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Digital Wallpapers, Music, and A web comic?

Isaedras Cleditre

The Sveik 裏切ら
So, the title says it all...I'll be posting Wallpapers, taking requests for music (remixes and the like), and in the Future I'll even be posting this super amateur web comic I'm gonna be throwing together.

Now even though I'll be occasionally posting here I do have accounts where I'll be posting most of my content early.These will be posted elsewhere in another thread...I think x.x

What I really wanna stress is that a lot of this stuff is what I'm doing in my spare time when I'm not here posting or roleplaying. I mean, I stream every day of the week! It's tough but fun and I love it. Until I can really sink my teeth into making YouTube videos and etc it's what I'll be doing.

ANYWAYS! Feel free to request a remix of some sort, check in often for wallpapers, and just stay tuned for more content in the future!

Fallout 4
(2:54 PM)

I don't have any super deep quotes for this. Besides the screenshot is nothing phenomenal. I haven't even edited it yet but here it is.
In the future I will be watermarking these so that they won't be stolen or anything.

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RpN's demon dragon bodyguard
Remixes, you say? I am interested.

And perhaps we can trade wallpapers, as well. I can make you something if you make me something! :P


RpN's demon dragon bodyguard
Airtight! I'm on mobile right now though, so it's difficult to type, lol. I'll get back to you when there is computer!


caked in resin and vile to behold
I actually meant for me x,D BUT since we are both LMMS users why not collab instead? 0-0

My music(I only have one good song ish ) is on my soon to be Gaming YouTube Channel: KirbicCreates
Oh lmao. Well, I'm nearly done with Gravity Falls, so how about we work on that one he just posted?

Isaedras Cleditre

The Sveik 裏切ら
How about an original song? AND could you send me the project file for Byte Buster 2? I wanna remix it. Also I'll drop my YT channel link as well lol

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