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Iconoclast Trooper
Heyo, random guy. The name's Longinus—don't got no nickname but you can call me Earl. I'm here writing this case cause, like, man, I need to get outta the daily rat race. Too much noodling here but that don't apply in writing: prose, prose, that's what I do. It's cool, you know. I've been writing for some time, reading longer than that, and I like to think I've got the basics down. Hey, that's how it goes, donnit? I'm not a veteran role-player though, if that's what you're looking for, but if you're looking for some kinda writer, man, that's who I am. Been here for only some couple months, not even much activity to brag about though. On my end: it don't matter much cause I'm a glass-half-full kinda guy. But on your end? Relax, I am a solid enough writer: when I'm not writing or reading, saying bullshit, wasting away meself, listening to music and appreciating culture or playing some games or such, I'm writing stuff or reading, for the betterment of the skill. The finesse. It's good for the mind, so I often sez. Heh. Well, don't mind meself's meandering soliloquys. Onwards.

What Ye Can Expect
I think I'm a friendly guy, but don't be afraid to take that sentence with a grain of salt, man. Don't even know myself these days. I like chatting with people—sometimes awkward in such pursuits, mind you—when I'm not writing with them. Speaking of words, I can write a lot but I can't say I exactly follow any conventional measurements; I dunno, I'm probably literate, detailed, casual, not simple—got too deep into the maximalist trend some time ago and it made a good mark on me—, but, er, solid enough all things considered. When I see some good writin, I sez: thaz some eye candy. I write English, write a lot, and I like emulating my favourite authors. Just how it goes, man. See for yourself: doubling? heh, I always write a cadre of people. I like the sprawl, you know. There don't have to be a main character. And I like exploring all of those genres, although I'm supremely weak with romance however, but hey, I can do pretty much everything else. In fact, I like combining genres a lot. Who says it's gotta be one thing only, man? Yeah, uhm, that's how it goes. Phew, dude.

PS: I got Discord on me too, if that's where you groove at. OOC only, sadly nuff.

What's Expected From Ye
Relax, dude! That's important. Real important. Be cool, don't panic. Yeah. I don't think I got much expectations to uphold—too much stress is what I think it is and I for one like the good old R&R as much as you do—but I'd like it if you were okay with chatting, with paying the bare modicum of consideration and attention to our role-play and, you know, with putting a bit of effort in pulling the story's weight. Can't say I do very well with passive players, you know. That's just how it is, then. Hundred pardons. I'm a pack mulez, you see, rolling with the packs and the mules and me's all over the world. So they sez: what goes for me prolly don't go for ye but what go for ye prolly goes for me. Thaz how I roll, dude. Toke and shit.

What About The Roleplay?
Dude, what about it? That's what I'm saying. Wwwah. First thing's first, I don't do pairings—like I said, I write lotsa characters and on that account we're just looking at an impossibility if I was to be centric on some singular body laying around. To the point: I'll list off some themes and genres I'd like to do right about now although I'm open to pretty much everything (feel free to message me with plots, ideas, basic premises and we can work on that together):
  • Crime
    • Detective/Forensics
    • Gangster
  • Thriller
    • Techno Thriller
    • Political/Espionage Thriller
    • Mystery Thriller
  • Horror
    • Southern Gothic
    • New Weird
    • Splatterpunk (18+)
    • Cosmic/Lovecraftian Horror
  • Fantasy
    • Contemporary Fantasy
    • Magical Realism
    • Low Fantasy
    • Epic/High Fantasy
    • Heroic Fantasy
  • Postmodernism/modernism
    • New Sincerity
    • Tragicomedies
    • Post-2000s dramas
    • Histories?
    • K-Mart Realism (not! but hey hey hey)
    • Post-Postmodernism
  • Spec-Fi
    • Dystopian/Utopian
    • Near Future
    • Post-Cyberpunk
    • Space Opera
    • [Insert shitz]. . . IN SPACE!
  • Historical
    • 20th Century
      • 50s-60s
      • 80s-90s
      • 2000s
    • 19th Century
      • 50-90s
    • Something something
    • Western
      • Murican Civil War
      • Vaqueros
      • Gauchos
      • Bushrangers
Uhoh, Plots
MMmade in my spare time with the finesse, precision and tact of a worn-down diamond-tipped industrial drill:
  • PLOT #1 (THE PLOT, haha)
    It's a black world in the later years of the cold war, with the downfall of the Soviet Union and the berlin wall; people are coming to the most tepid of conclusions as to these series of fortunate-to-unfortunate-to-fortunate events: like some missile propulsion system running on uranium discharge. In this bric-a-brac, two former officers from the Vietnam War and the tattered Bay of Pigs are hired by an unknown source to track down a line of missing armaments shipments, lethal splash weaponry of course, in New Jersey; but unbeknownst to them, various other forces are converging in this one instance of militaires-politico fallacy including the nazi offshoots of Argentina and the South Americas, rogue cells from the Cuban Missile Crisis, terrorists and avengers of the old world Soviet Union, Czech, Germany and so on and on, and other naval conspiracies against America by conspiratorial bioweapons factories and chemists and pharmacists. This is supposed to be (I make no claims in confidence) a somewhat hardboiled mystery-thriller in the po-mo vein (taking some due inspiration from Thomas Pynchon, if you will allow me the indulgence). There's going to be a lot of narrative-ing, possibly violence and other acts of merican libertine decadence, obscenities, more violence, conspiracy, temporal distortions, maximalism, irony and black comedy etc yada yada yada, all the big package.
  • PLOT #2 (Uh, uhm, er) Two Jesuits are assigned by the Papacy to investigate the mysterious disappearances of a couple of church-sanctioned paintings during the 20th century's squared century (or, the 50s-60s-wopbop) near San Francisco and the Grace Cathedral, but on the way they're impeded by various happenings within the church systems (perhaps, even a plot against itself and others), advances by villainous Calvinists and ancient-world revivalist Mithraists, bohemians and artists, librarians and the violences of the Korean War and the nuclear danger of the Cold War. Tthis is, as you've noticed, a reskin of the first plot because I am deprived of ideas.
  • PLOT #3+4 Two patrons of the art world, bohemians and youthful, venture into the heart of Mexico in search of a lost auteur, along the way being accosted by the various sentiments of literature and such, people as they are, and rogues and villains of the morbid variety; of course, they're completely bent on their original goal of finding their muse, worship and quarry, throwing everything to the brink of, er, everything. Inspired by the traditional Roberto Bolaño story structures and Julio Cortazar. It's got a bit more looser and flexible structure than the previous two with the exception of the characters.
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Hey, I read your thread, and I'm definitely interested in doing a Gangster RP with you. I'll PM you about it, or maybe you could PM me? I'm a veteran roleplayer, so I know how the business goes. With my experience and both our effort, we could craft a marvelous RP. Let me know if you're interested!

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