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Fandom Voldemort’s daughter rp

Larissa Riddle is an outcast. Her father refuses to let her come ‘home’ even if it’s a holiday, the kids in Slytherin constantly make remarks about her. Why? Because she’s a gryffindor from her family line

Golden trio era rp pm me if you’re interested!!


The Archon of Madness
Either is fine, so long as you explain what each mean. I have a feeling I know, but just need that clarification. Haven't really done much in the HP fandom, just was a fan of the books.


The Archon of Madness
Ah, I see... Did a Golden Trio RP way back ages ago, before coming to this site.
Wouldn't Mind doing one in the Maruaders era, as not much is known of it, leaving it open for RPs like what you want to happen.

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