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Realistic or Modern Vampire x Vampire hunter [m/m | m/f | m/nb]

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Creative Nick

I'm not lazy, I swear-
Pfft, who's here with the most basic idea ever? I'm just in mood and I'm looking for few rps with this motive in mind. I have plots maybe? Few ideas. In modern setting. But I'm open to brainstorming with others! I'm 20 years old, collage student and I also have a part time job. I'm lit to advanced, usually 2+ paragraphs, depending on my partner. I try to reply regularly and I'm pretty patient if it comes to replies! I'm also ghost friendly, altho I do prefer if you say that you're not interested anymore Still, I know how it is sometimes so don't worry

I love romance (Angst and fluff) and prefer to have it in my rps, I play male characters and am fine with any kind of paring, so feel free to play any character you want. I prefer my partners to be 18+, I'm just more comfortable that way. I don't do erp. I can talk on discord or here. So now to the ideas! (I prefer to play the vampire role, especially in the first one, but I don't mind taking a human role if you want ^^)

1. (Preferred scenario) In a world where vampires hide themselves among the humans, two kids played together since they were little. One was a vampire and one a human. One day the small vampire lost control of themselves and bit their best friend even if they never wanted to hurt them. Exposed, the whole family was forced to move, but the human felt betrayed by the other and, as the years passed, those feelings grew into hatred. In the end the human became a hunter who's only job is to kill those soulless creatures. But what if they meet once again and will they even recognize each other at the very start?

2. Vampires lived among humans in the past, but sadly they had been almost completely wiped out by hunters. In the end they became more of a legend even in the families that still tried to preserve the hunter traditions. They had been taught everything about vampires but teachers same as students weren't taking it seriously. And the truth was, you could count the vampire families on one hand. Some of them wanted to live in peace but some were nurturing their hatred for generations.
The oldest child of the prestigious hunter family does not believe in vampire existence anymore, until one day one of the last ones saves their life. And not only that, but weird series of attacks started to take the capital by storm.

Or something like that. Mixing both or changing some stuff in both scenarios is perfectly fine, or I'm open to completely new ones!


New Member
Heyo!! I'm interested and Have a ton of OCs that could fit either of the roles!! Tho most of my OCs are males so it could possibly turn to the MlM Side!!

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