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Vault Hunters (CLOSED)

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Lothar was... skeptical of many things, but it was clear to him that ever since he entered the tavern that there was no going back as he followed "L". He continued to simply observe and remain silent as he surrendered his weapon to the guards, and opted to enter the hidden speakeasy. It was everything that he had expected so far, the "patrons" and what seemed to be the ringleader. Lothar continued to watch as "L" pulled out what she claimed to be the key to the Vault. Lothar had so many questions, and wasn't sure how to even start.

Chief among them were: "What did the Gentleman want? Why is he searching for the Vault too? What about "L", what was her relationship with the Gentleman? What was up with the internal politics within this rouge's den called a free settlement with the Gentleman and the Godfather? How did they know that this was the key to the Vault? Did they know where the Vault is? What was the price for all this information and help that they seemed to be offering?"

All of these were rather important questions, but Lothar held his tongue as he had learned to do since long ago. It was his way of continuing to hold his cards closely. The less that he spoke and gave away information, the better it was for him. Still, he disliked the fact that "L" seemed to know a lot more of the situation and of everyone's past. Yet, she seemed to share little information as well. It seemed a bit rude and untrustworthy to be so secretive. But, this discussion had to start somehow and Lothar had to find a way to make this disparity a bit more even.

Lothar finally spoke up with one simple question to get the conversation started "How do you know for certain that this is the key?"

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Sassafras Jenkins
- Sanctuary -
Gentleman's Tavern​

"Huh?" Sassy looked briefly in the direction from whence she had heard her name being called and not immediately realizing the source of the shout, she returned her attention to the now dead weight of the lady guard as the woman was knocked out before she moved to assist Vincent as he pushed the guard off of her and into the group of angry Dwarves, her arms going up in the air as a sign of victory, her own, "aha!" being released in unison with the blonde guard's only to be quickly followed by a, "hey!" as she touched her hip where the pouch the guard was now holding once was as she pointed at him with the other hand and it was Vincent to the rescue again, "thanks bro!" Sassy exclaimed exuberantly as she let out a rhythmic laugh that sounded suspiciously like a mischievous child's giggle and snatched her pouch from the unconscious guard.

"Great... now I have to buy a new one!" She grumbled as she gave the guard a kick to the side, "jerk! Don't know how to use a buckle?!" she shook her head before snatching up the guard's own pouch of metal and speaking slightly under her breath, "I'm sure he's well paid enough, taking tolls from people just literally wanting sanctuary," she then followed her mumbling with, "I hope you don't mind Vince!"

With a smirk, Sassy fished out some of the metals in the pouch, passing them to the Dwarves, "sorry for the trouble! Have a chocobo leg each... on the Carvers!" She then tossed the rest of the pouch to Ori, "and drinks for everyone!"

She turned towards the goblin that was ready to throw her out as she reached into her pouch and pulled out a wooden pipe with a cherry wood bowl, followed by a silver ring between it and the black stem. She didn't say anything as she packed some sort of dried plant into the bowl, except for when the Gnome spoke up, "no no... he's right, you shouldn't pay the toll for a troublemaker," she gave a little wink and pulled a face at the goblin as L led them away.

It was hard to tell she had even been a part of that bar brawl as her appearance had already been messy before and she didn't make any effort to right her hair as she approached the group with L in the lead. As L gave her brief and vague introduction of herself and Vincent, she grinned brightly and slightly waved her hand that was holding her pipe. She followed along behind the others quietly, though her path diverted from everyone else's momentarily when she went to the door that led to the stable first and once again bit her lower lip, whistling again but this time it was higher in pitch and hit multiple notes as she called for Nibblet who quickly came dashing from the darkness and into the pouch that Sassy held open. Once the cat was in the bag, Sassy followed along with the others.

As they arrived at the extravagant door that Nicolas was guarding, Sassy let out a low whistle of amazement as she eyed the gold decoration for a moment as she bit on her pipe briefly before looking to L then Nicolas respectively as L gave her explanation of what they had to do next. With a shrug of her leather covered shoulders, Sassy held her pipe between her teeth as her other arm curled around the pouch with Nibblet inside of it, she then drew the tactical knife from its sheath at her back and set it casually on part of the weapon rack. Once that was done, her fingers loosely held the pipe as she waited for the others, yawning a moment and letting out a raspberry once Therias declared she wasn't going to enter. Honestly, all this work and all this waiting and she wasn't going in? To her that was the same as changing one's mind about entering the vault itself when the time came.

"What the what?" Sassy exclaimed as they stepped past the ornate door's threshold and the odd sensation brushed over them, she paused to look back at the doorway suspiciously, her gaze narrowing slightly, though after checking her pipe and making sure that Nibblet was okay, she shrugged it off and moved on. More so than the individuals in the room, Sassy seemed to be more interested in all of the finery as she packed another layer into her pipe, bringing the dried plants to the rim of the bowl. As The Gentleman greeted them, Sassy struck a match against the bottom of her boot, using it to light her pipe which she puffed on steadily for a moment to get the fragrant vegetation inside the chamber properly heated before she shook her hand to put the match out, "thanks for the hospitality Gentleman! It's a great joint you run here," she stated sincerely as she blew a ring of smoke.

As they all sat, Sassy set Nib's pouch in her lap and opened the flap, allowing the little kitty to view the room as she scratched the back of her neck tenderly, absently nibbling her pipe for a moment as she looked at the key L had set down. She tamped down the burning herbs with a little metal device before sprinkling more herbs in and striking another match to light those as she pondered about the assumed key's curious design, though she didn't speak right away and turned her glance to the somewhat stoic seeming guy as he asked a question. It was a good question and her gaze turned back to L expectantly.

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- Isa Bianchi -
“Follow the little gnome”

The redhead opted to stand instead of taking a seat, lolling his head back as to watch L deal with the goblins. Out of habit, he dug his hand in one of the loose pockets of his dark pants, and taking out a red lollipop. Plopping it in his mouth as he took in the sight of the two other new people as well. His casual grin grew wider as he realized the two new members were probably the main reason why the brawl even started.

His guess was proven right as soon he overheard Sassy saying about not letting others pay for her toll. Spunky lady. Then he looked at the bard before raising a brow. Ohhhh, something clicked his brain, recognizing the old fashion of said bard. Yea, he remembered seeing Vincent once before, when he was passing through one of the many small unnamed villages. It was a long while ago though, like months if he counted the new moons. Isa decided to not rekindle the man’s memory and simply waved at the new duo with the same cheery and playful grin.

Then he followed behind the group, passing through the back door casually.

Isa would have whistled at the sight of the runes with the walls thrumming with magic from the ragnite —- he is guessing it’s ragnite from just the color of the runes. As L explained about why they should leave their weapons behind, the redhead hummed, looking at the decorative door.

”That’s fancy.” He muttered, thinking that mafia-like bosses would like something as gaudy as a golden dragon on the giant doors. Then he looked over to Therias with a raised brow before shrugging. Isa doesn’t care since she has nothing to do with his personal goal, other then having a similar goal to know more about this forbidden magic. As the others went inside, him being the last one to be checked, the redhead politely grinned at the werecat. Taking his weapon out from behind his long dark purple coat: a loosely bandaged sword. He hooked the odd sword on the pegs that held other swords and lances.

Then he let the other two guards to pat him down as he innocently grinned. That’s when they found his small stash of lollipops and a round old pocket watch in his pockets.

“If ya want one, ya can have one if ya like.” He told the guards, not minding if they took one or two lollipops.

“See ya later, Therias —— oh! That’s cold!” He said, shivering from the odd watery sensation. As the doors closed behind him, Isa walked to where everyone was and waved back to the Joker-like figure before them. He made himself comfortable on the cushions when the Gentleman invited them to, leaning back, and putting his hands behind his head as he watched L searched in her hair. Though he sat up straight, interest swimming in his blue eyes as he stared at the golden ball L held. So that’s the key, huh?

Believing that since L is letting them touch it, without hesitation, Isa reaches out and grabbed the ball. Feeling it’s light weight as he took a good look at the round key, wondering if he‘d recognize anything from the design that’s on the orb itself. He tilted his head, listening in to the conversation as he lightly pressed on the orb as if searching for anything strange like an indent or a button. His mind already wanting to tinker it, whirling with his uncle’s theories about Mechromancy.

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Vincent Dublois
- Sanctuary -
Vincent had momentarily heard his name being called from somewhere beyond the crowd of angry dwarves but, with Sassy's assist, they had managed to throw the lady guard off of her. He grinned for a moment and was about to go searching for whoever called out to him when the other guard had seemingly taken Sassy's pouch. He surged forward and punched him square in the jaw - putting enough force behind it to knock the guard out. He let out a small ow as he shook his hand in an attempt to stop the throbbing from the punch. This is why he usually used his weaponry but he wasn't sure if killing a guard - a Carver as they called it - would end up well for any of them.

He would have reveled in the victory more if not for the fact that a goblin was breaking up the fight - or at least, the crowd for it. He quickly held his hands behind his back as if trying to feign innocence when it was quite obvious what he had done. A gnome had approached the goblin and they began talking but Vincent was half-distracted by the dwarves that were congratulating them for the fight. He gave them a bright grin, getting compliments about fighting from dwarves was usually high praise. Even if it was just some brawl with some guards at some tavern.

When the gnome had introduced herself as L and Sassy had dispersed the metal the guards held, Vincent bade farewell before following the group - putting his hands in his pockets as they continued to walk. He was looking around, only slightly interested. He had waved back at the man who had a cheery grin who welcomed them into the group. So this was the rest of the people who were being contacted by L, their mysterious pen-pal which turned out to be this gnome lady. Vincent wasn't quite sure what he was expecting so he was surprised. But, nonetheless, he was happy that they had managed to meet up so soon. And that they didn't seem to be all too bothered with the brawl.

They reached the dragon door and a werecat was there named Nicolas. Vincent looked at him for a moment and then his eyes brightened up. "You played great earlier on stage!" Vincent complimented once they were done giving instructions. Vincent couldn't care less about the weaponry as he had no visible ones on him, even if he was patted down. Yes, Vincent is aware that an arigami is a weapon. Yes, he is aware that every weapon must be surrendered. But it was practically useless anyway as he can just summon the arigami to him no matter what the area. But, what they don't know won't hurt them. It wasn't like Vincent was here to make some trouble. He had allowed himself to be pat down with no hesitations but turned back to the hooded lady who refused to go in unarmed.

"It'll certainly be a waste but it's your choice." The bard had said with a small shrug. Who would go all the way to this place just for them to not actually meet and see the start of their objective. What a shame but, again, it is their choice and Vincent would respect that. Even if it is quite a weird way of thinking. With that, they entered the room and there was a variety of characters inside - all seemingly different from one another but somehow getting along. Relatively. He ran a hand through his hair as he surveyed the area - just as L was introducing them to the Gentleman, the jester performer from earlier. "Oh, Mr. Gentleman, I must say that your performance earlier was amazing." He then turned to the bearded lady. "And you too!"

He collapsed onto one of the cushions that was provided to them. He watched with interest as L came with the Vault Key and as how Isa had touched it for them. But, as usual, Vincent had wanted to experience for it himself so he reached out to touch the vault key as well. "So, we have a key? Now all we need is a solid plan of action."


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- Master Den -
" Gentleman's Tavern "

The patrons had cheered when Sassy tossed the loot, while Ori dodged out of the way, the pouch spilling its clattering contents behind the barman's table. "No, no, that's from the Carvers!" yelled Grug trying to recover the assorted bits and baubles, but too late, the patrons had scrambled for the precious metals and even dove over the bar table for the loot, and for the first time were able to dine as much as they wanted.

Nicolas' dangerous smile became that of pleasure when Vincent complimented him. "Thanks, you seem to be the type who likes theater too." he looked up and down Vincent's ensemble, his tail swish-swishing. "If ever you have a hard time looking for some new threads in the market, I recommend Romeo's stall. He likes making designs like your leather armor." he pointed at Vincent's chest.

Therias gave Sassy a look like she was immature, then stuck her tongue out right back at her. She shrugged when Vincent said it would be a waste. "I'll learn all about it soon enough."

Nicolas and the bandaged drow were delighted at the lollipops Isa offered. They got one each and thanked him, while the bald man looked dubiously at the candies as though they might be poisoned. "Your loss, Eric." chuckled the drow, waving her lollipop in front of his face. "Candies are so hard to come by these days."

Therias waved at Isa absentmindedly as he went in, dropping to sit cross-legged on the floor.

The Gentleman paused at Vincent and Sassy's praise for a moment, before laughing deeply then looking at them knowingly. "I appreciate the praise, good sir, you made quite the performance yourself, and I must commend you on your hospitality towards my patrons as well, madam. You both have fine manners." he said with unamused sarcasm.

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* * * *​

After listening to Lothar's question, L straightened up in her cushion. "From the letters and journals of vault hunters before us." she said to him, holding up a finger a-matter-of-factly. "Specifically, the notes of the alchemist: Zosimos of Panopolis from about four hundred years ago. You may have heard mention of him during the Salem Witch Trials?"

To those who kept up with the goings on of the Templar faction, it was these infamous trials from forty years ago that started the wave of witch hunt hysteria in the land of Leor and the condemnation of dangerous artifacts from the Age of Arcana. During that trial, four shield maidens from the Templar fortress of Salem were accused of trying to destroy the titans.

These maidens were studying and attempting to rebuild a giant engine blade in the ruins of Barad Eithel, one of the fallen flying cities. They had many ancient tomes for their research that were burned and destroyed after the trials, chiefest of which that had spurred public quarrels was the mechromancy tome, Cheirokmeta , written by Zosimos.

"We know him as the alchemist who was obsessed with recreating the Philosopher's stone to achieve immortality, but what the Templars have blotted out from our history, was that he was looking for a way to live long so that he can pursue his studies indefinitely. His studies in making that." she nodded at the gold orb Isa had just grabbed.

"That orb, his books, some of his papers, and journals of others who expounded on Zosimos' teachings were kept instead of destroyed after the trials. A couple of friends of mine have been translating his books and letters for years, and what they've learned is that Zosimos had visions and dreams of a door he called the Vault of Memories. In his journals about Theosebeia, his student and lover, he told her that when this door opened he found himself looking through someone else's eyes, seeing a world he did not know, of magic and machines, and a clockwork heart that spoke to him, told him how to make that key to open the door."

"This door, he didn't mention knowing where it is from his notes between the dates of July 234 and March 242, but that's only up to that time. There are still more notes that haven't been translated. Notes that I don't have, which may still be in Vanar, capital of the Templars, which may be the next destination for our search for the Vault. This is a maybe because I think that after me and my friends stole the Vault Key six years ago, the Templars pretended to destroy my friends' research. I'm not sure. . . It's just that I heard that nine months ago a pair of thieves broke into the Cerberus Tower in Vanar, where all the really dangerous confiscated Arcana relics are stored, murdered a dozen people including keepers of the relics and stole something that's caused the Templars to mobilize their best agents in the search of those thieves. I can't think of anything else more important than my friends' research that would make the Templars go that far. I mean, last time they mobilized their best, that had nothing to do with conquering lands, was when we stole the key, but this is just a guess. Maybe the best next thing to do is to look for the thieves, but a part of me still wants to check the Cerberus Tower if their notes and Zosimus' books are still there. I don't know . . ." L sighed, plopping on a cushion. She looked like she's been wrestling with these two choices for some time.

"This why I need your help." she looked at Lothar, Isa, Bradley, Sassy, Vincent, Vidya, and even Nibs. "You're all good at what you do and I've hit a dead end by myself, and as of now I . . . don't have a solid plan of action yet." she added to Vincent, embarrassed. "I was actually hoping to defer to your expertise." she looked at everyone.

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* * * *​

Upon close inspection, Isa would see that the golden orb was a compact clockwork puzzle, made of tiny gears and rotating interchangeable parts. Its tiny hundreds of pieces fit so perfectly with each other, the surface looks seamless to the untrained eye. Indented lines and symbols ran along the surface of the ball, and with a press of a contourless button, some parts came loose and became rotatable, allowing Isa to change the configuration of the symbols and grooves engraved on the orb until . . .


The symbol of a circle within a triangle was formed and the grooves of the orb glowed ember. It was at this moment too, that Vincent touched the orb.

It was as if a pillow had been pressed against Vincent and Isa's ears. L, who looked startled at the change in the orb, was speaking, but you both can't hear her.

You seem to leave your bodies behind as your spirits rise above the chandelier, through the floor, through the fortress of Sanctuary, up, up, through the back of the dead Ancient and into the raging blizzard morning.

All was white.

All you could see was each other. And the silence was deafening.

Babump . . .

Babump . . .

Who's heart beat is that? Was it Isa's? Was it Vincent's? It was everywhere. And . . . It seemed to be calling. And it wanted to know, who are these two souls?

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* * * *​

Meanwhile, everyone else would see that Isa and Vincent had just suddenly spaced out, their hands glued on the orb that was glowing like it had a fire inside, just looking at it so intently.
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- Isa Bianchi -
“Are we high?”

As he listened to L’s explanation, Isa traced the orb’s designs, recognizing them from one of Uncle’s books. A red thin brow raised at the sight of the tiny gears within.

And since L mentioned the infamous alchemist, the redhead nodded as if to confirm her knowledge. Yea, there’s no doubt this thing belongs to Zosimos. The designs on the orbs were exactly the same symbols in his uncle’s book. He should get his notes from his bag later to look into the symbols more, he could translate or something.

He leaned forward, slightly hunching over the orb that’s between his hands. Excitement burning in his indigo eyes as he felt a tiny spot going down; he started to play with it. Twisting and turning it around certain parts fluidly like a Rubik’s cube until he heard the quiet yet satisfying ‘click’.

Ohhhhh~ the orb can glooooow-!

Snapping his head up with a happy grin and holding it to the left with one gloved hand, happy that he managed to solve something weird within the key, Isa opened his mouth wide to say something . . .

Only to suddenly not be able to hear anything, L’s voice is muffled. Isa tried to say something —- tell her to speak up— but he . . . couldn’t?!

Next thing he knew, he was sucked up. Literally. He went up and up and up. Until everything is white and he could only see Vincent. Isa stared at him with wide eyes, surprised at the development, and flinched at the soft yet loud (how can something soft be loud?!) heartbeat.

Was it his own heartbeat or was it Vincent’s?

Confused, Isa placed a hand over his chest and looked around the white space. His usual playful grin is replaced by a soft frown.

”. . . Did someone spike our drinks?“ Isa mumbled quietly, flinching at how loud his mumble is. Then he processed to pinch Vincent’s arm, wanting to see if he was real.

Whatever it was ——there’s something here?! —- wanted to know who the pair of men were. So Isa cleared his throat, trying to not freak out. “Hi. I’m Isa and this is . . . Uh Vincent. What‘s your name?”


Everyone else can see Isa’s mouth is open as he stared intently at the orb. His round and red lollipop eventually fell out and landed on the carpeted floor. His saliva dripping off the sweet and starting to drip out of his mouth.

But that didn’t snap Isa out of it. He just stared like Vincent is currently doing.

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Vidya Kay
The Gentlman's VIP room​

Vidya smirked a bit as Sassy and Vincent joined their small troupe. More trouble. But at least they were as good at getting out as in. That was good. Because she was much better at getting in than out. She kept her hand in her pocket as they descended, the sound of the crowd delighting in the shared spoils of the fight faded behind them. She was familiar with the ways of rich dealers and eccentric collectors and their finicky loyalties and double crossing reputations. So when they came to part where they gave up their weapons she gave Therias a sympathetic look.

"I've been burned pretty hard before too," She said, "I'll let you know what I hear."

The offer was sincere but it was absolutely a token of friendship, because a one armed archeologist with a knife wasn't going to get far on her own. She surrendered her war knife, the long single sided blade being nearly as long as most short swords and giving a chuckle at the guards enthusiasm for candies she approached the barrier. She set her mind and her gift to sense the complicated spell, wanting to know more.

The door protections reminded her of the ones the templars keep, made of divination and abjuration magics far outside her own skills. the kind that raised a fuss about and dispelled concealment magics. And beyond that she feels the lines of ragnite spanning the tavern like a spider web, connecting in a unceasing ebb of power above and more ragnite borrowing bellow. Quite the set up. Beyond that even is the evocation spells on Nicolas' axuitar and the Bald man's blunderbuss.

Nothing she wouldn't expect. She had already committed when she left Magni behind in the crashed city of Barad Eithel- she did not have the luxary of no. So she stepped to the watery sensation of the door and looks over her shoulder at Therias.

Therias would keep.

Inside was the decadence of a world she was familiar with- the mercs, the performers and courtesans- the world of arcana collectors all aranged as she might find in any city with people of means. The Gentleman however was not familiar, and that at least was a relief. if he had been of the Queen of Hearts goons she wasn't sure she'd be able to control herself.

She watched the needles of transmutation magic- message spells perhaps fly to and from their hosts heads, as the hum of the mercs gear rattled like a chorus with predictable but intimidating enchantment types. She kept her senses light as spider silk, gliding her perception across people and things, her invisible metaphorical paws patting down every inch of the VIP Room. It could all be very enthralling, easy to loose herself in- migraine inducing even. There was a conjuration spell in L's hair as she apearified the key, the gnomes clothes, the key itself. It took no small feat of will to keep her large ears visibly perked as L and the gentleman spoke. Their story unfolding while she faked that her attention was not split.

She was however, listening. She was leaning for going after the thieves- because she was jealous and impressed by such a heist and that what ever they took must be worth it. And that anything still left in the Cerberus tower would be left overs. She kept this opinion to herself, this information was more than valuable in her field and circles and even if the vault was a bust, this had been worth coming if it was true. As Isa played with the key she had leaned in as if to listen better to the device; The key itself had a small tracer spell on it- or something, she was no expert, merely having an approximate knowledge of many maigcal things and for all she could tell it was as inert as a rock. Vincent reached out to bother the key- even as Isa fiddled with it. Isa had a talent for the thing, that was quickly clear as it sudenly responded, moving and glowing with interest.

"Oh hey, wow- I'd compliment you but -" her sarcastic quip is cut short by the lollipop hitting the floor as both men go vacant. "Uhh,,, Boys?" She asked and then snapped her fingers at them. They failed to respond. The magic inside of the key had twisted open like a shook soda can, spiraling outward and insidiously with all the strength of something unfurling out of the badlands. The pang of adrenaline that hit her was hot and a yelp escaped her. She reached out- her magic sense dying as her eyes glowed that fierce blue tell behind her pink sunglasses, making them go luminous magenta as she urgently cast a minor dispel spell on them both. She reached out without thinking, half grabbing half smacking motion for their hands on the key.
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With nothing in his wheelhouse to use to help his newly acquainted companions Bradley stuck to observing the clearly magical orb. Never one to have properly studied these kinds of things he had a distinct aversion that plagued most of the uninitiated. Danger and allure. A recipe for getting embroiled in matters for the chance of more.

Much like what I’ve managed to get myself into”, he thought to himself bemusedly.

”Birds die for food, men die for money.” He half-cursed under his breath before heading slowly toward Isa.

Once beside him he tried snapping the lad out of the daze he still seemed to be in.

”You still with us, buddy?” Waving a hand slowly in front of his face. Going so far as to try and block the direct line of contact he had with the orb. A part of him was worried about the effect being like this would have on the two. Would leaving them in this state be better or should he ...

He looked at Isa. Looked at Isa. Looked at his hand. Then back at Isa. Then back at his hand. Then towards the rest of the group.

”I’m gonna slap him. Does anyone else think there’s a reason I shouldn’t?”


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- ?? -

The heart beats around them thumped excitedly . 'I am Uroburos.' there was no voice, but the two men knew exactly what this something was saying. 'Where are we?'

* * * *​

Meanwhile, L shook her head at Bradley's suggestion, a worried look on her face. The Gentleman had yanked her protectively behind him the moment the Vault Key glowed, as the barbarian lady stepped in between it and them. L was now peering from underneath The Gentleman's arm.

"Be careful, Sonja." said The Gentleman. The barbarian lady grunted, as the lady who was chilling on the chandelier dropped down and approached them cautiously, hand up and glowing blue as she muttered a spell. "What's going on, L?" he added to the little gnome.

"I-I don't know, it's never done that before. What did Isa do?"

The chandelier lady paused when she noticed Vidya's eyes glow. "She's dispelling it. Switching to put up barriers." she told The Gentleman, who nodded.

"Everyone, get to the lower levels, we don't know what this thing is doing." said The Gentleman. "Eric, Faelyn, Dani, Draven, Lucien, stay here. Lettie, you're in charge for now." he added to the bearded lady. As one, everybody except the chandelier lady, the drow, the bald man, the barbarian lady, and the vampire twins vacated the bar, quickly heading into the three doors at the back that seem to lead to more tunnels deeper underground.

"You're not going?" Sonja the barbarian asked The Gentleman.

"And miss this? This looks like fun." he grinned at her; she shook her head looking annoyed, but stood her ground.

* * * *​

Isa and Vincent are going to feel something pulling on them, slowly dragging them down back to land. Whatever was bounding them to this waking dream was fading, the sound of heart beats growing fainter.

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- Isa Bianchi -

Isa held his breathe, eyes slightly widened as the heart‘s beating became excited. His lips quirked into a small grin, amused despite the confusion. Uroburos’ reaction reminded him of a kid’s whenever they meet someone new, upbeat and happy. Filled with innocent curiosity even.

At the voiceless question, the biker of the duo hummed for a moment. A gloved hand under his chin and rubbed as he pondered before answering.

“My guess is that we are currently in an astral space within the vault key and it’s connected to you, Uroburos. I could be wrong though. Wouldn’t be the first time.“

Then a thought crossed his mind.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what are you and why are you here?” Isa then pointed at Vincent and himself with a thumb. It would be fair if they trade similar information to the voiceless heart beat ( the redhead couldn’t believe he is actually talking to a heart beat within an ancient key in the first place).

“We’re a pair of guys from Leor and we just got sucked in here after I solved the vault key.”

That’s when he started to feel a slow pull and Isa frowned, not exactly ready to leave since this experience is rather intriguing. Seems like he has no choice in that matter. Huffing silently, the biker spoke up again. His frown replaced by a hesitant smile. “Will it be okay to visit you again? I’d like to get to know you more.”

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The heart beats emanated vague amusement. 'You are interesting . . . Not a friend of Elizabeth, Good, Osborne, and Tituba, I imagine. . . We aren't in the Vault Key, we are in between the waking world and the one of dreams. But indeed, you are connected to me, and I to you, though you seem to be slipping away, Isa. And not of your own choice. I assume the both of you are not alone . . . curious.'

The excited heart beats thumped a little irregularly, as though it was twinged a bit with fear. 'I was called an anthroparion a long, long time ago, then agathodaemon. Recently, I've been called a homunculus. I am alive like you, though I would very much wish to have a body. I am also a prisoner. Where I am, well, I don't know. I cannot see . . . It sounds as though you came by me without knowing what the Vault Key was. Tell me, what year is this? Where in Leor are we?'

Isa's body was falling now, he can feel the cushions he had been sitting on, smell the scent of smoke and booze from the tavern, hear the voices of other people . . .



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- Isa Bianchi -
“Back to Leor, we go.”

Isa raised a brow at the list of names and how it reacted while answering his question. He doesn’t know how to react to any of that information nor understand what some of the words mean. Anthroparion? Agathodaemon? He recognized homunculus though. A created being declaring that it was imprisoned somewhere, talking to them in an in between space of dreams and reality. Yep, his mind is blown into tiny fragments.

”It’s the year 600, 13th of December and we’re close to the ruins of Fell Thalas. In a place called Sanctuary.” The red headed biker replied as calmly as he could, feeling that pull and hearing less of Uroburos’ heart beat.

“See ya later.” Were his last words to the voiceless heart beat as Isa can feel the soft cushions, smell the potent smoke and tangy booze. His ears went from muffled to clarity in a matter of seconds, overwhelming him with the voices around him.

His dazed eyes became focused and-

” . . . “ The red head stared back at Bradley’s red mask, blinking for a quiet moment. Then he grinned mischievously, looking more like an imp. “Myyyy~ aren’t you so bold, but I’m sorry to disappoint you. You’re not my type.”

He didn’t notice the vault key had stopped glowing, but he did notice Vidya’s glowing eyes. Realizing it was her who brought them back. His impish grin softened.

”Thanks.” He said gratefully.

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Vincent Dublois
- Somewhere and back to Sanctuary -
Vincent wasn't exactly sure what had transpired in the short moments of when he touched the orb and when they were pulled into some sort of... space. He would have liked to get out of the stunned stupor and ask questions of his own but he was still very much in shock. At least Isa was more coherent than he was as he conversed with the pulsing heart. What did catch Vincent's attention were the names the heart had listed out - names that he was awfully familiar with. It wasn't hard to correlate those last names with four famous people he has heard of: Elizabeth Hubbard, Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba.

How this... homonculus know the four Shield Maidens remained unanswered as he felt himself getting pulled out of the space. There were so many questions that were now running by Vincent's head but there was excitement clear in his eyes. He had always followed the story of the Shield Maidens - erased by the Templars yet fighting to make their presence known! It was romantic! It was amazing! But also, Vincent knew that someone had to carry on their names. The Templars would lynch anyone who dare spread their exploits - even if their exploits would have led to the betterment of their society. To stop leaving in constant fear.

"We really need to talk next time around." Vincent sighed as he gave a small nod as they began to make their fast descent back to reality.

Vincent blinked and he looked at the Vault Key and gently took his hand off. He laughed when Isa teased Bradley and he stepped away, gaze finally leaving the Vault Key and then to the others. He clapped his hands together. "Well, that was an experience!" He proclaimed with his usual smile and a lilt of excitement in his voice. "Unfortunately cut shot, however, informative all the same~" He continued as he stopped beside Sassy, planting himself to the nearest familiar person. He would have to talk with Isa about perhaps letting him back in. Vincent wondered if it would be a good idea to bring them up now - the four names that the Key had decided to let loose. He wondered if Isa knew as well.


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Vidya Kay
The Gentleman's VIP Room
She didn't realize her heart was so far up inside of her throat until she felt the magical-tie break and the necromatic energy inside the vault key dissipate. She breathed out slow and light in here eyes dulled. "You're welcome," she said and sat back. She smirked at his quick barb at Bradley getting a little to close and focused on taking more deep breaths,

"You should warn folks before you pop open a relic. I haven't seen anything like that since the last time I was in the badlands. You shouldn't play with big ancient Necromancy spells like that. Gave me a fright- you're alright though?"

She looked between the two men and decided they did look fine. She passed a look around the room, seeing that most of the mercs had cleared out. They had given the VIP room a bit of a fright it seemed. She was alright with there being 90% less armed people in the room that was for sure.

"There's a tracer spell on this thing-" She said deciding to press The Gentlman and L "Is it either of yours?"
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" Gentleman's Tavern "

'Fell Thalas . . . Thank you.' The heart beat thumped excitedly once again. 'I agree, Vincent, I am curious to know who your other friends are and why you have the key. Farewell . . .'

* * * *​

Meanwhile, L was uncertainly poking the Vault key with a hotdog pillow from behind Sonja the barbarian. It's glow had died the moment Vidya cast her spell. She nodded at her. "Yep, it's mine! It's my anti-thief measure."

She scuttled from under Sonja's legs and then squeaked in surprise. There was a soft clicking and smooth sliding of metal as the Vault Key's parts rotated and shifted by themselves, coming to rest at its previous configuration before Isa started to play with it; the chandelier lady's glowing hand ceased as there was a poof of cloud and six silver white fox spirits came trotting out and circled around the space between everyone and the orb, making little animal sounds as they rubbed on people's legs. Wherever they stepped their little feet left glowing runes of protection that faded away.

"Well, what are your plans now then?" said the Gentleman, clapping his hands. "I am quite eager to have this possibly dangerous thing out of my home."

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