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longing for fairytales and firesides
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1x1 Search Status: Closed until after Jan 1st

✩ Hello Starshine! ✩

I go by Vada or Vee online.
Roleplaying has been a steady part of my life since 2008. It is my escape from the daily grind - I love to create characters and collaborate with other writers.

I also love to read, and will often read books within the same genre of the stories my partners and I are working on. PLEASE feel free to tell me about the books you’re currently reading. I love almost all genres, and being introduced to new authors & universes.

Alright, on to the fun stuff!

  • I'm on Central Time, or GMT-5

    LGBTQ+ Friendly

    ✩ Age Restrictions: Basically, I have none. I generally prefer to write with partners who are 21+, but I’m not going to turn someone away just because of age. If we mesh well, I’ll happily give it a chance.

    ✩ Schedule: My posts can be expected about once a week. Sometimes I might get a bit more free time and can crank out a few posts a week. But that isn’t guaranteed, sorry. I am currently a full time caregiver to two elderly family members, as well as being a mother and wife, and taking care of my own medical issues. So there will be times I just can't get any real writing done. But if you want to shoot me an OOC message, I'd still love to hear from you!

    ✩ Ghost Friendly: Let’s face it, we’ve all been there - we’ve all ghosted someone or been ghosted by someone. That being said, if you’re no longer interested in, or able to continue, our roleplay, for whatever reason, I’ll totally understand. If you want to let me know beforehand, awesome! If not, that’s cool too. I’ll likely archive convos after a month of inactivity, but if you come back and want to pick things up again, feel free to message me. No hard feelings.

I’m sure I’ll add more to this as time goes on, and when I do, I’ll give it a bump. If you see anything here that jumps out at you, or you have another idea you think I might like, just shoot me a dm!

Ciao for now <3
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Hi! I'd LOVE to try out Assassin x target or something in the supernatural/shifter x human genre!!


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Hello! If you are still looking for a partner, I would love to be that person! I would be interested in the forbidden love (its drama bby) and the supernatural being x human, but if you had something you were really craving Id love to know! Anyways, if i have caught your interest shoot me a pm.

Gary Sue

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Heyo! I'd love to do a supernatural being x hunter thread with you if you're still looking! I've been roleplaying give or take since 2015 with a few breaks in between, but I finally caved to my need to write again, bwahah. Cheers!


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"Right now I don't know if I want to kiss you or throw you off a bridge." "Can I pick?"

I just snort laughed water up my nose! 😂


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I really like the idea of a supernatural being x hunter, perhaps with them both being fantasy noir-style investigators/hunters. For example, a werewolf and an overseeing investigator who are sent to sniff out and take down other werewolves. Let me know what you were thinking!

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