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Multiple Settings Very interesting title that draws you in. (Always Open! Last Updated 6/13) (Art RP?)

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So Zetta Slow...
(Currently re-working this post, subject to change)

Hello, I go by Zerachiin or Omori but feel free to give me a nickname! I enjoy reading manga, writing and drawing- beyond that I'm really not a fan of talking about my personal life, talk to me about music instead.
I am very much a fan of dark and psychological themes, while it's not a requirement for me to roleplay, it will catch my eye. If I get too into a roleplay I will probably make doodles for it, they aren't great but I hope you won't be too bothered by them!
Warning: I am super flighty, I will feel uncomfortable talking to people at complete random and may not respond. Please don't take any personal offense, I'm just very very shy. You'll notice I take a while to respond even if I have read your message and had ample time to respond, I get extremely nervous and just need more time to reply then most people. It's not you, it's me. You probably haven't done anything and I'll be back to you shortly, just ask for confirmation if you need it- I'm awkward but friendly, promise!

I am extremely LGBTQIA+ friendly, I judge no one and accept all character identities, have a trans head-canon for a character? Let me know!
Ditch friendly! I might poke you to see if you just forgot but if you aren't feeling the RP just head out, feel free to return at any time. I'd rather you ghost me then tell me you're no longer interested to be completely honest, it's always open for you to return when you're ready- if that means never, that's okay with me.
Mental Health. I have multiple characters who suffer with mental illnesses as I do, but I will explain any and all of this before starting and it can be completely taken out if it triggers you or if you just don't like it.
Multiple Characters! I am totally up to writing multiple characters and NPCs, it's just what I do! You don't have to play as multiple characters, though!
Anime-Themed. What I mean by this, is that completely realistic and very grounded-in-reality plots typically don't interest me. It's hard to explain well, but anything you wouldn't see in anime isn't really up my alley.

What I'm looking for:
-Length is not really important, I know it fluctuates depending on what's happening. Just please don't be novella long or a couple of words short. I'm on the shorter end of reply lengths ~2.5 paragraphs and averaging 250-350 words and even less if it's an action scene. I am quite brief but occasionally if I have to explain things I will get wordy.
-Someone who is understanding that I reply EXTREMELY infrequently and at random, sometimes it will multiple times a day and other times it will be once every 3 weeks. I cannot help it for the time being.
-Onsite private messages only please! We can do a public thread if it's really important to you, but I'd really rather not.
-Have interests similar to mine, I like having all male/NB characters with some female side characters and love dark, sad stories. If we blend well I'll probably wanna RP with you again, having similar interests makes that easier. :]
-All canon or all OCs are preferred, OC against Canon needs convincing unless stated otherwise.
-Romance has to be M/M or M/NB! Really not interested in romance RP at the moment, if our characters blend well over the course of RP it could be a possibility but... eh...
-Your character sheet doesn't need to be extremely detailed, you really don't even need one. As long as I get the gist of what they're like I'm good. Anything I wouldn't learn about them from a short conversation I'd like to learn as we go, feel free to tell me random trivia about them OOC though!

Some things I enjoy, but certainly not all I enjoy:
Brothers (give me wholesome.. brotherly.. content...)
Lyric/Music driven prompts and inspirations
OP Ghosts
House/town in the middle of nowhere
Winter (just in general)
Cool guys that are friends with everyone
Human AUs
Lonely characters
Jerks with a heart of gold
Vocaloid-song-based story starters!!! Basically a whole story per song.
Alter-ego interacting with their MC
Wholesome stuff! Even I need a break from the edge.
Jokes on you, I like just about everything, just ask!

No thanks:
Frequent physical fighting, I wanna fight with my words
SRP, no fade to black, nothing
Frequent 1k+/novella replies, I just can't keep up man.
Coffee shop AUs/ it was all just theater class AUs/ cottagecore etc.
Realistic Face-Claims and Realistic Art is a big NO. I wanna see anime boys...

It had been quite a slow day for the radio host, one of many this week. Typically he'd have some sorry face make their way to him to request a hit at least once every few days, but it'd been quiet lately. Not that this was out of the ordinary, business had a tendency to fluctuate, just as news did- and speaking of news, his nightly radio broadcast was coming up in just a few hours. He hadn't missed an on-air shift in years, beyond just being his job it was something he truly enjoyed and found fulfilling. Sprucing up beforehand and spritzing an oaky cologne that no one would ever see or scent was more than a pleasantry.
Making his way onto the road he gratefully sped away from his humdrum picket fence community down to a more seedy end of town, where it had been cheap to build the radio station years before he was born and remained cheap to maintain all those years later. Thankfully it had ended up just at the edge of the grubby town, now only surrounded by defunct buildings of which their purpose had been long erased and forgotten. Most of the old equipment had remained intact through his maintenance and his maintenance alone, almost all the other hosts resolved to bring their own, more modern, mics and windscreens. If they hadn't it was because they couldn't come across the money, but as for [nickname]? He found the old equipment to be reliable and nostalgic to a time he had only dreamed to have his own show, and looked up to the greatest personalities of his time. "If it worked, why fix it?" he'd brood bitterly to himself, a tad too stuck in his old ways.
[name] stepped out of his car and grinned at his surroundings briefly before stepping into the studio, flicking all the lights on and putting his coat up to hang near the door. Walking right over to the table where [name] had hid himself unknowingly, gently cleaning the mic and making sure everything was ready for his program.
Elijah was lost in the sky, looking for patterns in the clouds and meeting with a bustling aquatic scene that seemed to suck him away from his place on earth. One moment he suspended between his teenage years and adulthood and the next he was floating in the sea- that was until his boss bumped his shoulder,

"What are you up to, boy?" He stood cross-armed with an equally cross expression.
"Get back to sweeping, customers are coming, we oughta look a little presentable!" His tone was in no way biting, however, just a light slap to the wrist and he soon disappeared back into the stall to hack at another fish within the recently caught net.

The brunette nodded limply, hardly paying much attention as he made the motions of sweeping without the force to move much around. It was far too early for him to collect himself from last night's restless sleep, the racket of his endlessly arguing parents was all too much for him to sleep through, but luckily one of them had left and allowed him a couple hours of peace. One could hardly call it enough, though, as he seemed to be sleeping on his feet.

His dark eyes searched the people that began to file in and he stood a little straighter. People were interesting enough, the least he could do was look alive. One particular person stuck out amongst the others, someone around his age with a bag that seemed a bit weighty for his frame and a scar that caught his eye. He wondered what he was up to, he had an inkling it probably wasn't related to gift-shopping. In his pondering he seemed to forget he was very clearly visible and unintentionally staring a bit too intensely.
"Elijah made his way to the church with leaden steps, bumping acorns and seed pods as he went along. He wore a trench-coat with a shovel strapped to his back over his usual attire, the cold of fall becoming more evident as the months went on, gripping the two ends of his collar closer around his scarf and shivering slightly. The closer he got to the church the air seemed to spike exponentially, becoming frigid and tense. His skin rose and hairs stood on end. Chocking it up to mere suspense, he continued on."

Notes about each are in parentheses, the ones in the spoiler I have absolutely 0 muse for.
If you REALLY want to roleplay something in the no-muse-jail and have an interesting plot, I'll hear you out but I doubt I'll be interested.

(Highest muse, I'll take pretty much anything I can get for this. I would prefer canonxcanon. I have a separate check for this.)

(I'm interested in OCxOC or OCxCanon for this, let's create our own Camellia class? I can play any of the main 3 and/or an OC. btw group RP)

Vocaloid/Voice Synths
(Has to be combined with something else like a story or smth for me to be interested in a RP for it- but I love voice synths and androids! I can play Kagamine Len, Vflower, Ruko Yokune, Hatsune Miku and VY2)

Stardew Valley/Harvest Moon
(OCs only)

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Katamari Damacy
Ape Escape
Ganbare!! Nakamura-Kun
Yowamushi Pedal
Danganronpa (I legally have to put DR here because I poured years of my life into it but i'm not interested tbh)
KAIBA (Masaaki Yuasa)
Genshin Impact

PM for OCs
There's not much for me to work off with just a dynamic (ex. human/beast) so please bring me plots, even if they are only in development stage!
I don't have many plots on deck at the moment but here's what I got:
This is a really old story I wrote in a theater class that I think could be reused, it took place in a sort of Arctic Tundra where the Human lived in a cabin (first image) separated from the main town (second image) and mainly relied on fishing and hunting for food. The android was built to be used in battle but had gone unused for years as the laboratory he was created in was abandoned because of an accident, preserved more or less in the laboratory's pod meant to charge him, but he was awoken seemingly at random decades later by a signal given off from another continent. He doesn't have much self-awareness and was programmed with a machine learning AI so he has to trial and error from scratch which is that much harder since his creators aren't around. Not knowing whether the signal was truly meant for him or if he's needed he stumbles around aimlessly before running into the human in the cabin who is shocked to see a robot in the middle of nowhere. (Please note this RP can be dark as the android is meant to be a weapon and the human is probably anti-social, this can be tweaked though! ^u^)
This one needs some work. Ideally I'd like to play the younger brother and maybe another member of the yakuza who helps them adjust. Having them be step-brothers could also be a possibility!
Two brothers in Japan have their lives turned around once their parents die to loan sharks sent by the Yakuza. As their house burned down and they were forced to go along with men they didn't know to a place they'd never been, the older brother vowed to protect his little brother no matter what. Still left dazed and confused, uncertain what exactly was going on, they were told they'd be expected to pay back what their parents had owed- a number in the tens of millions. Obviously unable to procure the funds, their only option was to join the gang.

Art RP
Here's a thread that has some examples of my art, please note if we do an Art RP I need to be able to make out what's happening in the scene in your art. If you aren't confident in your abilities this probably won't work out.
Replies for this sort of RP will definitely be a bit slower as drawing takes time, but coloring + line-art won't be necessary, just a good sketch will work! Digital and Traditional acceptable.
Dialogue will be typed out alongside images for convenience.
Plots from Fandom and OCs section can be used for Art RPs!

PM or reply if interested!
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So Zetta Slow...
Well, I was thinking about a human who transforms into a fishman when completely submerged in water!
Sorry for late reply! Lots of stuff happening rn, but I was literally just thinking about fishmen the other day bc I keep getting ads for that new disney movie- I'd be down for this if it had a plot that intrigued me as well, so feel free to PM me if you're interested in working something out!


I have a bit of maybe they are roommates in college and my character has a disability (will talk about what it is later) and maybe it's a Romance where they go from friends to a couple

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