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Fandom [UPDATED] homestuck? in 2021? pathetic.

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why is my piss red
And hello to the non-homestucks who are just checking out the thread. I don't know why you're here, but no matter.

I know somewhere out there, someone shares my interest! At least my fingers are crossed. Finding RP partners is difficult ;u;
I've finished the whole comic and am in the process of re-reading it. I've also finished hs^2, and as for the epilogues... hhh...
I would prefer we use characters from the original, though! It's less depressing.
[ If you haven't finished the comic, please let me know where you left off so I don't spoil anything!! ]
Alright, let's get straight to the point! First off:

Hello! I am VXNTAS. I am a semi-lit (whatever this means, anyway) roleplayer who enjoys RP as a hobby. As such, I will not prioritize it over important things!
I'm not online 24/7 because I have a life! I clean house and take care of my fur-children! I do other stuff, too. TL; DR: RP is not my job
I am a bi-male who considers himself to be very accepting- cringe culture is dead. No need to fear what I'll think.
I would prefer a more casual RP, but that being said I can give responses up to 800-900 words per reply (In one case, I went way higher than that, but I had a lot of free time then). Do I enjoy constantly doing this? No. Will I? Probably. (If we are doubling up, this would be 1,600 - 1,800 words per reply. This is why I do not fancy such high word counts. Fun to read, painful to type.)
I like OOC chat! If you do not, that is okay, but do keep in mind we still need to make sure we're on the same page when it comes to the RP.
I like to plan! Prepare for questions- or better yet, prepare some questions yourself!
I'm available around 6 PM through 11 PM/12 AM. Sometimes I go all the way to 3 AM, depending on the day. I have a bad habit of drinking espresso a little before bed (: P)
I do not have any triggers. Nothing makes me uncomfortable, but do keep site rules in mind.
I'm looking for someone to play Karkat or Jake for me!

A cool person who is invested in both of our stories (I do this and I'm honestly sick of being the only person in my experience who doesn't only care about their side)
Someone who doesn't mind waiting!
Someone who is fine with response lengths that I'm comfortable with! (This varies day to day, but often doesn't exceed 400 words per character)
SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO SHARE HCs AND DOODLES AND WHATEVER (pls that is the DREAM) (not required but this would make me so happy, like bro we don't even have to continue the RP if it gets stale, just be my friend at this point)
When you PM me, please give a blurb about you and what you're looking for! Feel free to go in as much detail as you like. I will read it all. ALL. The more, the better.

I do not have a plot prepared, because I believe these should fit with character archetypes and all that other good stuff.
I will discuss this with you, however.
Slow burn, fast-paced, mutual pining, one-sided- all welcome here!
Fluff and angst are both cool, but due to life already beating me to dirt with problems I would at least enjoy a moderate amount of fluff.
I don't care who starts!
We don't have to have the same thing. You can have your plot/AU and I can have mine!
I might add more later.

THREAD WAS CHANGED A LOT! I read this helpful little thing to make this thread... better? I hope it worked!

Again, if this interests you at all, please PM me with a blurb of any length about you and what you're looking for! If possible, please have questions or suggestions prepared! That's all, and thanks for reading \(^u^)/​
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THREAD UPDATED!! A LOT!! In case you didn't already see the two other things saying so New


why is my piss red

Hopefully I don't run out of references to make. Ah, who am I kidding, will I ever?

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