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Fantasy Vengeful Soldiers (Demon Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy) Recruitment

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I am seeking three or four more people for this roleplay. Its a reboot of a roleplay I did a long time ago.


Between the nations of Deubel kingdom and the Evaronian Empire, there was a war that spanned for years. It was bloody and was supposed to be the empires latest aquisition, but the Deubel kingdom stood securely. Desperate to win the war, the empire ended up using an arcane weapon of mass destruction, a so called world-ender. The Deubel kingdom was turned into a smoldering wasteland and most of it's population had perished. Those who found protection in a cavern or underground would find themselves likely dying soon as the crops were destroyed and there were no sources of food outside. The Deubel kingdom's royal family ended up trying to summon a demon to lay waste to the Empire. They intended to sacrifice their eldest daughter as they believed a beautiful untouched royal would be of high value. The ritual backfired as the family ended up being sacrificed instead and the intended sacrifice turned into a demon lord.

Now this demon lord is to find heroes of their land and bestow them with demonic powers to get revenge against the empire. While there is revenge in mind, some of the heroes may be more heroic or villainous depending on how they want to exact their revenge.


Species: Humans, demons and elves.

Humans: The most common sentient species in the world.

Elves: Usually found in the southern portions of the Empire and eastern border of the Deubel kingdom. They are on average slightly taller than humans and have pointed ears.

Demons: Demons are resident in another realm. Occasionally, demons find their way to this realm via hidden gates or summoning. Demons have a hierarchy with usually a demon lord/devil at the top followed by demon nobles and then common folk. Demons are taller and more muscular than elves, have pointed ears and horns. Horns in many cases can be brown, black or white. Usually higher ranking demons have larger horns.

Demon ranks: At the top of demon society, there are the lords. Most demon lords have their own domains over which they rule. The second highest rank are Archdemons, third greater demons, fourth laydemons and at the bottom are common demons. Usually the demon ranks or castes are biological, however demon lords are able to elevate or lower the ranks of demons. According to the deities of the demon world, demon lords are entitled to a residence and basic domain. In the smallest cases, a basic domain is just a residence and a hamlet of subjects with surrounding usable land. In large cases, a basic domain is a residence with an adjacent town. Demon lords have to provide for the welfare of their subjects, which in most cases lords offer shelter and food for servants but usually are quite mean to them.


Deubel kingdom: A once flourishing kingdom that tempted the empire too many times. The arrogance of both sides led to it's demise. The Empire ultimately annihilated the Deubel kingdom with a world-ender. The kingdom is now a smouldering wasteland with only a few pockets of life left. Usually isolated valleys and villages built in caverns were spared by the world-ender. The former capital is called Deubelheim and is relatively in the center of the kingdom.

Evaronian empire: A huge land that subdued it's neighbors over the past hundred years or so. It is ruled by an emperor and his family in the main province of Evaron. Due to a long lasting feud, they declared war on the Deubel kingdom and ultimately destroyed it as they weren't willing to agree to a stalemate or come to a compromise. Now after reducing the Deubel kingdom to fire and ash, the Empire inofficially annexed the kingdom but its soldiers haven't set foot in it, since now it is only a wasteland.

Demon world: The demon world (it is not hell, but a separate dimension) is a world mainly inhabited by demons. Occasionally, portals between the demon world and human world open up, where demons may invade the human world to prey on humans. The demon world is in many aspects very similar to the human world. They have similar plants and similar geology. The main difference is that demons inhabit the demon world and the animals and beasts of the demon world are a lot tougher and the climate tends to be warmer. There are seven major nations in the demon world and about three dozen minor nations. There are about 70 demon lords of which only a third of them only possess a basic domain. While the demon world has its own currency, things exclusive to the human world such as the flesh of humans are highly valuable in the demon world and can be traded for a lot of money or other valuable items.

Link: Fantasy - Vengeful Soldiers (Demon Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy)

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