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Suggestion Viewing posts without BBCode?


Carcinize with me bro
Is there a way to implement some sort of button that could show someone else's post without interfering BBCode? I mostly use mobile devices to look at RpN, and it's kind of a pain having to switch to desktop format/quote the post and read it in the response box/ask the poster to include a non-formatted version in a spoiler. And there are instances where someone's BBCode messes with the entire page and I have a hard time scrolling up and down.


I was trying to find an older thread where this topic was covered. I can't find it sadly so I'll have to verbatim answer it again. Back when we had the mobile app it was like a 'reader only' mode, but the problem is that it doesn't actually remove the code, it just removed the effects of the code. Basically, if I was to make the color of this text red, in a reader-mode it would not only show the text but the raw code as well. It's actually pretty disruptive, especially for complex codes.

Now, there are ways to do this yourself - such as reader mode for android - but you'd likely encounter the same problem. There was a nifty site that did a decent enough job in just grabbing the text for a post in the older thread which covered this subject, but again I can't find it because it has been ages.

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