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Fandom Warhammer 30k: A Split Path OOC


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Warhammer 30k: A Split Path
This is a simple reference for players to make sure they stay on track.

OOC Thread Rules
1. The GM has final say on all issues within the confines of the actual roleplay.
2. Do not harass, insult, or purposely annoy other players.
3. Sexual content will not be tolerated as per this website's policy.
4. Keep flooding the OOC threads to a minimum. General chatting about the roleplay, your characters, and the related lore is highly encouraged, but try to keep unrelated topics away from the forums. There will be a discord server created for any other bullshitery that the players might want and for easy access to talk to me.
5. Be respectful to everyone in the OOC thread.
6. If you conveniently forget rules 2-5, remember rule #1.

Roleplay Thread Rules
1. Updates will be made Bi-Weekly. If everyone posts within a week and I'm available on the weekend, expect weekly updates. I will not tolerate flaming other players who have not posted.
2. Players who do not post by the time of the update will simply be put on auto-pilot and controlled by me.
3. In combat with another player, the character with the higher initiative will post first. The second player will then have a reaction post. The player who uses clever tactics, a more dynamic and believable interaction, or just simply has a massive combat stat advantage will most likely get the upper-hand in that engagement. Posts will continue this way with each player switching between having the first post or the reactive post after each update.
4. Do NOT auto finish an action unless it's believable in it's entirely. "I punched her in the chest and she flew into the air," is an example that I do not want against anything equal to a Space Marine or above. That being said, the players are Primarchs. If it's unrelated to the story or it's against a simple unaugmented human then I see no issue with this.

More rules will be added as needed or if something pops up. Let me know if I forgot something important, but I trust you to police yourselves.

Character Sheets
Here will be every new player's reference for how to build a character, including examples.


Name: (What shall we call you?)
Race: (Other races will be open to players eventually. For now everyone is "Son/Daughter of the Emperor" dependent on gender.)
Gender: (Male, female, or unknown? This refers to your character biologically.)
Age: (Standard Terran years in most cases. For Primarchs this will left with "N/A" as there is no telling how long they were in the warp.)
Appearance: (What do you look like? Primarily how your character looks without their armor, but that may also be included. This is to give players an idea in their mind about each other.)
Rank: (Primarch, Space Marine, etc. Everyone is a Primarch to begin this roleplay.)
Personality: (What makes you who you are? Likes? Dislikes? Timid or outgoing? Be descriptive.)
Homeworld: (As Primarchs, this will be the place where your gene-sons come from upon discovery and where most of your gene-seed will be stored.)
History: (Tell me about you. I wanna know how you lived on your planet as a Primarch. How did you conquer it? Did you even conquer it? Do note that all Primarchs conquered their planet or ruled it by the end except for Angron. How did the meeting with the Emperor go? Did you challenge him to an eating and drinking contest? Maybe a hunting contest? Perhaps you already even knew about him or were already in contact? Let me know.)

Base Attributes (These determine your physical and mental capabilities. Someone with a higher Strength stat will win an arm wrestle. Someone with a higher Intelligence will win a mathematics contest. Build these up to how you want your character to be perceived and in general how they act. Magnus would have a dumb high Intelligence, the Khan would have a high Dexterity, Lorgar would have high Charisma, so on and so forth. Primarchs receive 600 points to allocate where they want with a minimum of 30 in each stat.)
Strength: (How physically powerful you are. This determines the amount of damage you'll inflict with melee damage primarily and your carrying capacity.)
Dexterity: (How quick and agile you are. This determines how fast you move, your initiative, and ability to dodge.)
Constitution: (How much damage you can take. This determines your general health. Losing an arm might not slow you down or perhaps an immunity to diseases entirely with this being high enough.)
Intelligence: (How much initial knowledge your character possesses and potential to grow. This determines what your character will know or not know right off the bat and how much they will be capable of learning about any given subject.)
Wisdom: (How much your character can notice. This determines how quickly you'll notice strange things around you, including seeing how others normally act. You will have a distinct feeling that something is off.)
Charisma: (How good you are at convincing others and/or deceiving others. This determines how others will react to you, believing your lies or simply following you without question into battle.)

Technical Attributes (These will determine more specifics about fighting, psychic abilities and even administration. Leman Russ would have had high Weapon Skill and Leadership, Angron probably dumped everything into Weapon Skill, Roboute would have high Leadership which would help him run the Imperium, these attributes are more than just fighting potential. Primarchs receive 120 points to allocate where they want with a minimum of 10 in each stat.)
Weapon Skill: (This determines how accurate and skilled an individual is with melee weapons.)
Ballistics: (This determines how accurate and skilled an individual is with ranged weapons.)
Psychic Potency: (This determines how powerful the abilities a psycher may use.)
Psychic Control: (This determines how fine tuned the abilities of a psycher will be.)
Leadership: (This determines how fiercely your allies will fight for your orders.)
Strategy: (This determines how easily you break down an opponent's tactics and find weak points within.)

Unique Traits (These are skills that are, for the most part, unique to each character. Each Primarch may have up to 3 unique traits and starts with Warp Resistance. For example, Konrad Curze would have three traits related to striking fear into the hearts of enemies from being the Night Haunter, unpredictability from his insanity, and future sight. Traits rank from D-Rank to S-Rank. All Primarchs traits start at B-Rank at the lowest and they have 5 upgrades of letter grade, all the way up to SSS. D -> C -> B -> A -> S -> SS -> SSS.)

Warp Resistance (B-Rank) - This character has an inherent resistance to the Warp and it's effects. This includes all physical, mental, and spiritual effects on the character.


1st Legion Primarch - Tyros (Primarch of the Children of Ba'al)
2nd Legion Primarch - Unknown
3rd Legion Primarch - Arkor the Fire Branded (Primarch of the Blood Flares)
4th Legion Primarch - Unknown
5th Legion Primarch - Unknown
6th Legion Primarch - Unknown
7th Legion Primarch - Unknown
8th Legion Primarch - Galletius (Primarch of the Aurean Coterie)
9th Legion Primarch - Unknown
10th Legion Primarch - Unknown
11th Legion Primarch - Unknown
12th Legion Primarch - Unknown
13th Legion Primarch - Unknown
14th Legion Primarch - Unknown
15th Legion Primarch - Unknown
16th Legion Primarch - Runis Taros (Primarch of the Four Paths)
17th Legion Primarch - Unknown
18th Legion Primarch - Unknown
19th Legion Primarch - Unknown
20th Legion Primarch - Hoxa (Primarch of the Unified)
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The lord of randomness and the warp
rightio.. hmm ill see what i can put together... i wana make a techy primearch any suggestions like i said im not the most knowledgable on impierum stuff


Ten Thousand Club
rightio.. hmm ill see what i can put together... i wana make a techy primearch any suggestions like i said im not the most knowledgable on impierum stuff
Well you have two easy options to get high tech goodies.

If you want somone that uses science and reason crash on a world with high tech stuff because they have a simi functioning STC

If you want dogmatic faith and strong ties that mean getting all the best and newest toys crash on a lost forge world and grow up with the admech


The lord of randomness and the warp
Well you have two easy options

If you want somone that uses science and reason crsh to a world with high tech stuff because they have a simi functioning STC

If you want dogmatic faith and strong ties that mean getting as ll the best and newst toys crash on a lost firge world and grow up with the admech
im sorry that was a trainwreak to read i understoon almost nothing did you miss spell forge world? admech is adeptus M right?

cant understand the first line at all


Ten Thousand Club
That any better and yes the admech are the mechnacus as at this point they were not an adeptus


Ten Thousand Club
That will let you in theory just make up any high tech goody from the dark age of tech you want so lots of fun


The lord of randomness and the warp
probobly going to have my guy commit alot of tech herasy... i mean... like i said as long as you concercate the xenos tech its fine? if you can sanction a ork you can sanction a gauss flayer


Ten Thousand Club
Wouldnt necron phasing tech and the fact they are almost all napping make it super hard to steal.


The lord of randomness and the warp
very true however getting a hold of one would still be great, and it was only a example

since a single ork is probably more dangerous especially if the sanctioned ork dies or starts spreading spores


Ten Thousand Club
I mean you can pump out any weapon you want with an stc those are from when ships shooting black holes was mundane


The lord of randomness and the warp
That is dark age tech they can't do it anymore but the blue prints could be in an STC
true prehaps this primachs ultimate goal is to find somewhere or something that can actually manufacture the most deadly blueprints on the STC? i think that would make a interesting goal


The lord of randomness and the warp
if i remember correctly while the admech do have the blueprints for a emps class battleship they just don't have the drydocks or capacity to make new ones

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