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Multiple Settings Updated:Looking for RP partner (mostly MxM)

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Hey guys! I'd love to find a partner to come up with an original fantasy or realistic MxM RP. I do have some generic pairing ideas as well as some fandoms. Open to ideas and other pairings too!

Hadestown (would LOVE to do a RP of this show)
Moulin Rouge (would be fun to do a Moulin Rouge RP where both Santine and Christian are men)
Sailor Moon
Vampire Knight
Diabolik Lovers (maybe Yui is a boy and it's a whole bunch of MxM)

Book Series:
Fallen by Lauren Kate (would love to do an RP based on this series)

I've bolded my preferred roles!
Reincarnated lover x fallen angel
Vampire x Wizard
Human x Merman
God x God (think greek or roman mythology this can be MxM or FxM)
Demon x Angel*
Sister's boyfriend x Sister's brother (like there are two siblings and the girl's brother falls in love with his sister's boyfriend etc)
Commoner x Closeted Prince
Pirate x Kidnapped Prince or Wizard
Royal Guard x Prince
*Denotes one I'd really like to do!
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Hey!! If you're still looking, I'd be super into doing the Commoner x Closted Prince or Royal Guard x Prince with you. ^^

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