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Fandom waiting on a miracle 🕯

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marketable plushie

Hello all 💕 It’s been like a month and a half and the Encanto brainrot is still going strong with no sign of releasing the death-grip it has on me anytime soon lol xp So naturally, I‘m hoping to add one (maybe two) more rps to what I’ve already got going now in hopes that it’ll help !

- 21+
- Be able to reply at least once a week. I can do the same, and will always give a heads-up if it’ll be longer
- 2-6 paragraph posts on average. Not looking to do novel length replies each time, but no one liners either please !
- I lovee ooc + being friends w/ my partners, but it’s def not a requirement < 3
- Ditch friendly, but I super appreciate a heads up if you‘re no longer interested!! Pinky promise I won’t be mad xp But, hoping very much for something longterm!!
- PM or (maybe) discord for rp pls. Discord for ooc would be soo much easier though !
- Romance is necessary, but it should develop naturally depending on where we decide to start!
- I tend to prefer m/f but will do whatever you like for your side if we double ^^


At the moment I’m looking for someone to play my emotional support rat man Bruno against my oc!! I’ll be forever grateful to anyone that does like fr c’:

If you’d like to double, I’m willing to try my hand at most any other Madrigal of your choice! In particular, I most want to play Camilo, Mirabel, and Isabela, but if you want someone besides one of those three just ask < 3

I have a few different ideas in mind, but I’m very open to hearing any that you might have and/or brainstorming something together! I’m open to something more canon compliant, or really any AU we can think of xp I loveee AUs ~

Please PM instead of replying here if you’re interested! Really hope to hear from someone soon!! c:
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