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Fantasy Vampire Romance RP Request [ Literate ]


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Hi everyone!

I have another thread on here for Fandom specific things, but I also have one plot in mind that is more of an original plot. So I thought I'd try my luck here with that!


24 Year old girl
- 12+ years RP experience
- Literate/Novella Style RP
- Willing to RP on here or Discord


Must be 18+ (Even though I don't suspect any mature themes will be in this plot)
- Must be at least semi- literate in style. Thinking roughly four sentences/one paragraph minimum each reply, though I will match anything you give me!
- Wanting you to play the Vampire in this plot


Small side note:
This is maybe silly but if you are considering this plot and are okay with it, I'd love it if the Face Claim for the vampire was maybe Rupert Graves. Something about him just sticks in my head for this vampire in this plot for some reason. You're totally fine to pick a FC for my character if you so choose!

Also: I'm willing to take on multiple partners for this plot!


Woman is from a wealthy family. She is in an arrangement to get married to a wealthy man, but he's horrible to her and she wants nothing to do with him, especially for the rest of her life. The night before the wedding she runs off and gets lost in the woods. She finally comes across a house, with one lone person living inside. He is a vampire, but she doesn't know that. Humans and vampires have a long and weird history... but he decides to let her in anyways. At some point she spills everything about why she is lost, and asks if he will let her stay awhile if she does work around the house or something of the sorts. He decides to agree, and both think it's temporary. They end up starting to actually like each other though, and a romance maybe even begins.

Possible drama later when: She finds out he is a vampire. Him holding back from urges to go for human blood. The family and her old fiance finding them and trying to get her to come back home. Some other ideas as well.


Kinda cliche but here we go.

A woman (my character) from a wealthy family has seemingly a dream life. They're well off, she has good family, and she is set to have a life most people could only dream of. However, she is the only one of her siblings who has yet to marry because she never found someone she truly loved. Her family believes it is time she her to marry someone though, and as tradition goes they pick someone for her that is from a wealthy family as well.

The man she is to marry is someone she doesn't care for, and he very obviously doesn't care for her. He is arrogant, acts as though she is nothing but a flighty and uneducated woman, and stifles her life by being as controlling as possible. The two being married would look good for both of the families though, and despite her efforts to try and convince her family to not let her marry him, it's of no use.

The night before the wedding, the woman decides she doesn't want the rest of her life to be the way it is, and could care less about losing the wealthy and 'perfect' life she has laid out for her. She decides to pack a small bag of her things and run off, unsure of where she is going, just wanting a new start somewhere else. Running off wasn't as easy as she thought though, and after awhile she realizes she is lost somewhere deep in the forest with no sign of towns or people anywhere nearby.

Eventually, she stumbles upon a single house. Exhausted and lost, she decides to knock on the door and hope that whoever is inside will be kind enough to help her out. A man (the vampire) opens the door to her and decides to let her in. He's reluctant though... humans and vampires have a long history that is very complicated, and he wonders if it's a risk to bring her in.

The history in short: Vampires used to hunt humans for their blood, because it has qualities that make vampires more powerful. After long ages of humans and vampires being at war, vampires learned how to take blood from animals in small portions, as to try and survive without killing any humans or animals in the process. Despite this, humans continued to hunt vampires because of their fear and mistrust for them.

The vampire that lives at this particular house had some of his family killed by humans, so he is not too keen on them. Yet, something about this woman made him feel pity - something familiar in the way she looked lost and distressed.

She spills her story to him about everything that's been happening, and admits that she has no place to go. After some time, she decides to ask him if he'd be okay with her staying if she did things around the house. Many of the rooms are unused and dusty, the outdoors is full of weeds and growth... if she was able to help upkeep things, she asked if she could stay until she figured out where to go next. He decides to agree, and both think it's a temporary arrangement.

When she starts fixing things up around the house though, he begins to realize how lonely he'd been all this time alone in this house, and how she offers a new kind of bright positivity to his daily life. She begins to realize what it's like to be around someone who isn't horrible to her like her fiance was, and is allowed to be herself. They slowly start to fall for each other, and it turns into this sort of slow burn, pining romance.


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Hello! I'm Jinx, an 18 year old college student who loves to RP, and I see that you're still looking for an RP partner here- I'm very happy take that role if you're still interested! I don't have any existing characters that would fit into this particular scenario, however if you'd like I can create one specifically for the role here! If you don't mind my offer, please PM me and we can discuss further details :)

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