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Want to introduce your OC/Avatar?


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Ever wanted to show your OC/Avatar? Well, you can here!

I want to get to know you all and see your creativity!
Maybe even make some new friends1​


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Ight bet. (Sry if this is long btw)

This was my first OC and I upgraded her alot since then

Her name is
Mishiko Satō but changed her name to a shorter version Which is 'Mishu'

She's 16
Before she was Born She had a Brother, Matami satō
her parents was born of a different nature, Which is a Demon (cause amazing)

Her parents, Aiko [mother] And Ito [father]
Was struggling when they had Matami his Mother and father was always busy, leaving them with a babysitter half the time.
Until they couldn't take care of him anymore they put him up for adoption at 3.

2 years later they got there lives together and had Mishu.
Her father was already pretty sad about having to give up there son, and wanted a boy. But when he didn't get his wish he was disappointed with her and his wife. Not saying he didn't love her but being upset he had trouble showing his love for her.

Her mother and father often fought about giving Mishu proper attention. But pfft that failed lol.

After dealing with his wife's bickering he decided to get a divorce when Mishu was 7

A few years later [14] she made a new friend name amiko. Or amy.
She was Mishu's only friend and they both developed a crush on eachother. But Amy's parents didn't allow that, they didn't like the idea that they wouldn't have grandchildren.
So they shut her away and kept her homeschooled her parents where already harsh enough, she couldn't take it anymore.
Sneaking into her parents room she overdosed.
Mishu thought Amy had left her she didn't know what happened. Being angry and alone again she turned all that anger into a person. Her name was echo she looked exactly like Mishu except she had black skin (literally black not brown)
And, no eyes.

After about a few months echo started to look and act familiar.
Maybe Amy's soul decided 'yo I'ma like rest here' Mishu hadn't noticed until
Her mother passed away due to sickness and had to move back with her dad, not having anything to do she spent eve more time with her realizing who it was! But by that time Mishu had already fell in love with a different person. Amy was sad, and caused Mishu horrible emotions due to being Connected to her THE END.

2 reference pictures cause I can't choose one. [Insert picrew image]

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Shigume -surgess-

The innocent is always the first to fall

Surgess was a lab creation from a mad scientist! The mad scientists killed countless monsters and people and took thier souls to make 400 creations! Surgess being number 400 since she was the youngest but her bar code to identify her was but one number. The number 9! During her captivity she grew emotions but she wasn't supposed to have emotions. Every subject did! They went through horrible and painful countless test! Day in and day out screams filled the lab! Until that one faithful day! The FINAL TEST MASSACRE! Everyone was dragged to the testing room while she clinged to her older brother surg! Surg looked just like surgess but a boy and older. Finally all that remained was surgess and surg! Surg sacrificed himself to go first so that surgess had a chance. A chance for what she wondered? She didn't know until it was her turn. Upon being dragged into the room she saw BODIES stacked high of her dead siblings. And on the very top her brother surg layed dead. The test was commenced on her and she survived but the side affects hurt for a few days. She was crying in pain on the floor until the last day of her side affects when the building shook! The ceiling was breaking and pieces of its rubble falling down on her! Her mad scientists creator and master fled the lab and left her for dead! But she lived and escaped! Free to Rome the lands!

images (2).jpg



Kaitlyn. I see why you can't get a boyfriend now
I have another OC,

Keoshi Watanabe

keoshi is 15

Keoshi had lived with her father most of her life she never knew what her mother looked like because she passed away while giving birth to her

Keoshi has age regression due to trauma, of A plane crash. Her father luckily survived but had suffered alot of injury and couldn't take care of keoshi, so she had a care taker, keoshi had speech problems she was smart and was able to understand Adult-ish stuff the problem was she acted and Played like a toddler, and she often got made fun for that. Keoshi is into cute stuffed animals and pastel colors.

Keoshi was an angel [literally and emotionally] she was sweet to others even if they weren't to her, and simply followed people around since she didn't really know what to do with herself. She simply likes hugs and candy. But she spends most of her time Playing with animals.



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My avatar is the Level 20 version of a Pathfinder character I made. Their name is Eoin, and they are an Oracle. Art is not mine.


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my avatar is the loml Robin Buckley from Stranger Things. i'm a complete geek when it comes to Stranger Things so if you wanna squeal over season 4 with me lemme know.


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Now here's my own Avatar/OC...


1 with a few months (17 in human years)

Eye color:
Cyan blue eyes

Shy, calm, somewhat vague, worrisome, she is also generous but has anger issues (which she can control).

(this art is incredible)


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