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Vali Ulfr

The Battle Slain Wolf
This world is a dark and unforgiving place where all our actions affect the surroundings. Sometimes when those actions become mistakes they begin to haunt, torture, and hurt everything we care for. We seek to run away from problems to not face them. We seek escape. Escape takes many forms like music, books, food, nature. For us? Video games, Infinite possibilities through a screen. People similar to us share a connection.we can only run from our problems for so long, they will eventually catch up to us. will our friends come to our aid?

So basically the Rp is about a band of friends who all play video games together. but each of them has a personal problem that develops and together help that person and situation. this can range from crime to debt. REMEMBER, EVERYTHING IS FLAWED. No perfect actions, characters, or anything along those lines. we are human and make mistakes. this means every action has a consequence.

all I ask is 4-6 sentences is a paragraph and reply within a 2 weeks
common sense too please.

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