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Fandom Voltron: New beginnings

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, LGTBQ, Platonic, Romance

Flame Demon

Wannabe consulting detective
A Voltron rp which will follow the shows plot, but will be filled with our own plots too and this way we can hopefully change the ending (because they could have done so much better.
A love interest can be for a platonic relationship as well, please specify that, if you don't, I'll assume it's a romantic one

Few rules
Please be at least 16
Everyone does one canon character and one OC
You do not rp as your own crush
No one liner, I don't expect a huge post, but give everyone enough detail to work with.
All RPnation rules apply
Have fun.


People in the rp!
Me - Flame Demon Flame Demon
Canon character - Hunk Garrett
Love interest - Keith Kogane

Maverick3933 Maverick3933
Canon character - Lance McLain
Love interest - TBD

Canon character -
Love interest -

Canon character -
Love interest -

Canon character -
Love interest -

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