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Multiple Settings venus' search for rp partners ☉

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birth of venus

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waking the witch !
hello ! welcome to my interest check. my name is venus, i'm 20 years old, and i've got about 6+ years of roleplaying experience under my belt. i'm quite new to this site (originally made my account back in 2017 but didn't start roleplaying here until last month), and i'm pent up with creative energy, so i figured i'd shoot my shot!

i'm really just looking for some casual fun; i am currently in college so i can't always be active every day.
here are some of my requirements ;;
⁠— 18+ only! sorry, but as an adult, i am uncomfortable roleplaying with minors.​
⁠— be able to chat OOC with me! i really love being able to endlessly discuss plotting, world building, and especially our characters with each other. if i feel like we're not compatible, or can't have a conversation, i most likely won't be interested.​
⁠— as you can probably already tell, i'm quite the casual person OOC. but, my writing is in 3rd person, and my replies vary from 400+ to 1500+ words. no one liners please! as long as you can give me 2+ paragraph replies, we're all good.​
⁠— PM me if you are interested or have questions! i'm keeping this thread neat and tidy, don't post here, thanks.​

things i enjoy ;;
⁠— anything akin to powers/metahumans, og favorite (im fairly familiar w dc and marvel)​
⁠— action and adventure. spicy!​
⁠— romance! romance is always good. if our characters got chemistry then :^)​
⁠— sci-fi, futuristic (cyberpunk 2077 hype anybody?)​
⁠— post-apocalyptic, dystopia, zombie survival​
⁠— homestuck, bnha, john wick, euphoria​
⁠— supernatural/occult !! esp romance on opposing sides is fun. (i love rping witches)​
⁠— witch x werewolf/vamp/witch hunters​
⁠— guardian angel/demon x human​
⁠— supernatural x mortal​

this is a really general list, pls shoot at me whatever ideas you got in mind!
as for specific plot ideas, i have a lil plot shop here if you're interested in lookin'.

not my jam ;;
⁠— major age difference​
⁠— historical plots​
⁠— lotr-style fantasy (some fantasy i'm cool with. just ask me first)​
⁠— fandom rps. with ocs its a possibility, but it'll take some convincing.​
⁠— (irt fandom plots) i very rarely rp canon characters. ocs only.​

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