline in the late 41st millennium or the start of the 42nd.

Anyhow, here's crossing my fingers and holding my breath. I'll leave this up for a few days to see if anyone bites. I know this is really, really specific. But I'm on like two other RP sites and three Discord servers looking for something like this, and I'm not getting anywhere. I'm placing the minimum requirement for a start up at 3 other interested parties (besides myself) as characters, and definitely needing the role of the Inquisitor filled. Less than that, and this is a no-go.

I am a multi-paragraph writer and try my best to contribute at least two or three times a week to the roleplay. I'm expecting the same from interested parties. I can provide writing samples upon request.

Here is my ACOLYTE for the setting. Keep in mind that her Inquisitor master mentioned in her profile is NOT the inquisitor that we will be requiring for the RP. That character will need to be filled by one of the interested players and be of their own creation. No Canon characters. OCs only!
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