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Im probably drunk. Sorry
Unpopular opinions: ( this isn't to body shame I promise) I love a thick tall dude as much as everyone else BUT THERE ISNT ENOUGH LOVE FOR SKINNY OR SHORT BOOISSS. Just in general I want to see more men of all body types being feature in social media. I love girls too but *slams fists on desk* DAMN IT I WANNA SEE GOTH BOYS TOO. BRING ME PICTURES OF GOTHS BOYS. I'm tired of women being slathered all over my social media.

Also, I think JoJo gets boring past Jotaro's run. I honestly can't stand when hardcore fans jump my shit because I have a different opinion than theirs.

Liking Dragon ball, Naruto or any other mainstream anime isn't a personality trait.

This one maybe be a tad inappropriate but, posting BDSM (mainly rope art) stuff on your Facebook doesn't make you cool. It just makes you seem desperate and no, subs aren't going to come crawling to your DMs just because you do post stuff like that. ALSO JUST BEING TIED UP AND SPANKED DOESNT MAKE YOU THE "KINKEST" GIRL I KNOW. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


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Let's see...I don't exactly have a lot of unpopular opinions, but let me try listing some that I think are pretty unpopular. (There's a lot of music ones on here...oof.)

- Old music (around 70's-90's) and classical music are overrated. A lot of people put emphasis on just because they're old, they're classic and therefore good. Nope.
- On that same vein, why are we glorifying the lives of singers and bands who basically practically winged their entire career with booze, girls, and drugs and then proceed to turn around and shame modern artists who do the same thing?
- Liking mainstream things genuinely is not something to be shamed for. If you like Despacito unironically, it doesn't make your taste any less valid.
- Genuinely liking idols is not bad. You're not any less for liking K-Pop or J-Pop.
- Country music is not as bad as everyone makes it seem. I've seen certain music teachers (at least in writing) going "Don't you dare sing anything country! Get out of my class if you do!" and I've never understood it nor liked it.
- The standards on whether a piece of media is "good" or not are heavily Eurocentric. I've seen bands of other nationalities get hated on just because they don't sound like bands from the US or the UK when their sound is perfectly valid.

Johto is the worst region and set of Pokemon games. Unova is the best.
- How dare you. XD Perfect segway into this though: I do not like the Sinnoh games because the only new gimmick they brought me was poffin making. When it comes to the Gen IV games, I'll take HGSS over DPPt any day if only because it has a Kanto post-game and generally runs even a little bit faster than the Sinnoh games.

- Injecting religion into a perfectly valid piece of media will kill my enjoyment for it 90% of the time.
- "I'm not like (insert other person or other girls/boys here)" is not a personality quirk nor an excuse and should not be the basis of your entire attempt at trying to woo someone. You could be different from a certain person, sure, but what if you're even worse than them? Give me an actual personality to go off on and maybe I'll find something to be attracted to.
- Wanting things to just fall into your hands if you whine enough anime-style is not a valid way of life. You have to actually take steps in order for you to get something.
- Acting like a "rough and tough, edgy, honest" person doesn't make you badass, it just makes you a prick. And no, being a prick doesn't attract anyone.

Oh, and my most unpopular opinion yet.

Cats, uncanny valley aside, was not that bad.


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-Many people seem to have a huge aversion to clichés in writing. And while I get where they're coming from, I personally really enjoy whenever clichés show up. I tend to evaluate cliché situations or ideas more based on their actual content rather than if they're cliché or not. And if I'm not trying to write a novel to publish, I personally don't mind using clichés. If they are clichés by now it's for a reason. And while it's true that some clichés are in fact bad, I generally avoid the bad ones and embrace the good ones.

-I personally think liking just about any type of media doesn't make your taste any less valid. We live in a reality shaped by perspectives, so what most people consider "bad" music, "bad" movies, "bad" books is really just what's disliked by most people. Liking something unpopular or something that is considered to be a "bad" TV show or a "bad" game in terms of quality doesn't make ones taste lass valid.

-The previous point leads up to this one nicely, and I know many people won't agree with me here. I actually enjoy watching Teen Titans Go. There, I said it. It's not one of my favorite shows, but I do like it. Sometimes it seems like fans of its predecessor are a bit too salty about what they did with the series. I mean, sure, it's bad, but so much as to be called the worst garbage in modern cartoons? I'm not sure of that.

-I never liked Adventure Time. I really don't know why, I just never managed to enjoy it. I got bored whenever I tried watching it. I think I just don't get this cartoon.

-I've never been interested in regular music. Never knew why. I just never developed a taste for it. The only music I like listening to is videogame soundtracks. Some of my favorites include the soundtrack from Cuphead, Super Meat Boy, Sonic games in general (they almost always have great music!), Mega Man, etc.

-I never really enjoyed dark themes overall. I think it's an unpopular opinion because of how often I see people say they love dark stuff in their roleplays. Dark themes have always been something I steer away from. Oh yeah, and curse words? I've never said one intentionally. I mean, I probably said one as a child when I didn't know what they meant, but I don't really remember any time when I've said or written a curse word intentionally.

-Waking up early is not hard. All you have to do is make it a habit, and from there it's relatively easy. I wake up at sunrise every day without an alarm clock. It's just a matter of habit. I used to be a person who woke up really late before, but once I made the habit to wake up early, that changed.

-You don't need a diet to lose weight. The equation for losing weight is "calories consumed - calories burnt". So even if you consume say, 5000 calories a day, you can technically still burn them and stay fit if you do enough excercise to burn all of that down. There's athletes who have diets of up to 10000 calories a day, and are not overweight. They just do so much excercise that they burn all of those calories. Making a low calory diet is just the best way to lose weight without making too much excercise. But I personally prefer making lots of excercise if it means I can keep eating as much as I want.


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This is more geared towards an argument I've had with people in the past but I think tennis isn't as much of a "prestigious" sport as a lot of people believe it to be nowadays.
1) A lot more open courts are available to the public these days (at least where I've seen)
2) You can get a decent racket for ~$30 that can last for years if cared for
3) Football and baseball aren't seen as prestigious but their equipment is at least 2x as much to buy
4) A lot of the stigma also comes from how much tennis clubs charge and act at the courts but they're completely optional
So yeah I believe that tennis has gotten a lot more accessible past the country clubs or gated communities

Amaris Echo Primrose

I'm freeee freeee fallin
-Sprite is uneventful and yucky
-Jelly Beans are gross unless theyre the sweetart ones
-Not a big fan of Poptarts and I eat them untoasted cause let's be real aint nobody got time for that
-It is overrated to pay 5-6 dollars for Starbucks when Dunkin Donuts flavored coffee is just as good and only 2-3 dollars
-Peace Tea is better than Arizona
-Popeyes is better than KFC
-Nutrigrain Bars are the most disgusting thing on the planet
-Cranberry sauce is yucky
-Arrudas has the best Coffee Milk
-If you live in New England you need to have had a clam boil
-There is no difference between Cole and Pepsi, They taste exactly the same, you can have your preference but dont say you will only drink one and not the other because they taste the same


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I see a lot of big lists, I'll try one of my own.

-Trump is doing fine as President
-Ecchi animes suck
-2D girls > 3D Girls
- Mobile Gaming is a joke

- Both parties suck
- Avatar was a good movie
- Six Flags parks are hot garbage
- Reverse racism doesn't exist, racism is racism
- The Star-wars prequels are better than the original
- Chicken > Beef
- The Avengers movies are for children
- JRPG's are repetitive
- There is a taste difference between Coke and Pepsi
- The South is the best part of the U.S
- Endgame is the last Marvel movie I'll probably see(expect maybe Spiderman)
- I can get better Coffee at 7-Eleven than Starbucks
- Dubbed is better than Subbed
- Women aren't special in gaming
- Disney Plus is useless unless you want to watch Star-wars
- Conservatives are just as big snowflakes as liberals
- Off-brand sodas can be better than name brand sodas
- Pokemon pulled an EA with Sword and Shield
- Anime is over sexualized
- Hulu>Netflix
- Mtn-dew is worth the obesity


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Black Panther is a trash bin of a movie. Hated every second and minute of everything about it.

Discord sucks.

Just because you've been through something similar another person has, doesn't mean when they are sharing their experience for you to chime in about yours. How about being quiet so they can talk, it's not about you.
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Not one of your FAAAAAAAANS!
- I don't give a fuck about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
- Dark-haired women are more attractive than blonde women.
- I wish there was more works of fiction that showed good stepmothers. Note how in so many stories with dead moms, the father never remarries unless it's to some absolute bitch?
- I would love to see more white man/black woman couples in fiction, as well as white man/Asian woman couples that aren't based on racist imperialist fantasies.
- Gamers are entitled AF. (Not all gamers, mind you. Just some of them.)
- Putting a cat or dog on a vegetarian diet should be illegal.
- I'm so sick of blond guys in movies always being the villain. It's so unfair.
- All parents should be required to vaccinate their kids. No exceptions. (I don't buy that "religious exemption" crap since a lot of parents who claim it are actually faking it.)
- People really need to stop defending that pig Vic Mignogna.
- Fraternities and sororities should be banned.
- Azealia Banks belongs in a mental hospital.
- Britney Spears deserves custody of her kids. Kevin Federline DOES NOT.
- Ryan Lochte should be banned from swimming.
- D.W. is my favorite character from Arthur.
- Kingsman is a bullshit franchise.


"𝕬𝖑𝖊𝖆 𝖎𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖆 𝖊𝖘𝖙"
- Being a gamer is not a big deal, it is just like any other hobbie.
- Football is way, WAY too much overrated.
- There's nothing wrong with parents hitting their kids when they don't behave properly, if, of course, their behaviour is unbearable and if it is done right after they do it.
- It is stupid the gender division when it comes to sports. Athletes should be divided by their body mass and other physical characteristics, and whilst humans present sexual dimorphism, males and females might qualify to compete with their gender counterparts.
- There are superior music and art tastes. Liking some inferior music/art does not invalidate one's taste as a whole though.
- Nowaday's dystopian works suck, because they don't convey a specific and sassy critic on our society. I am sick of the "totalitarism is bad, Government is bad" type of stories. They are generic.
- Right wing policies don't need to be against social causes.
- People should have a license and a preparatory course in order to have pets.


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- I don't give a fuck about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

- I wish there was more works of fiction that showed good stepmothers. Note how in so many stories with dead moms, the father never remarries unless it's to some absolute bitch?

- I would love to see more white man/black woman couples in fiction, as well as white man/Asian woman couples that aren't based on racist imperialist fantasies.

- Azealia Banks belongs in a mental hospital.

- Ryan Lochte should be banned from swimming.
1. Agreed.
2. Definitely.
3. Hell yes.
4. Thumbs up
5. Sick of him.


Soft Apocalypse
- Ryan Lochte should be banned from swimming.
Oh man I had a college roommate who was an avid swimmer that defended the man to her dying breath. This was also right after his incident in 2016. Luckily I got the chance to move out a month after when she made it clear she was weirded out on having an Asian roommate.
- my hero academia is boringly overrated and isn't good
- most chihuahuas are evil and i don't like them
- the avengers are overrated
- loki isn't appealing at all
- banning books because they're 'a bad influence' is not acceptable
- cole and dylan sprouse were only good on the disney channel
- coffee is better than tea
- legend of korra, although a part of my childhood, is garbage
- most of the musicals created today suck
- fighting over which console is better in 2020 shows your ignorance, same goes with samsung and apple
- there shouldn't be over 3,000 genders
- liking mainstream music artists doesn't make you quirky and it shouldn't be shunned
- halsey is an awful human being
- having a dark sense of humor doesn't make you a bad person b/c comedy is subjective


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Well, seeing as this is the title of the thread:

- Men are much more easily offended and emotional than women.
- Gamers are the most entitled demographic to cater to.
- White privilege is real.
- Self-styled, brutally honest people who claim not to care about others' feelings are just as onion-skinned as the people they love criticizing.
- Mobile games and casual games are still proper video games.
- Insults are not constructive criticism.

- Western mecha design (Warhammer 40K, Titanfall) is garbage.
- I don't mind too much CGI in "fun movies" like superhero films, monster films, and sci-fi films. Go big!
- On the other hand, less-is-more is the way to go for horror films.
- Age and pedigree do not factor in whether something is good.

- Pokemon gets better with each generation.
- Johto is the worst region and set of Pokemon games. Unova is the best.

EXCEPT for the pokemon shit everything after xyz is highkey garbo !!! esp in the anime counterparts...they rlly brought brock & misty back in sun&moon and even that didn't improve the series 😂 it's beyond saving!!

and here's some more

-brevity is the soul of wit
-the only valid cynic was diogenes and thats it
-pineapple on pizza, anyone who disagrees w this disagrees with flavor, sorry i dont make the rules
-lego movie franchise is the best piece of cinema in the western canon. citizen kane who???
-the joker was bad dont @ me it was a waste of 2 hrs
-happy endings are not just for children
-who even cares about cowboy bebop or nge. ouran high school host club was the best anime ever produced & it deserved a season 2
- humor is reflective of ur character and i have a 100% right to judge u for it!! and you have the 100% right to judge my humor as a reflection of my character
-if everyone minded their own business and 12 yr olds weren't allowed on game vc or reddit we would immediately shoot to a type iii civilization on the kardashev scale
-sigmund freud was an anthropologist in the wrong profession.
-using political epithets like sjw or redneck is boorish and non constructive
-genji mains have no rights

oh and logic is not an ideology, it's a means to an end!
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"𝕬𝖑𝖊𝖆 𝖎𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖆 𝖊𝖘𝖙"
Just remembered something XD
"Natural products are not bad for you", is such a flawed logic that everyone seems to accept. Like, water in excess is dangerous for you, and still, it is probably the most natural thing one can think of.
I mean, you'd need to drink mssive amounts of water in a very short period of time for it to be dangerous, but there are reported cases of such.


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Just remembered something XD
"Natural products are not bad for you", is such a flawed logic that everyone seems to accept. Like, water in excess is dangerous for you, and still, it is probably the most natural thing one can think of.
I mean, you'd need to drink mssive amounts of water in a very short period of time for it to be dangerous, but there are reported cases of such.
Ugh, I've always hated this rhetoric as well.

all all-natural products are good for me!?

Well let me go eat this poisonous berry post haste!


"𝕬𝖑𝖊𝖆 𝖎𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖆 𝖊𝖘𝖙"
Ugh, I've always hated this rhetoric as well.

all all-natural products are good for me!?

Well let me go eat this poisonous berry post haste!
It is definitely annoying, even more after seeing people literally dying from following "natural remedies".


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Are we still going? We better still be going.

1. Minorities can be just as racist as the majority. (see: Colorism, discrimination in the Black community of light skins and dark skins)
2. K-Pop is some of the stupidest ear rape I have ever fucking heard. The only thing worse than the music itself is its fans.
3. Marvel and DC are heavily overrated. That shit has too much going on and they need to settle down.
4. Classical music is nice...the first time you listen to it.
5. Video Games, while I love them, are disgustingly sexist and need to chill out. Creators should realize that technically, women game more than men do- because of mobile games. They have a huge potential for profit, but they just can't help making overly sexualized girls in bikinis moaning at the strong male protagonist.
6. Censorship is tyranny. This includes censoring tr*ggering w*rds because a vowel is going to cause a damn panic attack. If you're really that weak minded, seek professional help.
7. More people should hunt- because it's ethically sound, cheap food (it was never caged, no artificial growth hormones, it was happy and free- and died almost instantly, versus the shit CAFOs and the food industry do) and because it helps manage wildlife populations. (It's become less and less popular, and with disease riding game animals (especially in the US), we need that population control.)
8. Birds are the superior race.
9. Pure-breeding show dogs is horrible and incestual- and we need to advocate to allow dogs to breed with others that aren't their cousin.
10. The US-Mexico border wall is a piece of crap and a racist waste of time. Allow people to come and go and they will. Don't demonize them by claiming they're all druggies.
11. Abortion should be legal and should remain legal.

Should I go on? Or have I already gotten under someone's skin?

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