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Fantasy Unleash The Beasts- Lore



another day, another life
Currency- Gold coins

Draxxon Mercenaries- a ruthless band of cut throats and snakes, literally and figuratively, no job is to dirty and no price is too high for them. (Leader position open. Will close shortly after rp starts)

Legion of beasts- a group that is bent on ruling Dacorona. They "recruit" any powerful shifter. If not kill them. Ate mostly considered a widely conspiracy theory with out much proof. lead by Leonidas

Green eye assassins- a secretive, and lethal organization whose mere mention strikes fear into those around them. (Leader position open. Will close shortly after rp starts.)

Gemono (Capital city)- the capital broken into four districts named after the cardinal directions. South district are the slums many poor and feeble live there, but there's nowhere better for information on just about anyone in the The East district serves as the busines/industrial district, including an open market, a smithy, and a few taverns. The West district is basic housing, and has a few stores for basic necessities. The North district are the noble quarters, the Kings castle is also located in this district. The city is currently dealing with increases in taxes, and tension tising between the middle and nobles classes.

Feral Forest (East)- a forest known for the high feral population (Hence the name) and larger than normal trees.

Evergreen- a walled town located in the feral forest named after the abnormally large pine tree in the town square that, doubles as city hall.

The Eagle mountains (North)- high winds, and low oxygen. The snow covered peaks are said to be made of a bald eagle's white feathers, and the winds said to sound like an eagle's screech

Running plains(West)- Known for its diverse grazing population and rolling hills, it is the prefered hunting ground for many in Lycona.

Lycona- a town renowned for its large lycan and canine population located in the Running Plains.

Dark jungle (South)- extremely dense vegetation, and unknown wildlife. Mostly uninhabited by people, and is unexplored. Some prehistoric shifters still thrive deep with the jungle.

The Feral: Those that have lost themselves to the beast, incredibly dangerous wjen aggravated in larger numbers, but no smarter than their respective beasts forms. Nor will they go out of there way to attack. Mostly.

Faction submissions are welcomed
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