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1st Legion Primarch - Unknown
2nd Legion Primarch - Unknown
3rd Legion Primarch - Arkor the Fire Branded (Primarch of the Blood Flares)
4th Legion Primarch - Unknown
5th Legion Primarch - Unknown
6th Legion Primarch - Hakan Seniorious (Primarch of the Titan-Born)
7th Legion Primarch - Unknown
8th Legion Primarch - Galletius (Primarch of the Aurean Coterie)
9th Legion Primarch - Zuriel Drathas (Primarch of the Sanguine Templars)
10th Legion Primarch - Unknown
11th Legion Primarch - Unknown
12th Legion Primarch - Unknown
13th Legion Primarch - Eryx Agustus (Primarch of the Faithful Sons)
14th Legion Primarch - Alexion Lion (Primarch of the Fanghorn Knights)
15th Legion Primarch - Santiago Aguilar (Primarch of the Trojan Guard)
16th Legion Primarch - Runis Taros (Primarch of the Four Paths)
17th Legion Primarch - Unknown
18th Legion Primarch - Unknown
19th Legion Primarch - Unknown
20th Legion Primarch - Hoxa (Primarch of the Unified)
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Before I actually begin I would like to just say thank you for your patience. Both me and my friend are aware that we took forever to get things up and running and probably lost a good few players along the way, hopefully they come back eventually, probably not.


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Now onward to what we're actually here for. Since we're still light on people a bit and this is the beginning you guys have just learned that the 9th Primarch has been found. His name is Runis and he was found in an area that was believed completely uninhabited. Details are sparse but now you know that you had a Brother hidden right under your noses this entire time. You lot are being called together to get acquainted with one another and celebrate the finding of your latest brother.
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Santiago finally arrived with his Legion flagship, the Trojan horse. he passed by the many serfs and astartes who heard the slow heavy steps caused by his terminator armor, all of them quickly moved from the passing Primarch. His personal bodyguards who were simply known as the wardens, obviously joined him on the way.

As he got closer to boarding the ship to meet the newest brother, he firstly pondered on the fact that this brother of his had managed to fool most of them into thinking that his planet was empty. It was fairly likely that he's one of those who are more into stealth, of course this was but an assumption. Santiago quickly snapped from his inner monologue when they finally boarded into the Emperor's ship.

Once again marching throughout the ship to go into the central meeting. Once he reached to the doors leading to his brothers, he looked behind him and told his wardens "my sons this moment of meeting is going to be in private. So you shall stand guard until late I returned from my meeting".

And with that the armored santiago opened the doors and saw all his brothers in the room, and in the center was his newly found brother.
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As you enter the room the very first thing you notice the man in question. He seems to notice you, count the number of people in the room and breath a sigh of relief.

For the most part he look like a rather ragged, even in his power armor. His black hair is a mess and you can even see knots in it, his armor also has a number of dents in it as well as all the added pouches on the front and sides, many of which are ripped. Even his servo harness is damaged looking.

He seems to be enjoying a conversation with Arkor. Arkor is not enjoying it.


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In the space already filled with a great number of ships pin pricks of light appeared, the pin pricks soon split open and space was torn asunder and the way to the warp was opened. Blinding light flooded the dark space of the void. From the many tears ships emerged bearing the gold and silver of the 20th legion with the Gloriana-class Battleship The unity of man which served as the flag ship of the legion at the head. The ships only broadcast the correct IFF ID signals even as they moved and where most ships were haphazard at best when working with one another the exact speeds left to each ship and the exact directions at the discretion of each captain , instead these gold and silver ships moved as one with a strange grace for such bulky ships. Hoxa always did what seemed like flashy entrances, but for her they were simple as unlike all the other legions hers was truly one and despite being the smallest of the legions she likely had brought more ships as she considered the mortals of the Imperialis Auxilia as almost equals rather than just tag along. Some might think this attitude born of the legion lacking number being only as big as the legio custodes, but Hoxa preferred that her legion remembered that they were human, heavily altered but still human at the core and thus they should mingle with the others. Hoxa despite her military prowess did have an appreciation for beauty and the arts some might not fully expect and had made sure her legion welcomed the remeberancers fully even giving them a far closer look into the wars the legion waged though the network that connected all even now. Still a newly found brother was something to be celebrated for once more the warp and those in it were possibly denied whatever goal they had in mind. Hoxa knew despite what her father had said the things in the warp could think and the knowledge she found on many worlds supported this.

Hoxa had not needed to give any commands as she moved through the decks everyone knew her plans and knew where she was, in her legion secrets were few and problems even fewer as if one had an issue they could call out and even with they didn't their thoughts would reveal it. This was of course only required when one was on duty as even on a ship some privacy had to be respected, but in work the network helped everyone maintain the ship. The mechanicum support that maintained most ships were even connected and subtly influenced to be a little less secretive moved slowly away from their dogma, but even then they were not forthcoming, yet enough to help the ships run without a tech priest everywhere at once was allowed out. This allowed the ship Hoxa would need to be prepped before she got to the hanger and everything to be ready and the crews even already working on new tasks where others might still be in disarray. The transport was liek everythign else colored gold and silver with the symbol of the legion marking it out.


Hoxa would head over already many of her brother had arrived, as she had been a bit more distant than them in her latest campaign against a Xenos that had taken to lording over humanity in those distant stars. Thus her arrival was no surprise if anything the only surprising thing might be Hoxa herself for those few ignorant of her. The great masses knew of the Emperor and his sons, but many forgot he had a daughter. Hoxa herself was taller than any normal man, taller than astartes even, but still smaller than her brothers. Her skin was tanned, though not by much if she were normal one might think she worked int he sun often, but not constantly much like her father. Her hair was a jet black and would be long with not pulled back into a single long braid at the back of her head. Her eyes were a deep blue and seemed almost like gems as to any mortal man she would look to be the most beautiful woman he had seen, though there was a similar effect with many of her brothers each were the prefect man, or as close as could be without being the Emperor. Her armor was as ornate as one might expect from a primarch and was of course mostly gold and silver the colors of riches, the colors of opulence, and the colors of unity for all humans agreed upon these two metals having value everywhere in the galaxy it was a truly unifying thought, thus the unified wore these colors. hoxa seemed to carry no weapons, not even a ceramonial one, but she was never without arms even if none could see them, the crystals she could control that were within her gauntlets.

Hoxa did not come with an honor guard, for she did not truly keep one all of her legion was her honor guard for they were one through her so the skills of one could be the skills of another and thus a special guard was not truly needed. So she left no one when she came to the entrance instead she simply could go in, Hoxa if she kept a guard might have invited them in for she did not care to much for overly complex ceremonies or the idea they should hide such human moments from others. Hoxa looked over her new bother and guessed he had a hard time in this harsh world, for his gear seemed almost half destroyed, though that he had power armor spoke volumes of the world, her had none before the emperor, this world had advanced industry.

" Another brother found our family grows ever closer to completion" Hoxa said after her quick appraisal which took less than a moment.


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Gazing across the void from the command deck of the Cleansing Spear, Zuriel's sapphire eyes beheld the massive assembly of warships assembled before him. It was awe inspiring to even a Primarch such as himself to see such a fleet assembled. The might of his Father's Legions assembled in one place was rare to behold, even rarer was it for a non-combat purpose. Of course it was Bucephelus that put every other Flagship to shame, bearing enough firepower to see an entire Legionary Fleet destroyed. A symbol of his might, a sign that humanity's ascendance was inevitable. Hah, a giant golden one at that. Father was never one to take half measures. I'm surprised the entirety of Terra hasn't been plastered in gold. Then again, it's been some time since I've stepped foot there.

"Forgive me Father, but I believe it is time for you to depart." The rumbling voice of Savarel, Commander of the Black Knights, broke the Crimson Knight from his thoughts. Turning to his most trusted Equerry, he placed a massive hand on the Astartes shoulder, practically enveloping the entire thing. Having served the IX since before even Zuriel himself, he had proven to be an invaluable asset to the Primarch of the Sanguine Templars. It was he that stood by his side through the most horrific of battles as they brought uncountable worlds into Compliance. It was he who helped ensure that the IX adopt the creeds and tenets of their Father, ensuring a smooth transition as their estranged Father took command. Since then they had greatly expanded the domain of the Angelis Regni, the Kingdom of Angels, while relentlessly pursuing Chaos wherever its tendrils seemed to take root. Due to his rather unique upbringing, Zuriel had been all to familiar with the corrupting influence of Chaos, and had dedicated a great deal of time to purging it wherever it took hold. He had been on just such a campaign when the news had reached him. Another brother had been found, and with him the Imperium grew stronger. Leaving command of the Vaznius Crusade to his Lord Commander Uriel, the Primarch had departed with all due haste to this family reunion.

"Thank you my son, it seems I had become lost within my own thoughts once more. Has there been any news from Uriel?" Standing from his seat, Zuriel made his way towards his personal transport as Savarel updated him on the situation. As expected the Sanguine Templars had torn through the tainted sector of Varnius like a tempest, the support of the Sanguine Auxilia having seemed to be invaluable in the campaign. It was a testament to the strength of humanity that these mortals would stand alongside the Templars against these unnatural horrors, being the anvil upon which the hammer of the Astartes fell, crushing all that stood in between.

"The Auxilia continues to prove itself, ensure the Remembrancers enshrine their deeds." The Black Knight simply nodded as they stepped into the transport. Stepping onto the Emperors flagship, the Primarch found himself greeted by a single Custode. "Primarch Zuriel Drathus, your kindred await you. Follow me." It wasn't long before his destination had been reached. Leaving his son outside the room for the time being, the Lord of Angels went in to meet his new kin. Surprisingly he was one of the earlier arrivals, something he wasn't used to considering how far he typically ranged. The first to catch his eye was the ever stoic form of Santiago. Despite his silence, Zuriel found deep respect for him, his code of honor something the Crimson Knight could understand. Then there was his dear sister Hoxa, a strange lass to be sure, her psychic abilities often leaving him ill at ease. Despite her witchcraft however she had displayed a fervent loyalty to the Emperor's vision. The fiery Arkor was present as well, already speaking with their newest addition to the family. A ragged looking individual to be sure, suggesting perhaps his world had not been fully conquered by the time he had been discovered.

The crimson clad figure strode over to his nearest siblings, dragging Hoxa and Santiago into a brotherly embrace. "Ah my kin, truly it has been to long since we have been gathered together in such numbers." His voice was full of mirth, seeming to fill the entirety of the room. His attention quickly turned towards this Runis, regarding him with a gentle smile. "To think, one of my blood had been so close all these years. I can't imagine how you avoided our Father's gaze. He has a knack for finding wayward children. Welcome home brother." Zuriel stated, stretching out his hand in greeting.


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Your wayward brother turns to look at you with his good eye and very obviously counting the number of people now in this conversation. "Yes well, to be fair it's kinda difficult to find people who live subterranean lives when you don't know where to look." He shakes your hand. His grip feels rather weak compared to your other siblings, almost like that of an astartes. "Oh and I apologize for the crap condition of my gear. I got pretty banged up when I hopped out the airlock earlier. Thank goodness I took my shield with me." He says this like it's an entirely normal thing and keeps the same half grin he's had since you all walked in.


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The still darkness of space was ripped asunder, in its place was a gaping maw, a window to madness and chaos, the rolling tides of psychic energy that was the warp. If one was to view it they would see a shape moving amongst the myriad other shapes and shadows. The object soon loomed, growing in shape at a rate that seemed to defy reality. It was only as the shape exited into real space that it could be truly recognised. The golden book on the prow of the immense battleship caught the light of the stars, the gilt gold sparkling in the darkness and throwing it back in varying patterns and colours. The primary colours of the mighty ship were gold and a deep sapphire blue, almost outgoing the Bucephelus in its ostentation. Flanking the mighty vessel were a myriad of smaller ships, from Imperial Navy Frigates and cruisers, to a handful of Strike Cruisers, decked in the same livery and heralded as the flagship. This was the 'Seeker of Truths' The flagship of the 8th Legion, the Aurean Coterie, and seat of their Primarch Galletius. It slowed its approach, face to face with the mighty Bucephelus. On closer inspection 'The Seeker' bore numerous scars, in places the gold and blue stripped away to reveal the rae metal below. When word had reached her of the coming together of brothers (and sister), the 8th Legion had been in the process of winding up their operations on the newly compliant world of Elchis. As could be seen by the scars on both 'The Seeker' and the other ships that made up the cobbled together flotilla, this had not been achieved by diplomacy. The human population of Elchis were long dead, conquered and wiped out by a foul Xenos breed who had since infested the planet, the bug like organisms literally burrowing their tendrils deep into the planet. Combined with this was the fact that together they operated a form of hive mind, the numerous small physic signatures coming together into a powerful force when collected, hence the Imperial Forces calling for Astartes assistance, hence the arrival of the Aurean Coterie. For 6 months they had waged their war, fighting not only conventionally with bolster and blade, but a war of the mind too, their psychic training pushed to its limits by the ever present probing hive mind, which even Galletius had struggled to contend with at times. Finally however as more of the Xenos died, the mind's power weakened, until finally Gelletius and a group of his most powerful and trusted Pyskers were able to overpower it, burning both it and its roots to dust. It was in the weeks after his final battle that they received word from the Emperor of the planned reunion of another lost brother.

A single shuttle slipped out of one of the docking bays along its left flank, a plain anonymous looking thing, especially compared to the ships around it, aside from the open book emblem embossed on its left flank, there was no colour or beauty to it. It docked with the Bucephelus, transmitting the necessary identification tags and codes, tracked by multiple gun replacements as it touched down with a heavy thud, its landing gear deploying. The ramp descended and atop it stood a figure, flanked by 2 diminutive shapes. It took a moment to recognise the sheer size of him, especially considering the fact that the two companions of either side were fully grown Astartes. On his left stood Argentius, Master of the Corvidae Brotherhood, marked out by the Eye emblazoned on the forehead of his helm, like the eye of a mighty cyclops. To the figure's right stood Talentis, Master of the Pyrae Brotherhood, his own rank and ability denoted by the artistic red flames that looped around his gauntlets. Aside from these artistic differences, they were both near identical, their gold and blue armour uniform resplendent. The figure between them however could hardly be more different as he descended the steps, the light picking out his features and distinguishing features. Unlike the 2 warriors either side of him, his own armour a faded bronze as opposed to a luxurious gold. His features were gaunt and grim, the pale skin an unhealthy pallor, and his cheeks appearing sunken, his head was shaven, and what stubble graced the top of his head was jet black, stark against the pale skin. The only difference were his eyes. Deep grey, like clouds before a storm, they burned with life and vigour that the rest of him did not, dancing with intelligence and seemed to stare into an individual deeper than just their exterior. In his hand was clasped an ornate staff. The staff was a deep jet black, seemingly made of a dark ebony, but tinged with a red colour that seemed to pulse out of the corner of one's eye, and yet settled back to its solid black state once your attention was focused back on it. The only other item of note was the book chained to the figure's belt. Heavy looping iron chains wrapped around the leather bound book, keeping the cover chained shut, and the book safely nestled to him. To list those who would give a limb to even skin those pages would take to long to list, the fabled Book of Galletius, containing the musings, thoughts and records of his research and exploration all resided solely within that book, it never strayed from its master's side. Galletius strode past the Custodian Honour guard, his two captains in lockstep half a pace behind him. The Custodes managed to regain his composure quite quickly however, striding forward until he was able to match Gallentius' pace.

"There is no need for the pomp or ceremony so your presence is not really required Custodes, you may watch my vessel if you so wish,"

And with that Gallentius paid no further head to the golden figure. Continuing his journey deeper into the ship. He came to a halt before the sealed doorway to the meeting chamber, and spoke to his Captains. However if one was to be standing by them (unless they happened to be a gifted psyker) they would not have heard a sound, as he spoke, his thin lips remaining still and unmoving.

"Remain here my sons, and keep in communication with The Seeker of Truth, I do not intend to remain here any longer than is necessary,"

And as such he stepped through the doorway alone, staff tapping against the metal floor. Santiago, Hoxa, Zuriel, Arkor and… well the new arrival. They were a dysfunctional family, each with their own foibles and vices. He felt very little of a familial bond to them, preferring to reside from afar, with his books and scrolls, beyond the petty jealousy and posturing of the family of genetically perfect warriors. Already Zuriel was pulling Hoxa and Santiago into a deep embrace, like some sort of inebriated bar patron, his voicing echoing near painfully about the chamber, it was all he could do but suppress a sigh. For now he picked up a goblet of wine, and sipped at it, watching the group with his electric grey eyes, focusing in on the newest, and by far most unkempt member of the family.

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A series of yowls echoed down the great Passageways of The Bucephelus as A feline Creature wrestled to get free of a Young womans grasp. The creature, a six eyed scaly cat with brown fur running along its back and a mane, as well as the woman were a Part of Hakans Escort. The Primarch of the Sixth Legion. Standing over the two while they struggle. Hakan reached down to release the feline from the woman. "Now now you two, Play nice." Hakan chuckled as the feline climbed on to his shoulders, hissing at the woman. This along with the chuckling Primarch awarded them both death glares from his human escort before she stormed off towards their intended Destination of the Meeting chamber. Following closely behind. Hakan let out another chuckle. Baird never seemed to get along with any of his adopted sisters. Particularly Nephren. who happened to be the one tasked with protecting him today.

As they came upon the entrance to the Meeting hall. Hakan passed by the personal guards of the other Primarchs that decided to bring them. noting the heraldry of each. Nephren was most likely doing the same. even recalling each rank and title every Astartes present bore. Falling to his side at the chambers door, Nephren glanced to the corner of the doors where a faint shimmer could be seen before she spoke. "Looks like the Primarchs of the 3rd, 8th, and 9th have already arrived. also from reports by the fleet. The 20th has also arrived."
"Thank you more the information Little sister." Hakan replied. he was also about to say more before she cut him off. "And yes I know, Stay here, Protocol dictates it. Luckily I have all these Great Warriors to keep me company. Aren't I right Argyle?" Responding to the Name. The shimmer off in the corner Materialized into a large Canine which padded its way up to Nephren nuzzled her chest. this caused Hakan to let out a shout laugh. His sisters loved to try and provoke a response from members of the other legions. which is exactly what she was trying here. without saying another word. Hakan entered the Meeting chamber where his siblings are gathering.


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Arriving late as is his fashion 2 ships coming out of the warp baring no insignia but painted a deep blue Appear.
"I hate flying it is without a doubt the most headache inducing thing i can ever do"
Rushing Alexion grabs his sword and feeds his Fanghorn before departing to the meeting.
"(sigh) i do hope my siblings are feeling reasonable today. and i hope this new sibling is at the very least willing to spar from time to time."

"its going to take a while to get used to this new arm." he says clutching his newly healed arm.
" perhaps i should have listened to the captain when he told me not to stick my arm in the beasts mouth to get my gun back."

He reluctantly dawns his power armor that has only been taken care of thanks to his engineer. if he had his way he would fight in traditional armor or even naked that always made the enemy more willing to fight and he could feel less fear coming from the enemy during a fight. well most of the time anyway.
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Forth from the Warp burst forth a flotilla, bearing the golden Seal of the Imperial Truth proudly on its ships. At its head flew a relic of a bygone era, a Retribution-class battleship named the "Hammer of the Stars". Such firepower was only available to the most decorated of admirals, or by one of the Emperor's Sons. The Hammer and it's escorts fell in line silently, staying at the rear.

In a large audience chamber, the full might of a Legion stood quietly at attention. Above them stood a figure outlined in light. His armor was simple and featureless, his weapon created for functionality and lethality. Unlike other preachers of this day and age, he was humble before the Truth.

"Sons of Terra and Pergamon, heed my words and listen, for now I bring the Word of our Emperor." a voice began. It was enrapturing, mesmerizing, hypnotic, powerful. The same voice that overthrew a prince of Chaos so long ago had never changed. "We have received word that one of my Brothers have been found. He goes by the name of Runis, and awaits us on a vessel beyond here. This is a great discovery. Surely we must count our blessings!"
He chuckled. "Blessings... On Pergamon, we once counted our blessings. We had 10 of them, 5 on each hand. And when the time came, we would give up one of our blessings to a terrible Warpspawn. We saw through the lies, though, and when we did, we descended upon those that spread them with great fury. And then, we saw the Truth. That Truth showed us the error of our ways, and led us here after a long journey."
"With the discovery of our comrade, we may trust him and embrace him as our brother. And so we should. But remember the lessons of Pergamon. In the minds of the desperate and unobservant, deceit has much power. When we go out there, heed the lessons of the past. Keep your watch up. Stay true to the Truth. Guide your fist with zeal, but guide your mind with logic and guard it with cold reason. And if each of us does this, we shall be a shining example of man!"

The speech still echoed in Eryx's mind. Guard with reason, attack with zeal. That sentiment was engraved into the Legion. Eryx strode into the chamber with a smile, eager to discover the lost flock, and reconnect with with those who had seen the Truth's light. He saw such variety, a far cry from the leaders of Pergamon. "And so it begins." he whispered.
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"over the vox on an open channel"
so my brothers. does this make everyone or must we continue to wait. the day grows old and i wish to see what is on the agenda for the day.

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