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Fantasy Warfare Unleashed |Currently Open|

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Throughout history and even in fairy tales, War has been a landmark. Every being of some sort of intelligence has been involved in a war. Battle is just an inevitable part of life as a higher being. Superior thought means differing ideas, customs and religious beliefs. This will always result in a war. Whether for territory or religious beliefs, no matter the reason, war is inevitable.

Knowing this, cultures have always perfected The Art of War. Using what they have available, they hone their skills. Simply waiting for when War strikes out, so that they may be prepared to fight for what they believe in. This has led to several different iterations of War across several different realities. So, what would happen if one version of War met another.

On the 2nd of November in the year 2020, an entire American platoon of soldiers went missing on their mission to exterminate a terroristic sect in the deserts of Iran. No one knows what happened to them. Platoon 'Starlight Night' was the most lethally efficient group the United States Military had to offer. They were trained that way.

Before waking, each platoon commander received a message. In their minds, as they laid asleep, a voice spoke. It was distant and gruff, but so clear in the words it said.

"You are the best warriors your world had to offer. I wish to test your capabilities. So, you are in my world. This world is ruled by war for territory and religious purposes. Try and survive. I have given you all the supplies you need. Weapons, technology and ammo. If you need more, more will appear. The game starts when you awaken. Show me your War."

They awaken. Deep in the woods of some unknown land. As they were told, all their gear was there. Everything they needed. Now they had a new mission. Locate the being that put them here, exterminate them and find a way home. Do this by any means necessary.

Okay, as you can tell, we will be playing modern soldiers that have been placed in a fantasy world so that some god can get a kick out of studying their form of war. No, we do not get magic or anything like that. We are modern soldiers with skills with modern weaponry. However, we will be fighting characters and creatures with magic or fantastical abilities.

I will be taking the Commander position. You may have any other you like. Just tell me. Also, no coming in with tanks, helicopters or drones. We are modern, but I want there to still be some challenge to this.

If you are interested, please know that all Rpnation rules apply. Romances are allowed if the other party consents. I expect at least 1 post a week with at least 2 paragraphs per post.

Hope to hear from you.

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