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Uprising | Post-apocalyptic rebellion [Strategic DMed RP]


The Freechoicer
[Less nation building and more tearing it apart, but still.]


Basically, you are a leader of a rebel group that fights against a fascist military dictatorship in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world. This takes place in a fictional country called the Central Republic, seventeen years after the outbreak. As the leader of a resistance faction, you must make decisions for your group, and expand it by spreading the cause, recruiting rebels and attacking government positions. You also have to look out for your own skin, because if your character dies, or is ousted from their position as leader, it counts as a game-over.



Seventeen years ago, the pathogen known as Reanimatory Necrosis essentially caused the collapse of civilization. Defying all laws of science, it brought the deceased back to life, and caused them to prey on the warm flesh of the living. The Central Republic's government nearly suffered a complete collapse following the nationwide outbreak of Reanimatory Necrosis, which coincided with the Short War, a brief but destructive conventional military conflict with a rival communist nation known as the Commonality of Kazacia. The Short War severely divided the military's resources and prevented them from effectively combating the infection. To make matters worse, the president and most of the federal cabinet were killed in an explosion that occurred while the military was fighting zombies in the capital city, which prompted generals from the Army High Command to take control of the government.

Even with fully-implemented martial law, the military would fail to maintain control over the vast majority of the country, with over fifty percent of the armed forces being infected or killed during the first year of the epidemic. Deciding to cut their losses, the Army High Command diverted all of their efforts to securing several "clean zones", using overwhelming force to purge these areas of zombies, thereafter drafting nearly a million civilians to begin construction of defences to seal off these safe regions. Soon, two very large clean zones were established, consisting of several towns and cities, as well as the countryside. These clean zones were walled off from the "dirty zone" of the country by an endless stretch of razorwire fences and concrete walls that were supplemented by minefields, sniper towers, hidden machine gun nests, and patrols. The citizens within these clean zones were safe from the zombies, but anyone else attempting to approach the borders, infected or not, was shot on sight. Leaving the rest of the country for dead, the military was now completely focused on protecting the small population of the clean zones, and enforcing order within the safe cities. Thousands died during riots in the clean zones over food, fuel, and the fact that many civilians' relatives were being denied entry. The Army High Command became extremely repressive, and soon established the National Provisional Authority (NPA), which completely dissolved the previous federal government and consolidated the Army High Command's power in the form of a total military dictatorship. Soldiers now opened fire on protesters, and dissidents were consigned to forced labor camps, or simply exiled to the dirty zone where they were usually eaten by zombies. The National Provisional Authority is the official successor to the Central Republic's democratic government, and may be considered a far-right political entity with a heavy focus on patriotism, anticommunism, and strong cooperation between private enterprises and the state. The NPA is highly authoritarian, restricting freedom of speech, movement, etc. The NPA created an agency known as the Homeland Security Service (HSS) to act as their secret police and death squads, ruthlessly snuffing out dissent.

There are two large clusters of clean zones known as "home sectors", Eastern and Central. The Central Home Sector is the least stable. Its Sector Marshal is exceptionally cruel compared to his counterparts in the east, and his sector has been under an especially tight grip with many food shortages. After sixteen years of military rule, residents in many of the cities took up arms against the government after a massacre of peaceful protesters on a university campus. The fighting has since caused the buffer zone to break down in many area, causing a leak of warlords and zombies from the dirty zone. Some of the rebel factions are comprised of radical leftists, while others call themselves "reformists" and are fighting for a return to democracy. Although the reformists are in the majority, the NPA generally characterizes all of its opponents as communists or looters.

The fighting began several months ago. You are a leader of one of these rebel groups, or are simply an opportunistic warlord attempting to claim a swath of territory as the government breaks down. The values and goals of your faction are decided by you.


Thread-wise, this is 1x1. However, this doesn't mean that cross-thread interaction can't occur with other potential players, assuming your groups aren't on opposite sides of the map. Still, expect this to be 1x1, with me essentially DMing. I will be controlling the world, environment, infected and NPC groups, as well as the problems and scenarios that you'll have to react to. I decide the outcomes of your decisions using logic and occasionally dice.

  • Aside from your own character, you do not control any NPCs; you lead them. The NPCs all have distinct personalities.

  • This roleplay takes place in a fictional universe, specifically in a Western-style country called the Central Republic. Do not reference brands, people, or places from the real world. Ask me if you have any questions.

  • If you decide to personally accompany your survivors in the field (for example, during a scavenging run or battle), they will likely benefit from your presence. However, you have the possibility of getting killed. If your leader character dies, then the RP ends.

  • Time goes by at various speeds. You can lapse into "character mode" where you actually play around ICly if you want. Otherwise, you can do things from "command mode" where you can give orders and get results relatively quickly.


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