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Tragedy addict.

I'm going to keep this simple and try to give you a good run down of what I'm looking for rather than go through all that about me, about you, etc.
  • Be at least 25+
  • MxM only.
  • No seme/uke tropes.
  • I believe that a good story has many characters, but we can start out with a main pair at the start.
  • I enjoy dark themes, angst, tragedy, etc.
  • Need to be OOC-friendly and plotting-friendly. I am a plotter, and expect you to be excited and forward about ideas you come up with. It should be collaborative and I want to know you're interested.
  • Around 2-3+ paragraphs as a minimum.
  • Daily response, or be communicative if it's going to take some time.
  • Prefer hosting the rp here on RPN in a thread, but OOC in discord. Also okay with using Google Docs to host the rp.
  • I don't have any triggers, so I'm open to just about every topic. Feel free to let me know what your limits are though.
If you're interested, please pm me! It's the fastest way for me to check.

The ones I'm craving have **
New ideas are marked in red

fantasy ( shifters / demons&angels / old gods / wizards / lucid-dreamers )​
  • [shapeshifters x witches] They call it the Rougarou, imported from France. It keeps showing up in the underground fight clubs that no one's supposed to talk about. The coven has a bad feeling about it. They give you the task of finding out what the hell it is, since it's nothing like the werewolves next door.
  • [dragonrider x dragonshifter] Humans and Dragonkind have been living side by side for centuries. Some humans, more closely than others. Dragonriders are humans soulbound to a dragon at birth, which gives them the unique ability to 'call' the dragon into its human form, a trait that has been lost to most dragons.
  • **[God of Winter x demon] There's a lot more to being a demon than just doing evil things, such as paper work, middle management, and worst of all, complete and total tyranny over their lives by high kings and princes. Of course, all that doesn't matter if you manage to catch the eye of some primordial god, which are beings grandfathered in prior to humankind, therefore do not have to live by the same laws. That's what all demons are trying to achieve. It's the only way out of the hell hole. Join some God's harem.
  • **[wizard x god] The worst part of discovering the source of all magic, had not been that it was manufactured. Artificial. The worst part had been, that they'd been draining the life out of gods to tap into this power. Will the wizard choose to free the god and unravel all the magic that powers the world, or keep the god trapped in a sweet illusion of comfort and care.
  • [demon x demon] Demons infiltrated into the human world long ago, but ancient rituals trapped the demons into masks. These masks are bought, sold, kept as heirlooms, and used with utmost caution. Whoever wears the mask allows for the demon to possess them. In return, the demon provides benefits of differing variety depending on the demon's power and ability. But even demons have preferences. Not everyone is compatible with a demon mask. A powerful family has been looking for a vessel to host one of their masks. One of a pair. The demons trapped inside the two masks are lovers and only work at their highest potential when together. The heir of the family always inherits one of them and is in search of the other to solidify their status as the next in line. Unfortunately, the person that is chosen couldn't be further from their preference but that doesn't stop the demons from using their bodies for their own desires.
  • **[changeling x principality] In order to protect their offspring from potential assassinations, powerful and dangerous fae have learned to hide their children amongst the humans, by exchanging one with their own at birth. Fae take much longer to mature, though they appear to age as a human does in the first three decades of it's lifecycle. Then changelings begin to manifest their fae attributes. Principalities are primordial beings, who feed off the energy of conflict, such as atomic fusion, survival, or hunger on the simpler end of the spectrum, or grief, jealousy, or inner conflict on the more complex side. What a principality feeds off of tends to reflect their appearance. Those who feed on more complex conflicts tend to look more human. While others look like monsters or creatures. When a young fae comes into his attributes, a principality finds him by the scent of conflict warring within the man. Is the help the principality offers genuine or a subversive way to feed?
war ( soldiers/warriors/spies )​
  • [tribal warrior x runaway soldier] He's used to routines, drills, orderly lines, commands, not self-trained, brutal techniques, self-awareness, and a passion for autonomy. Yet here he was, among the tribes of his enemy, trying not to die in one of their many... wrestling matches. Perhaps desertion had been a mistake.
  • [gladiator x ares] The gods have always lived among men, living as they do. They keep up the pretenses, eating, drinking, cavorting when need be, but they can really only live on one thing. For Aphrodite, it's love and romance. For Ares, it's always been war and the blood of men. Yet, the Empire has seen long years of peace. No battles to fight, no tribes to destroy, just sweet summer peace. So he goes to the one place there will always be a fight: The Coliseum. There, he meets a man, strong, beautiful, intelligent, but full of dark anger. The kind that breeds war. It's a match, made in heaven.
  • **[prince x pauper] The king is healthy, hardy, and a hell of a warrior. His little princeling son, not so much. Born with a defect, he'll never be as strong as his father, nor as fast, or as agile. But the king, he was of a good heart, and did not blame his son for what he could not help. Instead, he held a competition, a tournament, to find a guardian for his son. He allowed any man to participate, as long as they did not have a criminal record. Unfortunate, because the man perfect for the job was the very same one he's been trying to catch and punish for years.
  • [tank x healer] The Cthulian wars have changed their entire civilization into a war machine. Humans are bred specifically for roles they'd play in the battlefront. T-types, are front-liners. Built like giants but lacking in independent thinking. S-types, are smaller, inconspicuous, but with eyes like hawks, able to see farther than any other type. H-types are rarest, still not genetically perfected, but have a unique blood property that can heal any wound, rebuilt any tissue, and mend anything organic. They are valued above all other types, and have the best quarters, the best food, and the best of everything. T-types on the other hand, live like cattle, where everything is communal, and food is nutrient packed saw dust. They are cannon fodder at best, so that's what they'll be treated as.
scifi ( androids who develop sentience / hunted by governments / minotaur dna splicing project gone wrong )​
  • [experiment x head of security] There was a breakout at the facility, and his job is on the line. If he doesn't retrieve the experiment soon, his career is drained down the pipe. He just didn't expect to like the creature they vilified.
  • [superhuman x government agent] Every known superhuman is given an assigned agent, mainly as the eyes and ears of the government. They also act as caretakers, from time to time, especially if the superhuman is called to action, and gets injured. The agent is in charge of their well-being when not in combat. If a superhuman dies due to the agent's negligence or incompetence, the agent will be terminated, permanently. Too bad this kid has a death wish and martyr syndrome. Gonna be a tough one. [Filled]
  • Hobbit
    • **Smaug x Thranduil
    • Bilbo x Thorin
  • Marvel (Movie-verse)
    • Steve x Bucky
  • Our Flag Means Death
    • Stede x Blackbeard
✅ hurt & comfort |soulmates | enemies to lovers | alpha beta omega| redemption arcs |protective bfs | height difference
❌ underage minors | slice of life | vanilla modern | rockstar & celebrity​
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