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Multiple Settings Want some friends!


Can't stop myself from RP'ing.
As the title suggests/states. I am in the need of a new partner, since I only really have one and writing helps me sleep, and get over some of my problems

Things about me that might help you decide to take me or not: (that was a really long subject starter lol)

I'm seventeen, nearly eighteen.

I'm really weird, fair warning, but I try to own it.

My emotions could range from SUPER EXCITED HAPPY to, life stinks and I wanna cry, cause my life kinda stinks sometimes ngl lol.

I like to think I'm friendly, though I suppose I'm kind of bias ^^

Keep it PG please, including language, violence and any kind of sexual content (kissing and hugging is about the most I can do there XD Just cause I like to keep things innocent)

I generally write third person, but have done first every now and then.

Post length varies by what my partner wants. I can do anything from two lines to six paragraphs (though I prefer to save something that large for a starter post.)

OH almost forgot, I'm seventeen, I'll be eighteen in two months. I know that's a big deal breaker for some people.

Ok enough about myself, time for the good stuff.




Um.... I don't have any plans, BUT I HAVE loose ideas

Love can get a little furry (I mentally slapped myself for that title.)

You probably already guessed it but... A guy and a girl have been talking online to each other and it's their friendaversary! To celebrate they decide to meet each other in person, though they've never even seen pictures of the other.

Little do they knew, they aren't even the same species! Anthro's have been integrated legally, but in many places not socially so their relationship, whether romantic or platonic, sparks drama.

Um....that's about it to be honest. Here are more vague ideas that I wasn't to try just as much. Romance allowed and liked but not necessary or anything, and if there is romance then MxF only, sorry. It's just what I'm most comfortable with. I'm also good with playing either gender.

Pokemon x Trainer (non romantic)
Pokemon x pokemon
Dragon x human
Anthro (including gijinka and poke-anthro's)x human
Anthro (same as above) x anthro
Human x human
Shapeshifter x human
Dragon x Dragon

And probably more I can't think of XD

Message me if you're interested!
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