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Hwilces deor othe feoh licath the?
Hi all, I'm new to this site but I'm a devoted roleplayer with about twelve years experience. The sites I used to frequent have all but become wastelands, and I'm happy to have found RPNation. It seems there are a lot of players here and I'd like to roleplay with some of you, if anyone is interested! I'm open to a lot of plots, if there is an interesting hook, but not closed off to casual. I feel it's fair to state I'm really invested in getting one of my own stories started again.

First, I'll give you some info about myself -

I'm a woman in my mid 20's, I don't work at the moment due to a disability. This makes me available pretty much 25/8, but I'm no stranger to people having their own schedules. Not all of us can stay home, so I'm very flexible on my partner's availability. Just let me know what you need.
I'm not a professor, I don't require a minimum word count. "Quality over quantity" as is often said. I feel like if you're enjoying the story, and invested, we'll write as much as is necessary to drive plot. I do love having a lot to read though, and I often write many paragraphs. I get into the flow pretty easily, but if my partners are stuck, they can always let me know and I'll work with them, sometimes even change what I've posted to make it easier to keep the story moving.
I am open to periodic hiatuses, for those who worry about burn out. It happens to me, on my own personal projects I care much about.
I'm reliable and respectful, you can always count on OOC communication with me. I'm also very casual, even about stories I get excited with.
Anytime I enter a new group, my aim is to make everyone laugh and feel welcome. I don't take much seriously (this can be to a fault), like to think I'm pretty easy-going and safe to bounce ideas with. "There are no stupid questions"
I'm open to many plot ideas, feel free to suggest anything you might want to work on. Here are some subjects I find interesting:

Science fiction
Animal fantasy
Nation building
Mythos and legends
Fandom: Fallout universe, Warriors, Harry Potter

These are some themes I would roleplay but would like a unique spin in order to get invested. I'm definitely willing to discuss w/e you're interested in, I just don't want to rp these on a generic, by the beat story:
Medieval fantasy
Vampires, fairies, angels
Slice of Life

As far as the usual caveats, romance, genders, and NPC's, I have no bias towards any. If it's a subject that can fit in the story, it's welcome. If a character is needed to flesh out the story, I'll get it moving. I'm very much ready to start on anything, but I did mention an idea I'd like to work on, so I'll elaborate. I'd like to write about an alternate history where humans have been oppressed and enslaved by aliens for centuries. I have a loose bible on the setting, history, and plot. This story would have a focus on action and adventure, and the alien technology and culture would be full of possibilities. This is a very simple description of what I have in mind, and is definitely not the only plot I can come up with, I just want to do some ancient aliens.

If you're interested, want more details, or have any questions feel free to post here or DM me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for stopping by!


Rainy writes but dislikes fights
um!! i'm interested! especially in that alien oppression plot! i can write upwards of a thousand words per reply and i think we'd get along great! dm me pleasseeee

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