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Fantasy Visian Academy (ADMISSION CLOSED)

What would you look for in a mythical pet?

  • Something colorful and sparkly

  • Something large and fierce

  • A rare species, so everyone can be jealous

  • Anything fluffy!

  • A sophistocated being to match my level of intelligence

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Action, Adventure, Anime, LGTBQ, Magical, Romance, School, Slice of Life


Neko Addict
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(A roleplay by NyxNightmare NyxNightmare , TheImmortalDeity TheImmortalDeity , and Silvis Silvis )
(CS is OPEN! Link: Teleport me to the CS page!)

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"In a world where humans and monsters find difficulty in coexistence, we here at Visian Academy have a vision."

Welcome to Visian Academy, where for the first time in Alenia's history, monsters and humanoid creatures will train alongside humans at the most prestigious militia university the kingdom has to offer. Here, you'll join one of three combat branches taught by the most talented professors and begin your journey towards becoming the best version of you.

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"A non-human is simply another term used to categorize something that isn't human. No matter what you call them, a monster will always be a monster." ~Anonymous

Such was the mantra that the Kingdom of Alenia was founded on. For all 700 years of its existence, the human population of Alenia has trampled over these so-called “non-humans”, viewing them as no more than tools to be used. Things such as forced labor and poor living conditions were seen as a privilege for the beasts, and through it, a clear divide was created between the two classifications. Now, as the kingdom continues to expand its borders, the number of non-human citizens have started to dominate over the humans, as well as their voices.

With civil unrest at its peak, Alenia’s royal family is no longer able to ignore the complaints of its people and is faced with a problem far greater than any outside threat. Their home had become a battlefield. Tasked with the responsibility to extinguish the flames of rebellion, their king, Zarin von Ouzenos, had to weigh his options. Alenia was famous for its exceptional military presence, waging many wars and provoking the ire of their neighboring kingdoms. With their enemies growing and internal conflict craning its neck, the destruction of his beloved land seemed imminent. Eventually, Zaren was forced to ask himself what was more important: his pride as a human or the continuation of his kingdom. His answer was Visian Academy.

As a military training institute, the king planned to turn his kingdom’s weakness into its greatest strength. Despite the concerns voiced by their fellow noblemen, the royal family poured their wealth into the school. Boasting the best facilities and staff that money could buy, Visian Academy became the first prestigious university to provide open enrollment to anyone that wished to enter, no questions asked. Considering that non-humans had previously been banned from ever receiving a proper education, the concept was unheard of, and the luxuries that the upper-class humans prided themselves on had now become available to the country as a whole. With this compromise, a temporary truce was formed between the humans and non-humans, either side still skeptical of its effectiveness. Now it’s up to you to create the results. Will you allow the generations of built-up hatred to well up inside? Or will you forget the past and accept a world of unlikely allies?

Which branch will you choose?

  • Classes meant to train the mind. It will help you to think critically, learn the politics of the land, and strategize on the battlefield. The branch color is purple, and the symbol is a crescent moon.


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Additional Information

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No God-modding

This is a more mature roleplay with a college setting. We will be requiring roleplayers to be 18+

If you intend on carrying out the dirty deed, fade to black.

No excessive use of profanity. We just don't want to be reading it every sentence.

We highly encourage a 1 paragraph minimum when posting. If we notice those 1-3 liners occurring frequently, you will be kicked from the rp.

Please be respectful to other players.

If you've successfully read through these rules and are still interested, be sure to list your favorite color in your post below so I can confirm you've done your due diligence.


Can I make more than one character?
We will only be allowing 2 characters per person until we witness you're serious about sticking around, in which more characters will be permitted.

Will there be a discord server for this rp and is it necessary?
Yes, there will be! A link will be provided with the successful launch of the official rp. Although not required, access to our discord server is highly recommended, as that is where announcements, lore, and event info will be held.

Can I choose multiple branches?
Although you may switch branches throughout the semester if you find one isn't working for your character, we think it's best to remain with one branch per character.

Can I be a mod or assist with event creation?
We are not accepting mod applications at this time. However, we are always open to fresh ideas.

Is it possible to die in the rp?
Certainly. Although, we advise you to discuss any harmful interactions OOC if they implicate other players.

Is there a student council or other clubs?
There most definitely is! Student council roles in campus affairs will be fleshed out in the future lore section. As for clubs, anyone can apply for the start of a club as long as there are 3 members and have approval from a faculty member.

Is this a combat-heavy rp?
Not at all. We like to have just the right balance of social and physical interaction. We won't be dishing out tournaments 24/7

Can I make a professor?
Only with our permission.

Why must I be over 18?
Although we would love to make this rp accessible to everyone, we are of an older age group. We would love to connect with like minds as well as ages. Hopefully you can understand.

Can I start on a character sheet now?
Sure, here you go! Just hold onto them until we post a CS page.

Age (18+):
Abilities (Include limitations):
Branch Affiliation:
Background (opt):
Theme Song (opt):
Appearance/Pic (Anime/digital art preferred):
Familiar (Opt. Abilities must mirror the extent of their masters'):
Other (Any other info we should know?):

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the greatest mule
(I also made a template character sheet for anyone interested. I hope this helps give an idea of what we're looking for!)

The Nekomancer
Neko Messiah
(AKA: Tac Yssup)


Nekos? Necrophilia? Nekophilia


Nekomancer, duh

As the very ability that gave The Nekomancer his title, this personified version of bringing back the dead has a few quirks to it. The first is that Tac can only use this magic on the dead, not living beings. The zombies he resurrects also still possess freedom of thought similar to when they were alive and don’t change physically (other than being, well, dead). Secondly, he must perform a daily ritual to keep his undead fresh or else they begin to rot. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, he can only revive nekos. If he attempts to revive anything else, he will become so disgusted in himself that he will end his own life, considering himself a sham to the Nekomancer name.

“Cat-like Reflexes”
What’s the point of a predator that can’t catch his prey? In the pursuit of his passion, Tac has acquired a higher echelon of acrobatic skills. High jumps, flips, cartwheels, and skipping rope are all essential to a man on the hunt. These assets have also been integrated into his fighting style, which incorporates the use of knives and magic. While agile, he is still human, and therefore stays within the realm of reason unless magically attuning himself beforehand.

“The Nekonomicon”
This is not only the scripture The Nekomancer worships but also the catalyst of his magic. While capable of casting lower-end spells on his own, this grimoire houses his strongest and most devious sorceries. Incantation circles that might take hours to create can be invoked instantly with the power of this cursed item. The Nekonomicon typically floats around Nekomancer when he is fighting and can be destroyed in battle.

“I’ve Got This Feline”
Gained over his life's work of hunting down and stalking nekos is his passive ability to tell when a neko is near his vicinity. Almost like a personal radar, Nekomancer can utilize all of his senses to find a neko, depending on how far away they are. The area of effect, luckily for him, spans about as large as a single campus. This is only usable on nekos.

I’m a sociopath. What more do you need?

Branch Affiliation
Scholar Branch’s Professor of Dark Arts
Aristocrat Branch Student

Nekomancer isn’t just a fool that obsesses over cats. No, this lunatic has the traits and devotion of any other person who dabbles in the dark arts. The only difference between himself and those other lame and edgy failures is his refined “tastes”. Nekomancer, formerly known as Tac, loves nekos. His devotion for them is to a degree that goes far beyond simple admiration and reaches a whole new level; a level that involves the consideration of murdering his beloved nekos and reviving them, ultimately preserving them for all eternity. He is considered a genius for his contributions towards the understanding of biological development and the anatomy of various creatures at a young age, but the origins of where his love for nekos began is unknown. He will go to great lengths to continue his work, having no mercy for any who try to stop him from doing so.

Of course, this also means that anything that isn’t about the subject he is interested in tends to bore him. If someone isn’t as passionate and neurotic about nekos as he is, Nekomancer tends to shoo them away or ignore them completely. Tac has no compassion for anything or anyone that isn’t directly or partially related to his fantastic felines and will typically act in some type of behavior to make this obvious. This includes, but is not limited to: vulgar language, refusal to revive, snarky responses, distrustful glares, nagging, spitting, crude humor, attempting to convert to the Neko Nation, complete rejection, physical violence, attempted murder, long and boring speeches of how amazing nekos are, name-calling, fleeing, or a simple conversation.


Theme Song

Nekomancer faceclaim.png

My favorite color is purple.​


Expert Lurker
Fine, fine, I've been convinced. Count me in! And I gotta say, blue or violet are very nice colors.


the greatest mule
That, they definitely are. looks at various violet eyed favorite characters I'm just weak to em
The white hair and violet eye combo are always a killer. Ironically, I've never made a character like that, but all the face claims I see of them are very nice.


New Member
Interested for sure, looking forward to reading what characters people have came up with already! Especially if any of them have maroon aesthetics
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