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Fantasy War Of Supremacy: A Story Of Magic And Those Who Rule The World CS



Hi Everyone. This is a idea for a role play I've had for a while. Basically it will follow a young group of mages who are learning about their abilities while also following my accumulated knowledge of every form of mythology and religion I know about. Basically there will be five elemental groups of magic starting off in the beginning those being Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, and Water. As the role play progresses these elemental magics will be upgraded to better and bigger things, they will become more complex, and example of this would be earth magic progressing to metal magic.

Each of your characters will have an alignment which will decided on the nature of how their magic is upgraded, but your characters deeds will also depend on this. Using the example before with earth magic a character who is generally evil or just dark in nature may proceed from earth magic to metal magic while a character who is good in nature may proceed from earth magic to crystal magic, while having the same strength they are different. Characters that are somewhere in between will receive a magic type based on how close they are to one side or another.

Characters will receive new types of magic, magical artifacts, and even special types of magic outside of the 5 main elemental types based on inspiration points and general role playing. Basically you will eventually progress either way, but do something that impresses me or that is in general just good writing you can gain inspiration points which will go to improving your character faster.

This role play will be pulling things from a lot of places, whether its mythology, religion, shows, video games, and everywhere else you can think of so while this role play is an original idea you could end up seeing some recognizable items, powers, and so on.

Appearance Picture here!
Appearance: (Please post pictures at the top and give more detail here)
Alignment: (Lawful good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, and Chaotic Evil)
Characters Strengths:
Character Flaws:
*Skills and Talents: (This is for skills and talents outside of using magic and combat, as characters do live fairly normal lives)
Background: (Detailed, Three decent paragraphs minimum)
Magic type: (Please pick from fire, water, lightning, wind, or earth to start. Message me with any ideas you have for magic later on in the role play, or any speciality ideas that don’t follow the roleplay)
Fighting style: (Include a move list if you want)
*Weapons: (Any weapons your character may use. No magical weapons yet)
*Equipment: (anything besides weapons you characters usually have on them)
*Theme song: (Just because)

Anything with a * is optional, I would like to see it on your character sheet but its not necessary if you have nothing to write there or you just don’t know what to write or if you’ve explained it in another section. As for the appearance I’d like you to have a picture with a written description. If that’s not possible just a detailed description is ok.

This will eventually be my character but I wanted to give you an idea of what to do for some of the categories
(I used an anime appearance picture, but if that's not for you go ahead and use a real picture for your appearance, in the end its just a visual representation of your character)
Name: Kate Drake
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kate has fair skin and a smooth (hairless) body. She has brunette hair down to her hips and blue eyes. She has C-cup breast and a shapely figure, aside from being a little pudgy in the cheeks she is fairly skinny. She has lean muscles developed from playing sports and her magic training. Kate usually wears Jeans or short shorts along with graphic tees. (This is all I want out of a written appearance if you have a picture to go with it, as long as you can give some details about your character wither they are in they are in the picture or not. If you dont have a picture to go with it I obviously want a bit more than this)
*Height: 5'5"
*Weight: 125Ibs
Alignment: Chaotic Good (My character Has good morals and such but she does not follow the rules, she kind of does whatever she wants)
Personality: (Not to fussy on this section, You can write up a fair bit for it if you want, but as long as it gives me an idea what your character will be like thats good, the Likes, dislikes, Character Strengths, and Character Flaws will give me more detail)
*Sexuality: Bisexual
Characters Strengths:
Character Flaws:
*Skills and Talents:
-Skilled at sports such as volleyball, floor hockey, and Baseball.
-Has an okay singing voice and she plays the guitar a bit.
-Shes good at chemistry and mathematics
(And so on if you want to list a bit more, these are just some ideas for you)
Background: (Detailed, Three decent paragraphs minimum)(I say 3 paragraphs but I'll try to be a bit lenient on this)
*Motivation: (What drives your character to do what he wants to do, if listed in background dont bother to include it here, or if you just dont want to list it)
*Aspiration: (What does your character want to be, what does he or she want to do with their life)
Magic type: Lightning Magic (My character will start of with lightning magic, when her magic evolves it does not mean that she wont be able to use lightning magic any more but rather she will just be adding on a new magical ability to the one she already has)
Fighting style: Weapons fighting: She surrounds her sword in lightning magic, or any other weapon she can get her hands on and uses that to fight. (This is just one style of fighting that I came up with, you could be generic and go long range, close range, or mid range fighting but try to be creative)
*Weapons: (Any weapons your character may use. No magical weapons yet)
*Equipment: (anything besides weapons you characters usually have on them)
*Theme song: (Just because)

Feel free to do up more that one character too, I'll say 2 is the limit for now but that may change.

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: Right now in the lore section there are several races listed under background. Humans will be the only playable race in this role play right now as to keep it even at the beginning for one, as for another reason a elf, dwarf, or cyclopes would look strange if it were in the human world, as some of the role play will be about humans living their normal lives.
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Cook of the Thousand Sunny

Name: Samantha Blanch

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Samantha is a young girl with a slim figure and c-cup breasts. Her hair is dyed from blonde to a bright red and her eyes are naturally blue. She usually wears a leather jacket over a shirt of tank top and jeans.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 120 Ibs

Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Samantha is not a very trusting person. She is very pessimistic, she keeps her expectations low, always expects the worst and is always ready for a fight. She is very ambitious in her pursuit to kill all manner of magical creatures. She is usually honest though she does keep her business to herself. She is usually very loyal and affectionate to those she cares about as well. Socially speaking Samantha is very solitary, not overly shy but she comes off as a person who doesn't want to talk to anybody and is a little bit mean. She is also very observant and intelligent.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Being left alone
Elves (Their Pretty)
Dark Colors
Video Games

Being told what to do
Bright colours
Sour drinks and candies
Angles and Demons
Dwarves (their annoying)

Characters Strengths:
Intelligence: Quite smart when it comes to books and knowledge about magic
Observant: Can pick up of certain things others cant
Hand-eye coordination: She is very coordinated.
Puzzle solver: Good at solving puzzles due to playing a lot of puzzle solving games
Ambitious: Well driven towards her goal

Character Flaws:
Rash: To quick to rush into battle, even though she is intelligent she can be very rash
Doesn't take orders well: wont take orders from her commander or others well
Not a team player: she doesn't work well with others
Not trusting: Doesn't trust anyone very much, which means if she thinks your betraying her she could stab you in the back.

*Skills and Talents:
She plays the guitar and piano
She is part of a karate club at whitesburg academy.
She is good with history, literature, chemistry, biology, and physics in school

Samantha never grew up in Whitesburg, she grew up in Iceland, where people still worshiped the viking gods. She learned she was a mage by the age of 5 discovering her fire magic one day at home. Her parents knew about this too of course as they had both been mages. She never really nurtured her magic, while she was a child, her parents said there would be time for that when she was older. Every now and again her parents would tell her about their battles with magic, teaching her the history of the magic people and the wars between god and the devil. They also taught her about the soldiers of god and the devil, angles and demons.

One day while her parents were out on a mission and angle and a demon decided to have a spat between each other. The began to fight over a volcano and started hitting each other into the mountain side. While the battle could not be seen by humans or mages alike the battle could be felt throughout all of Iceland. Soon her parents got back from their mission and tried to stop the fighting between the angle and demon, to either kill them both or send them back to their own realms at the very least. Her parents were making some head way at stopping them. But with one last hit from the angle the demon broke through the side of the volcano causing it to erupt. As soon as the lava shot up into the sky Samantha knew her parents were gone.

Samantha Escaped the range of the volcano with only a few minor burns from the heat. Her parents bodies were obviously not found. She was taken in by child services and soon later her aunt claimed her, bringing her over to America to live with her. She found America to have a lot more people that knew about magic than in Iceland. Here in Whitesburg they even had a school where kids or mages who were just starting off could practice their magic and learn about it even more. She soon enrolled into Whitesburg Academy and became a student in the magic courses. She had a vendetta to fulfill, against both angles and demons, for starting the battle that got both of her parents killed.

Motivation: Revenge, against both angles and Demons

Aspiration: She mainly just wants to kill as many angles and demons as she can.

Magic type: Fire Magic

Fighting style: Casting type magic. Casts the magic out to use it in long range to medium range attacks but has a pair of daggers to use for close combat.

Weapons: Two daggers.

Equipment: A back pack with some supplies and some first aid equipment.

Theme song:

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