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Ust Natha: City of Curtains [Underdark Action & Intrigue]


Iconoclast Trooper
A lot of spiders, I say. Bit too much for my arachnophobia, but oh well. . .

I am interested—the lore seems curious enough and the premise is interesting.


ᗫᙍᙢᓎᘉ ᖶᓎ Sᓎᙢᙍ, ᗅᘉᘜᙍᒪ ᖶᓎ ᓎᖶᕼᙍᖇS.
Interested, and I've whipped up a character. :) I'm not super familiar with DnD lore or characters, but I did my best haha. Feel free to critique me.


Minority of One
I believe I saw a post that this forum has been filled, if this is no longer true or room becomes available, please allow me to join you on your sojourn. You will not be disappointed. Thank you.
I love your confidence and enthusiasm. If something opens up you'll be the first one I reach out to.

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