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Fandom updated, 9/4 | ✎﹍ hawk's search thread

Sub Genres
Anime, AU, Harry Potter, LGTBQ Friendly, Multiverse, Pokemon, Romance, Slice of Life



✎﹍ Introduction

hi, everyone! i go by Hawk. i am a nineteen year old girl who is almost always scouring this
site for partners and is obsessed with switching between the same three social media apps all day.
i'm a very friendly person, but i am also very honest and will likely let
you know if we don't seem to click; in personality or writing styles.

「i only type in lowercase for the aesthetic, btw」

✎﹍ Rules

this may seem like a strange rule, but i absolutely have to have someone who, not only is willing to help me
plot out the roleplay, will talk to me ooc. i genuinely have to form some sort of connection with my roleplay
partner. it bothers me when i don't, and i can't really explain exactly why.

─ please don't just comment below or message me something like 'wanna roleplay' because i
can guarentee i will be deleting that message/comment right away.

─ when it comes to response length, a decent paragraph or more would be wonderful. though
i do tend to take quality over quantity, i really don't like just a couple sentences at a time.

─ doubling up only in this group (unless you are willing to play just my love interest). also, oc/canon only.

─ i am a fan of adult themes (the kind of themes within the site rules, of course) -
this means that i would like you to be at least seventeen years old or older.
it just makes things more comfortable for me, personally.

─ i will roleplay any gender pairing for your side - g/g, b/g, b/b.
it doesn't matter to me. my side will most likely be b/g and every once and a great
while i might branch out and do a b/b roleplay.

─ please let me know if you lose interest! i will not be angry unless you ghost me, and then
there will be a large probability that i won't ever roleplay with you if you come back around at some point.


✎﹍ Fandoms


Ouran High School Host Club
Black Butler
Tokyo Mew Mew

Video Games
Dream Daddy
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Cartoon Shows
Invader Zim
Camp Camp
Gravity Falls
Adventure Time

Pretty Lake
Stranger Things
That 70s Show

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Harry Potter
The Hobbit
It {2017}
The Twilight Saga

Animated Movies
Rise of the Guardians
Kung Fu Panda

Warrior Cats/Warriors

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