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  1. I thought we were here to stab undead?? :P
  2. Of course not - they don't have 'pain' or 'vital organs' to affect them! That is why we use cutting and crushing weapons to remove/impair functional body parts. I am disappointed in your naivete.
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  3. I just saw a status update from another poster that there is a Hearthstone book due out in a few days? Anyone able to confirm this?
  4. That would be awesome.
  5. I looked on the Onyx Path website, and there is info on a 64 page book that includes more Evocations and Artifacts, including Warstriders. But there was not any release date that I could see.
  6. Not sure about a few days but iirc last update was stating arms of chosen was almost complete.
  7. That does not mean they can't be stabbed with salt coated rapiers :P
  8. Every month (ish) they're releasing little bits, like the starmetal staff from Monday. Perhaps your poster meant Blizzard's Hearthstone, which had an announcement a few days ago: http://www.hearthhead.com/news/blizzard-releasing-hearthstone-art-book-in-october

    Unfortunately, with the dev switch, Arms, Realm, and Dragonblooded are all back to being listed as first draft. Who knows how long they are from release (although, yes, OPP is trying to push for quicker releases, they're not going to be releasing everything immediately, hence the monthly teasers to keep people engaged).
  9. I wonder if there will be any products released at GenCon this August?
  10. Guys, where is the Lookshy wall? I have it in my head that it's farther east of Lookshy a ways out. Like an outter wall to the city miles away. But the reading makes me feel like it runs the coast from the sea along the river.

  11. BEHOLD! ~tapes up map he found on google~

  12. Ah nice. That helps a lot. Thanks.
  13. Chapter 1 is incoming. Remember, you can insert yourself into any scene. Each of the these scenes is happening around the same general time.
  14. In case it's not clear, the Deep East scene is the march of the undead to Rathess.
  15. Well, not march. It's a small detachment of elites.
  16. Oh shit. Are these just big skeletons moving towards the castle or literal behemoths. Hadria sure as hell isn't going to tangle with behemoths.
  17. Oh yes. One more thing I didn't make clear. Lookshy Council meetings, even for military strategy and requests are public. There is a public in the Lookshy scene.
  18. Is Lookshy under a naval blockade as well, or is it just a land siege? (Basically trying to think how easy it might even be to get in.)
  19. I'm thinking the remains of Behemoths that the Neverborn took to the Underworld with them when they died.
  20. Yup, yup, more Juggernaut or Vodak friends. Even if they aren't quite that powerful, it was nice knowing you, Hundred Kingdoms.
    On a totally unrelated note, how are those orders for warstriders and essence cannons progressing, Ozric? ;-)
  21. Well, I hope it was okay to play, I mean stunt ;D, off the conflict already going on. It seems like a great time to move into Nexus into a nice First Age home that is currently lacking any tenants... Any/all other players are welcome to join up in trying to get a good foothold in the city. Helping the locals fight back in a more effective (and helpful to us) way is even better.
    The Guild HQ is pretty close to the Nexus Pool (so easy to keep access to the docks), and is the second tallest tower in the city. And, hey, Yinhang Square was the center of Nexus banking, which is one of the ways Hadria would like to start using economic might to fight the dead (and get everyone dependent on her).
    Speaking of...
  22. I will post something tonight (it is 1.30 pm by the time I posted this) starting from sunday until next saturday I will be on a business trip I have most if not all things on my laptop but since it is a fair expedition I might not have the strength to post a couple of days or ─░nternet might be problematic (which happened to me before at same city) just giving a headsup I will post as much as I can but if you see a lack of post until saturday that is probably because I am snoring in hotel bed :P
  23. Damn, not sure where to insert. Likely Todaro but I dunno what I'll do there minus show up with demons and elementals to try to help turn the tide of battle. Maybe he'll find some occult solution to the big damn horde of evil he's staring down. I should have given him some War. lol

    Ozric's motivations alone dictate his need to impress the closer locals over Lookshy planning, much as both appeal to his ego for inserting himself into a situation.
  24. Just trying to decide where to jump in.

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