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Fantasy Vampire the Masquerade -- Sanctity of Sin

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Most Call Me Jack
"Bad habits lead to late nights..."

The city of Denver, Colorado is a jewel nestled in the mountains, a mile above sea level. It offers commerce, entertainment, and more... at least to the Kine. For folks like you, however, Denver is a hotbed of political strife and Kindred intrigue. The previous Prince was caught meeting with Anarchs and was, let's say, removed from power. He was replaced with his Seneschal, a Tremere by the name of Silas Emerson, who was a wildly unpopular choice due to his underhanded and cowardly nature. He has made sweeping changes. Kindred society in Denver has been turned on it's head. The old sheriff was forced into retirement and a gun toting Texan by the name of Wyatt Burke was given the position. A Nosferatu by the name of Ariadne Drakos was named Seneschal, a confusing decision given that Tremere tend to have a disdain for the disfigured Kindred. Various powerful Kindred are making moves and Prince Emerson give the go-ahead for most of these Kindred to embrace Kine, bolstering the ranks of the kindred.

Welcome to the chaotic world you have been thrust into. What is your place in it?​

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