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Poetry Vent Poem


Tell me a story, a story of lovers and friends..
Warning: The following poem is a vent poem. This poem is semi fictional, but many are feelings the narrator has felt during their life. The person asking the question is a friend dear to them, that they can no longer hide the pain, that it is finally time to be fully truthful instead of skirting around the issue as they have for a long time.

Tell me a story, a story of lovers and friends, a story of happiness.

A story of happiness?
A time when the world seemed whole and my heart wasn’t in two
A time where I could be myself, even around you.
A time where sadness was only seen in my dreams.
A time when happiness wasn’t far out of reach.
And life was filled with skies oh so blue, and tears were never seen and never heard.
A time when people would laugh at the stupidest things, and say I made them laugh, even deep in their dreams.
A time when my friends, such a beauty to see, would stay by my side when the world would not.
When I didn’t suffer and life was cheerful
Oh a time I dearly miss and if I could wish for one thing at all, one wish to befall, I’d wish I could go back to the way that life was, when happiness was the best thing around, when I could be as normal as day, and you could see who I was in the past, but oh how those days do not last.

And sometimes, in the darkest of nights, I would see things, so terribly bright.
The music that played in my ears reminded me of all of my fears.
My parents, asleep in their bed, would not see how their child wept.
Until they too, where the reason why, their child so dear, wanted to die.
And life, how it threw things day after day, would watch mental health, wither away.
Without a friend needed by their side, the child they once knew, finally died.
The pit of despair, so deep in their mind, the sobs in the middle of the night
Would remind this child, so tired and young
That the pain had only begun
And with fear in their heart, they tread on again, to finally see darkness' end.

But the darkness never ended, no it continued again.
Much worse than before, with a pen in its hand, it wrote the final score
And life, how bleak, finally began to ink against a paper so bland, it made darkness’ hand quiver with fear, as they wrote the end of a life, so pure and fragile, that heartbeat ceased and those eyes closed for the final time.
And the one thing in darkness’ mind, was regret so pure that darkness itself wept with pain, until it too, fell deep in the depths of its own bane.
To the lower depths of hell it fell, until no longer could it continue, when it too, met its fateful end.

A story of happiness doesn’t exist, but life can be met with bliss. If you keep an open mind and remind yourself that the pain will not last, then you can save yourself from the pain that would surely follow, if darkness began to rise again. Remember these words, for you will see, that child was not far out of reach.

Part Two

Life so bleak, without a meaning in sight
That sometimes the strongest need to remind those within their dreams and behind the screen, that perhaps there is a meaning in sight
There is a reason everyone is put on this earth, you have not seen it but you will soon learn that pain may come but it will not last
And one day, it may kick you in the ass
It’s best not to follow down a long rabbit hole, where no ladder in sight and your soul will behold
Anguished spirits looking for a home, will finally come to see their new victim, a victim so young that the gods above weeped
And the humans on earth, how long did they mourn?
Not long it seemed, for they put on the colourful clothing and moved on with their lives
All without knowing the one far below, had a seen a colorful end, whose suffrage continued for years to come
No way out and no way it begun
And you could believe, all snug in your bed, the battle had ended and the child was wed
But unfortunately not, that child would never see
Love in its purest form, eventually
And to this day that child doesn’t understand the meaning of the word
And perhaps, perhaps it is due to the pain they have faced, without a single soul caring enough to stop what they were doing and say hello
But maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn to love once more, and one day they will see that life will befall
And others will feel their pain, when they get the message once again
A message so pain filled its raw
A message with more truth than you would ever see
Something to remind us, you and me, that we were the problem to begin with
And what will you do next? Fight?
No fighting is pointless, believe me with that
The point you fight is the moment you fall flat on your ass
So live life while you can, my love
For my life, my remembrance is already gone
Never to return.
You will lose many, as I have before
Your friends will leave you, and aren’t worth your time
But a reminder from a victim, a friend and a pal
Don’t waste your time, not then, not now
Remember the happy times, for they will not return
Remember my hurt, remember my words
I love but I know I have never felt the feeling
When will it return, when will I know?
When your smile is brighter than the sun in the sky
And you know, right as you begin to cry
That your broken heart is whole again
That you’ve finally stopped giving in.

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