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Realistic or Modern VIRAL BREAK: Outbreak -- A Resident Evil inspired roleplay [10/10] [CLOSED]


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• Preface •

Welcome to the recruitment thread for VIRAL BREAK: Outbreak! This roleplay will have elements of survival horror such as limited ammunition, healing supplies and terrifying encounters with enemies capable severely injuring a player character. The setting is mainly inspired by the Resident Evil saga but there's also the influence of various other survival horror games such as Silent Hill, Darkwood, Deadspace etc. This is not meant to be a simple roleplay, but it's also not meant to be unfriendly to the players either, there'll be equal amounts of tragedy and triumphs, but at the end of the day, what I want the most of this roleplay, is for the players to have fun, if this sounds like something you would enjoy, feel free to keep reading!

• Story & Setting •

It is June 11th of the year 1999, near the North Carolina town of Asheville, there's a research facility owned by Rebirth Pharmaceuticals, whose products are found in pharmacies and drug stores all across the entire world. However, they do more than just researching for new medical products, they have deep ties with the American government and suspected of developing viral and bio-organic weapons for the United States of America. Inside the facility, there's various containment breaches in the secretive bio-weapons sector, forcing surface security to initiate a lockdown of the entire facility, within hours, Rebirth's own military security (R.S.S.D - Rebirth Specialized Security Detail) enter the facility to contain the threat, secure samples and rescue any survivors. However, both teams sent in did not respond to the bihourly radio checkup and are now considered missing in action.

Two days have passed since the R.S.S.D entered the facility, and the possibilities of a viral breach reaching the town Asheville continue to grow. Unable to relocate more resources to contain the threat, the regional managers of Rebirth Pharmaceuticals contacted a P.M.C (Private Mercenary Company) known as Baykok Bio-Security, famous for having dealt with various weaponized viral outbreaks and even some bio-organic threats throughout the hectic 80's and 90's.

The Player Characters will be part of Baykok's Charlie Team, one of the three teams sent into the facility, their main objective is to rescue the civilian personnel of the facility, their second objectives is to secure various contained samples of the viruses and other pathogens stored in the lower levels of the facility, but something will go wrong along the way - are you ready to enter the world of Survival Horror?

• Questions & Answers •

Q: I have a character image, but is a drawing/real faceclaim/3D model, can I join using any of these?
A: Of course! Personally I am using 3D models for NPCs and the monsters, but players can use whatever fits their character better.

Q: Will there be things like stats? or an inventory? or some form of combat?
A: There's only one stat, which is the players health. There's an inventory, which I'll be writing down either in a notepad or in the settings wikia, and there's combat - it'll use a 1d10 to determine whether a player hits the target or not - don't worry, I am not a sadistic GM, even a 3 will hit the target, albeit for reduced damage, and only rolling a 1 will be considered a miss.

Q: Several of the players seem to have military knowledge, do I need to know military things to join?
A: Not at all! Me and the other players will help you with the weapons, background and the like!

Q: Can I have a mutated character, or a super weapon, or some high tech gadget?
A: You will be able to give your character some... interesting mutations later on and you'll be able to get some interesting weapons as well, however, the year this takes place is 1999, so I try to keep the technology to that era.

• Character Creation •

Hard Requirements
  • Picture:
  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Nationality:
Optional Requirements
  • Equipment:
  • Nickname:
  • Background:
If you have any questions about the character creation, feel free to ask!

Player Characters

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d62c5c1422060b648e4f65b827b064da (1).jpg

Name Xavier Charmicheal
Age 30
Nationality American

Nickname Reaper
Born March 12 1969 to Lance and Gwen Charmicheal

Xave grew up in a single parent home as his farther died in Vietnam shortly after his birth.

Growing up was tough but he had his mother, their pastor and a couple of his fathers brothers looking out for him.

When he turned 18 he joined the army much to his mother's disappointment. He wanted to be close to the man he would never know. After basic he went into Ranger school getting his tab and eventually his scroll.

At his first posting he met a spit fire of a medic. For the next two years the two of them would argue berate each other and eventually fall in love.
Ten years into his service his platoon was sent into an Afghani city because of strange and disturbing reports. When they got there they were attacked by bio weapons. About a third of the platoon was killed. He met Baykok Bravo team there and formed a bit of a respectful relationship with their members as they were able to end the out break.

Baykok team leader Author Burris was impressed with how Xavier handled himself during the situation offered him a spot in the organization. Once Xavier's term of service was up he took the offer.

M4 assult riffle 3 clips
Smith and Weston sigma 4 clips
Bowie knife
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Name: Yasir Keith

Nickname: Djinn

Age: 32 years old

Nationality: American

Demographic: Arab American


With a history shrouded in a cloud of red tape, Yasir is ultimately an enigma when it comes to how he even manages to operate around the world. With partially known ties to family in the US, Yasir is mostly known for jumping around the world for different missions, hired under various PMC's to perform in sensitive missions that require a lot of classified black lines scratched across reports. Despite the secrecy surrounding the man, there are no obligations for previous squad mates to keep their thoughts on him under wraps.

People that he has previously worked with note that Yasir has a habit of working with a flair. His work, or "performance" as Yasir supposedly referred to it, often involved a lot of what some would call "smoke and mirrors". The man, when in situations of high tension, tends to pull off disappearing acts with very few resources. A distraction here, a well placed smoke grenade there and he was gone without a trace, taking advantage of the confusion that often followed. Because of this Yasir was usually considered an infiltration specialist. Having the know-how to get through nearly any obstacle in the way as well as clearing paths for those he worked with.

He never really got close enough to those he worked with which often led to members of his different teams to look at him rather poorly. At some point, the nickname Djinn was given to him for his very tricky means of operating as well as an insult to his origins, but much to the dismay of those that sought to mock him, he embraced the nickname. It described him best after all.

For a time, Yasir used his connections to just wander comfortably for a while until he had interest in returning to the United States to be at least somewhat closer to family that he had long left behind. He spent a good deal of time blending in and living as any civilian would, but eventually he was scouted for his skills and an offer was made to join Baykok Bio-Security. He played a bit hard to get before eventually relenting and joining their organization.​


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RERon (2).jpg

Name: Ron Torres
Nickname: El Punk
Age: 24
Nationality: Mexican
Growing up in the streets of Mexico City, Ron was well known for getting into all kinds of trouble, drinking at an early age, getting involved with married woman, shoplifting and more. His mother worked hard in the International Airport, but was never really around, only there to bail him out of jail or to fill the fridge with food. Ron had a gift for music, specially when it came to drums, which landed him a part in a band. At the age of sixteen though, his whole world was turned around. His mother fell in love with Arthur Williams, a US citizen.
Ron soon found himself in Los Angeles, California. He finished Highschool there and soon was sent to join the army. At first he was a rebel, trying to get himself kicked out of both the army and the US, but his superiors saw talent in him. It wasn't until he fell in love with a woman through a pin pal program that he decided to try and give his new life a shot. He became a skilled soldier, something both his mother and stepfather grew proud of, and even though he lost contact with his pin pal, he always remembers her last words to him, "make the best of what you got."
Now he is part of a secret organization, going on missions and polishing his skills. He has grown to love his job, despite being considered a rookie, he believes one day he will reach his full potential.​


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Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Archer



United Kingdom (Wales)

White (Welsh)

Co-Founder of Baykok Bio-Security
Leader of Charlie Team

MC-51 (HK51) with 3 magazines
HK USP Match 9mm with 2 magazines
Syringe Case (x12 Syringes)

Not much is known of Gwendolyn Archer's early history, mainly due to the fact that she has rarely spoken of it. The easily obtained details are that she was born in Bangor, the oldest city in Wales. Her father was an intelligence officer in the British Army's Intelligence Corps, before being moved to MI6 following the end of World War Two, and her mother had served as a military nurse during the war. Both were natives of Wales, and wished to have their daughter grow up in their native region. She was taught Welsh alongside English as she grew up, allowing her to be fluent in both languages.

As she entered high school, and eventually college, she developed a fascination with the microscopic world. It would eventually lead her down the path of Virology and Biochemistry as she progressed through college. With some aid from her father and his connections with the British government, she was able to enter into specialized programs and areas in order to further experiences and career goals until she reached the heights of her selected fields. In addition, he also directed her into programs specializing in viral and biological warfare, which she took to quite quickly.

At some point in the late 1970s/early 1980s, she met the pair of John and Elizabeth Williams. A friendship was formed with the pair, which lead to them inviting Gwendolyn to form Baykok Bio-Security alongside them. They pointed out the possible threats that the rapidly evolving world of bio-terror would bring about eventually, and wished to develop a group that could seek out, contain, and eliminate the biological threats that would soon appear. And there would be no better an asset to have than someone whom was as talented in the field of viral and biological research as Gwendolyn. She joined 'without hesitation', as they put it.

Other easily obtainable information would be that Gwendolyn has been married twice, and has two children. Aiden Archer, by her first husband, and Eliza Archer, by her second husband. Her first marriage ended in disaster, as she had begun to focus too much on her work and research to maintain a healthy, loving relationship with her husband in Scotland at the time. She did manage to keep Aiden in the divorce, who's last name she changed to her own. It wasn't long after when she married again, and soon had Eliza. This marriage lasted far longer, well into the late 1980s.

Then came one particular incident in 1989.

During an undercover operation in the then-Soviet Union, a particularly deadly bio-weapon was unleashed. Baykok Bio-Security intervened. Gwendolyn, part of Charlie Team, was involved. And almost all of Charlie Team was slaughtered, save for her and another by the name of Mike.

The incident changed Gwendolyn quite drastically. No longer was she the talkative, friendly scientist that everyone had come to know over the years. She grew cold. Emotionally detached from everyone, including her own husband and children. Another divorce came, a year after the incident, and again she maintained her claim on her children. But even that wouldn't keep them around. Eventually, when they were old enough, they left their mother for their fathers. Aiden returned to his father in Scotland, and Eliza returned to her American father in New York. Gwendolyn had driven everyone away... and she didn't seem to care. She immersed herself ever more into her work and research. Something she still seemed to enjoy after everything that had happened.

The 1990s brought about more war. More interventions, such as viral outbreaks in Africa/East Asia and weapons deployments in Eastern Europe/the Middle East. More involvement in activities on the ground. She found herself right in the thick of things, studying bio-weapons and weaponized viruses in real time where they were deployed. She often came back carrying syringes full of biological material. Bodily fluids, drawn from victims or the entities that they fought and killed. And each one she studied with near borderline obsession. Those that had fallen around her, attempting to contain these viruses or end the creatures born from them? Simple losses, but ones she accepted with ease. Death came to all eventually, and it appeared she had stopped caring about that too.

Over the years, to keep others off her back, she began to operate in a more professional manner around the others and pushed for more recruits. Those more knowledgeable in their respective fields, chiefly medical officers to allow for more bodies to survive the many ordeals the company plunged itself into. Regardless as to if she cared or not if someone lived or died, the others did. Andrew Jóźwiak (AKA Doc) is a notable recruit, as she personally pushed for and signed off on him. Another she had signed off on was her own daughter, Eliza. Eliza had been pushed by John, and his daughter Mary, to join Baykok in order to mend her relationship with her mother. And only time will tell if that act would offer anything resembling a good outcome.
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Andrew Jóźwiak



United States of America

White (Polish)

Medical Specialist of Charlie Team

M9 Beretta Pistol with 2 magazines
2 Healing Sprays
1 Antibiotic
1 Medicinal Herb

Born to a Polish immigrant family, Andrew Jóźwiak grew up in Chicago where he would have a modest upbringing with his parents providing for him as best as they could. After doing well in school, he was accepted into the University of Chicago for a Bachelors in Biology before being admitted to Johns Hopkins University to step into medicine, a passion he had held since he was a child. In his studies, he excelled and graduated with double degrees in medicine focusing in pathology and immunology. However, rather than immediately delving into hospital work or starting a practice, he instead chose to volunteer his services with Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) for work overseas.

Having traveled for two years on assignments in the Middle East following the end of the Gulf War, Andrew was the first to discover the true extent of the weapons used against civilian and military targets in the region, and was among the first to report 'Gulf War syndrome' as a result of the weapons used there to the wider medical community. It was in this, and his attempted treatments of it, that brought him prominence and also caught they eye of Baykok Bio-Security. It was there that after returning home, Andrew was offered a position in Baykok for his expertise and on-ground experience in dealing with bioweapons and their effects.​


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Vesper Valente








English, Portuguese


Silencer Pistol, 2 mags. Combat knife. First aid spray.



Vespers psyche was interesting, according to the psychological profile conducted by her first lieutenant. She is known for being a free-roaming soul, taking orders but doing them in whichever way she deems necessary. This, apparently, makes her 'dangerous'. Though her profile notes a fierce loyalty towards her family and those that are most vulnerable.



Vesper Valente was an enigma. Her family background was shrouded in mystery from the moment she joined the army at 19, the implications of her true family name would have had a lasting impact on the treatment she might receive should she be captured, let alone interrogated. During her stint in the army, Vesper had underwent two deployments and was proficient in covert ops and special recon; trained in interrogation, search and rescue, and obtaining intel. Soon after turning 29, Vesper's talents had been recruited by Baykok's Bio-Security network. Whilst she was a force to be reckoned with in close range combat and getting the best of her enemy through sneaky tactics, Vesper does not excel in military combat.



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Age: 30
Nationality: German (former East Germany)
Equipment: WIP
Nickname: Hans
Background: There isn't much to be said about Hans before his career. Standard upbringing in East Germany followed by relief when the Wall finally fell down. By that time he was already neck deep in military work, showing an affinity towards engineering and explosives. His talents would attract the attention of the KSK as they needed bodies to fill the roles. A position he would accept, since it would allow him to serve against threats both external and internal.

It didn't take long for him to notice certain things not lining up. Objectives, targets and operations would change rarely mid mission, but frequent enough and always somehow involving a certain company. Hans is a quiet man and would rarely speak, but his inquiries would catch the attention of the right people.

Two years later, he's serving under a different name, working with vastly different people, but still with his same goals in mind.


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Name: Arnold Rick "The Brick" Joustson
Age: 46
Nationality: American
Equipment: M60E4 Machine Gun (2 200 Round Belts), Brass Knuckles
Nickname: "Brick"

Background: Born in Houston Texas, Arnold Rick Joustson would live a life of never belonging in one place for too long as his father served in the Navy as a Warrant Officer and would be deployed from place to place constantly. The most important in Arnold life was Houston Texas, Jacksonville Florida, and Busan in South Korea.

Arnold grew up in the face advisability but met the challenge with a strong, stoic demeanor. He would enlist the US Marines in 1968 though lying about his age and serving in the 15th Hazardous Environment Marine Expeditionary, deployed to assist Southern Forces in fighting NVA Bioweapons, along with being heavily involved in the "Bông Hồng đỏ" Incident later during the war.

He would later serve in the Grenada intervention, the US Invasion of Panama, the Gulf War, and an Chemical clean up in New Mexico as a NCO before retiring. He would live with his wife in upstate New York. There, he would later serve in the NYPD for two years before eventually entering into the field of mercenary work after his wife past away to find purpose, he was quickly chosen by Baykok Bio-Security for his prior experience in the Marines.


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Baek So Min








Korean, English


PSG-1 Sniper, 6 bullets. K2 AR, 2 magazines. 3x First Aid Spray.



So Min's official psyche evaluation was conducted by none other than her father, 'Viper'. He had determined her as hard-working, ambitious, dedicated to the ROK Air Force and unlikely to sway loyalty. All of which So Min proved otherwise. She was hard-working to a degree, fortunately for her the family name had given her a significant 'leg up' in the industry. Ambition was more so considered her 'destiny', whether that was hers or Viper's is still something she wonders herself. As far as her dedication went, So Min had grown extremely tired of being forced to prove herself and ultimately switched the moment her talents were seen by the Baykok Network. Sorry Dad.



Some would say So Min was born to a pilot family. The Baek name has a high standing in the ROK Air Force of South Korea, it was almost predestined that So Min would obtain her pilot license right out of school and join the organisation in her fathers footsteps. As a woman, Baek So Min struggled to prove herself worthy of her family name. Initially, she had been assigned to transport cargo, before slowly shifting towards reconnaissance, and in a stroke of pure recklessness during a botched mission by her superiors, So Min ended up skipping right over air defence and cementing her place in a fighter jet. ROK Air Force was no longer suiting her, and with four years under her belt in her new position, Baek So Min received the offer of a lifetime. Baykok's Bio-Security network was seeking her specific talents, able to get a team in and out safely. And with her required military training as part of the ROK Air Force's request, So Min was also prepared to assist the team on the ground as well as the skies.



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You dare mock the son of a shepherd

Thomas 'Steinmauer' Gerhert





Side arm:
H&K USP 9mm

Ballistic Shield


Tool Set

Nickname: Steinmauer

Born August 17th 1965, Thomas Gerhert was raised in East Berlin to a father who worked in the State Security Service and a stay at home mother. Much of his early life is relatively unimportant, having shadowed his father before going into school for four years. Getting a degree in electrical engineering, he decided a path into the military would be the way to go. Through connections made via his father, Thomas was accepted into Special Unit 9, a covert counter terror force employed by East Germany. Following the collapse of East Germany, Thomas applied to and was accepted into the GSG-9 Tactical unit following a vetting process.

Fully joining in the middle of 1990 he had taken part in several operations with the unit before finally finding his place in 1991 as a point man. Known as a rather out there and fun-loving individual, he was valued on his team for his quick actions and the ability to think on his feet. His time with the GSG-9, however enjoyable for him, came to an end following an accident with a malfunctioning flash grenade. The exploding grenade while not destroying his hand ignited the fabric on his right arm and caused significant burns to the right side of his body. Following this injury Thomas was discharged and very soon found himself with little to keep him busy.

Things began to look up after being recruited into Baykok Bio-Security, having passed their testing process and officially joining the team in late 1993 taking a rather decent place for himself as the teams pointman he became known for his quick thinking and relatively great interpersonal skills, having been the one that had to talk down several individuals during his time in the police tactical units. Yet despite all the tense and horrible situations he had been a part of nothing had prepared him for what was to come.

He didn’t truly believe them when they said ‘You ain’t seen shit yet.’ or that ‘Your cheeky personality wont last long in the field.’. They were right about one thing, he hadn’t seen shit yet. The world beyond the veil was much more crazy than he had expected. Sure, he expected some level of insanity but the truth was much more… concerning. Despite it all he managed over the last 6 years to keep his rather eccentric and weird personality, always finding a way to amuse himself even in the darkest of situations. Many times he could be found going through cabinets, drawers and even looking through homes for anything useful, using it to patch up whatever he or the team had managed to break during their time in the field. In the end, he had come to the conclusion that he would likely die before he would ever leave the company. After all he had seen, he was oddly okay with it. He wouldn’t have made the choices he did if he ever expected to live to old age.


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