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Fantasy University of Mystic (Character Sheet)

Soma Schicksal

A Gamers Last Hope
CS Skeleton


Age: (From 18 to 22)

Appearance: (Please use a picture)

Difficulty: (Easy, Medium, Hard)

Species: (Ex: Elf, Human, Witch, Vampire, etc.)

Magic & Abilities:

Dorm: (You can choose your own picture for the dorm you want)






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Name: Roku Ude

Age: 18


Difficulty: Medium

Species: demon creators, a race of humanoids known for their ability to create hellish creatures

Magic & Abilities: Roku can produce small creatures about the size of a Guinea pig from her skin. The monsters themselves have the intelligence of a rodent and have free will. The creatures have the texture of tar and the only solid part of them is their teeth. Roku has no way of controlling them so they're like wild animals that pop out of the girl. Roku can make about six a day but if she doesn't eat a lot that day Roku can only produce two. They live up to five hours and once the time limit is up they become this:

Dorm: image.jpeg

Personality: Roku can be described as a shy and awkward girl who cant form a proper sentence. The young woman is pretty sweet but usually doesn't get the chance to show it due to not being that involved with others. Being with other people is literal hell for her and she would rather stick her hand into a bag of rusty bent nails then be forced to start a conversation. She can't think of any topics that could start a conversation so her mind becomes a complete blank. The girl however is quite a good listener who can lend a ear to anyone's problems.

Bio: Being the daughter of two proud demon creators who are known across the seas for the hellish beasts the could create, it would be expected that Roku would be as strong if not stronger than them. However at the age of five it was revealed that the kid had about one sixteenth of her parents powers. Deemed a humiliation, her parents didn't even bother giving him any actual training to better himself and practically ignored Roku. In this toxic environment the girl was left to herself and had no one to interact with so her social skills plummeted. The only friend she ever truly had was a boy three years older than her named Jalel. His quiet yet kind nature allowed the girl to relax and almost forget her parent's harsh treatment. Now an adult, Roku decided to go to her friend's same school.

Likes: History novels, video games, the color pink, white chocolate, milk tea

Dislikes: fire works, milk chocolate, exercise, bees, black coffee
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Milena Gartner





Magic & Abilities
Healing those who have been wounded. Whether it is disease, a small cut, or a missing arm, she can deal with it
(I'll add something more indepth if need be.)

Racial Abilities
Being catlike, Melina is rather short, around 5'0, but she is extremely fast and agile. Rather dexterous and good with her hands.


There are a few keywords that describe Melina pretty well. Though the three the stick out the most are stubborn, sarcastic, arrogant. She has a thick exterior, and is a bit dismissive of people. However, she loves to help people, even if that means she has to force it upon them. Need help studying? You better expect her to sit down beside you till you understand. In pain? She is going to stay with you until you are healed, even if you don't want it.

Perhaps she has an odd mix of traits, and not a ton of people hang out with her for it. But that's the way she likes it, quiet, and alone. Of course, unless there is someone to help.

Some find her mean, some find her funny, some find her helpful. Perhaps some find her lovely? If only someone could crack her exterior and get her to open up.

While Melina doesn't talk about her past much, she has mostly a rich one. She was born to a rather wealthy family in a city far away from the academy. She in line to inherit their fortune and live a comfortable life, but Melina wanted something more than that. All her life she was interested in magic, and with hard work and some practice, she found her affinity. It was for healing, not something she was too fond of, but it worked.

Books, Magic, Sweets, Good Grades, Praise

Pain, People Complaining About Their Problems, Sour Stuff, Failing Tests, People (Sometimes)

Melina spends most of her time in the schools hospital. With her affinity to magics that heal, she was given a deal to work in the hospital and hone her ability for credit and practice. So, she spends most of her time there, studying, practicing, and helping those who need the hospitals services.

She is also seen around the library, picking up books and what not.

Other than that and classes, she is normally never seen anywhere else. Never has fun or anything like that, just study and work.

Weapons & Fighting Gear
Milena is unnaturally strong, and her fighting gear consists of heavy plate mail, and two rather large weapons.

Plate Mail has the crest of the Gartner family on it.

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Name: Yuuki Kazumoto

Age: 21


Difficulty: Easy

Species: Half Demon Half Human

Clones- Yuuki is able to clone herself up to three copies of herself. The clones are perfect copies and still have some magical abilities
CopyCat- Able to Copy someone's appearance and voice. Clones can as well. Can only last 30 minutes when just her, with her and one clone both can last for 15 minutes and with her and both clones can only last for 10 minutes for all three. Most be someone she has met well enough.
Very good speaker, able to talk her way out of most issues.
Good at Hand-to-Hand Combat
Uses a Bo Staff for Fighting and Bo staff becomes cloned as well


Personality:+/- (Positive/Negative)
-Can't taking anything seriously
-Can be rude
-Has no Filter
-Borderline Alcoholic
-Easily Bored
-Easily Distracted

Bio: To Be Revealed

Likes: Music, Parties, Whiskey, Almost All Movies

Dislikes: Reading, Awkward Silence, Fake People and Assholes, Prudes

Frequent: Parties if there are any. Any pub she can find. The Dining Hall with some friends of hers.
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Atsuko Hatchiko




Human x Witch

Magic & Abilities:
-Elemental Manipulation, e.g. fire, air, water, earth.
-Minor physical boosts through enchantments.


-Slightly Tsundere
-Heart Of Liquid Gold

//TBR, To Be Revealed//

-Wheelchair bound due to a birth defect with her legs, even with all the magic in the world it couldn't be cured, but she doesn't seem to care.
-Shown in the image the beanie on her head is a common item around her and it's rare for her to be seen without it.


Supernatural Rights Activist
Alex "River Rapids" Riviera

Name: Alexandria Riviera

Age: 19

Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, petite frame. Fallen angel wings that culminate into a shadowy creature on her shoulder when hidden. (Picture doesn't want to work.)

Difficulty: Medium

Species: Fallen Angel/Human

Magic & Abilities: Speeds of up to 120mph(Affected by hunger and energy), limited telekinesis(up to 150kg), complete disguising.

Dorm: Redirect Notice

Personality: Alex is very intelligent...and fast. Both a mathlete and an athlete, she is a social butterfly in some aspects, but quite insecure. She would rather be comfortable than fashionable.

Bio: Because of her lineage, she has tried hard to gain redemption and is close to achieving full archangel status. Her powers were obvious from a young age and she has got through life pretty well.

Likes: Sugar, Her mother, school.

Dislikes: Not much.
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A Freckled Encounter
[div=background:url(http://www.medievalarchives.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Old-Parchment.jpg);background-attachment:fixed;background-size:100% 100%;][div=background-color:rgba(225,225,225,0.3);][div=padding: 10px;][div=opacity: 0.7;border:3px SOLID #000000;][/div][/div]
Aelin Tinlan
[div=padding: 10px;][div=opacity: 0.7;border:3px SOLID #000000;][/div][/div][div=padding: 10px;][div=opacity: 0.7;border:3px SOLID #000000;][/div][/div]
[div=border: 1px SOLID #000000;float:center;padding:5px;line-height: 0px;pointer-events:none;]
[div=padding: 10px;][div=opacity: 0.7;border:3px SOLID #000000;][/div][/div][div=padding: 10px;][div=opacity: 0.7;border:3px SOLID #000000;][/div][/div]Name: Aelin Tinlan

Age: 20

Difficulty: Medium

Species: Elf
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[div=padding:10px;]Magic & Abilities:
-Transfiguration Magic
-Nature magic
-Adept with a sword and bow (prefers her sword)
-Adept at camouflage
- light on her feet, agile, movements are always graceful

[div=border: 1px SOLID #000000;float:center;padding:5px;line-height: 0px;pointer-events:none;]
[div=padding: 10px;][div=opacity: 0.7;border:3px SOLID #000000;][/div][/div][div=padding:10px;][div=padding: 10px;]Personality:
A serious woman, she tends to put the world on her shoulders. Feeling responsible for everything and refuses to take such responsibility lightly. Aelin always does her best but will always fee lit isn't enough. She's over protective, but has a soft spot for cute things and music. One can often find her out at night in high or quiet places. If you're lucky you can catch her playing her flute passed down from her Grandmother in these places.
[/div][div=padding: 10px;][/div]
[div=padding: 10px;][div=opacity: 0.7;border:3px SOLID #000000;][/div][/div][div=padding: 10px;]Bio:
Aelin has always been with her family. always taking care of her younger siblings and helping er parents out. As the Eldest daughter it was her job to do so. She was seen as the tough girl of her village, not really one to be approached, but she did have a friend that was dear to her. How ever Aelin failed to save her best from from a great tragedy. Taking the blame for the event onto her self Aelin has done nothing but try to make up for her failure. Having her family take in her friend as part of the family and taking care of her....or them, all of them as best as she could. Using her spare time to better her skills.Though her ailing grandmother wish she's slow down and take up her musical abilities again rather than then rigorous training and constant care of her family. She hoped going to this "university" would help full fill both her and her grandmothers wishes. She could keep an eye in her friends and get stronger, but only on the condition of taking a music class or two.[/div]
[div=padding: 10px;][div=opacity: 0.7;border:3px SOLID #000000;][/div][/div]
[div=padding: 10px;]Likes: night time, caring for those she loves, swords, combat, music, silence, when things go right.

Dislikes: Bright yellows, being found in her hiding places, failing

[div=border: 1px SOLID #000000;float:center;padding:5px;line-height: 0px;pointer-events:none;]

[div=padding: 10px;][div=opacity: 0.7;border:3px SOLID #000000;][/div][/div][/div][/div][/div]
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  • Name: Crocodia Pugna/Avia Nobli/Cania Fugax Deformi (they all share a last name)

    Age: 21


    Difficulty: Easy, medium AND hard! (Avia, Cania and Crocodia respectively)

    Species: Chimera (claims to be an Inugami)

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Soma Schicksal

A Gamers Last Hope
Zeh MC

Name: Jalel Azenti (Prefers to be called Jal or Lel)

Age: 21


Species: Elf

Magic & Abilities: Jalel is very skilled in elemental magic but prefers to use Electricity as his main type. Jal is very quick on his feet but his reflexes are just as quick, he mainly focuses on quickness and perfection to get most jobs done and counts on his quick thinking to help make decisions. Jal is very skilled with a bow and can somewhat handle himself at close range with his daggers. At times when Jal feels his most confident in battle, he will use his bow at any range and dominate most people that are unable to handle the aggressiveness his technique holds.

cebcfb5b67fda37615136f473f17ca33.jpg a9c750092b3f0d452aa38e3470d04fb7.jpg



Personality: Shy at first but grows to be more confident, Quiet, Optimistic, Kind, Determined, Perfectionist, Protective at times, Chill, Easy to get along with, Focused on what he feels is necessary.

Bio: Jalel grew up to believe that he always needed to see the best in people and try his hardest to get what he wanted and take what wasn’t ever given to him. He never liked handouts growing up and would usually train alone to perfect his own craft whether it be Magic, Bow mastery, or just being efficient with his twin daggers. Jalel’s Mother was the queen of the woodland Elves and still reigns true to this day so of course, Jal has to be a perfect example as the oldest sibling in his family. His father got very ill and taught him the basics of how to survive in the wilderness and gave him the best life lessons he ever could have gotten. To work hard and give everything 100 percent, his father always reminded him day in and day out when they went out in the wild to keep that in mind whenever he did anything. After his father's death Jal become more restricted and locked up inside, he used to be so open with everyone, proud, and everyone in the elven kingdom loved him. His fathers death shut him down completely, he just wanted to be alone and didn't care what anyone thought of him, he even thought about committing suicide at one point but he ran into a smaller girl by the name of Roku and he noticed the hardships she was going through and realized torture is worse than death. He became great friends with Roku and they gave each other company even if they didn't talk a whole bunch. Throughout Jal’s whole life he has kept this in mind and became a very successful fighter and athlete now entering a University in which he felt he could grow more as a person and help others grow especially his close friend Roku.

Likes: Training, Cooking, Games, The color Bright Green, Magic, Animals, Nature, Learning, Silence or least things being quiet, Protecting those he cares about, the dark, Relaxing, Electronics, Music, Parkour, the Cold, Food, and Helping people.

Dislikes: Rude people, Bugs, People who Trick him, People who can’t be trusted, People that think he is weak, being thought of as a failure, Not being able to protect, People that want to hurt him or the people he cares about.
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Emi Nebulas

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Alexa Day





--Magic & Abilities--
Alexa is a witch, meaning she can cast spells and create potions. There isn't a specific ability to her powers, but she loves any spell related to ice, hence she's very good at ice spells and abilities.


Alexa usually acts like a piece of dirt that's pissing of an oyster. She's a smartass, basically. She's also a very witty person. If the atmosphere is cold, she'll use one of her jokes to make everything spicy. Alexa is a mischievous person, getting into trouble a lot. She's neither "good" or "bad". She's... both. She's a criminal that has not been caught yet, but she steals only to help the kids at her orphanage. She's an outgoing and energetic person that is extremely cocky.

However, she does not have "booksmarts". She's very clever in her own way, like escaping from her kidnapper. She is also very good at lying.

She enjoys stealing and crimes. She finds it entertaining. If she approaches a problem, either physical or verbally, she will attack it head on. She will not budge from that spot unless the conflict is fixed.

Alexa does not feel pity or sympathy. No one has ever felt pity for her when she would get physically abused in front of someone. No one cared enough for her to help her out, so why should she feel sympathy and/or pity for others? Fear? She's afraid heights. She has Acrophobia, A.K.A. the phobia or fear of heights. If she is scared of something, she usually hides it and pretends to be her normal, cocky self. If she feels an emotion such as love, she'll go full tsundere and deny that she is in love, because she does not believe in emotions such as "love". She thinks it's a waste of time.

Alexa Day's parents died when she was only two. Her parents were killed because they worked in the military. They were in a war zone, and an enemy killed them off. Alexa noticed some tension in the air here and there, but she would shrug it off, thinking it's because the house was messy and work overlord. She remembered the day her parents were killed very well. Why? Oh, 'cause she has Eidetic Memory.

The cops found Alexa, hiding behind the stove, crying her eyes out. They took her to a very poor orphanage. In two years, her life was miserable. She was the quiet, milquetoast (shy or timid) kid. She usually kept to herself. When she was only four, she was placed in a foster home. Her foster parents HATED her. They would beat her and sexually harass her. Her foster mother hated how her husband wanted a foster child so badly. There was barely enough room in the house. Her foster father thought she was... "attractive". She suffered from physical abuse from her mother, and sexual abuse from her father. Alexa was fed up with it, so she ran away from home when she was seven years old. She was traumatized. First, her parents' death and now abuse? She didn't want to live like that. She ran and ran, and tried her best to develop her Eidetic Memory into something bigger: Photographic Memory. She thought it'll help someone with anything at all.

The cops found her eight years later, but she wasn't the shy or timid kid anymore. No, she was a smartass, she was witty, she had a big-mouth, and she was a cocky brat. She recovered from her traumatized state, thinking "no one cared". She thought no one cared for her.

No one wanted a big-mouth for a child, so they just kept her in the orphanage. Alexa memorized and took her time to understand the law books, because there was no other source for entertainment, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Alexa, being a curious brat, started her life in crime. She wondered what it will be like to go against the law. She loved that idea so much, that she cooperated it. She wanted to try it ONCE, however, she couldn't stop. She was addicted, and she found it entertaining and amusing. She was the ultimate thief, stealing weapons, money, cars, etc. Using the law, she would break the law. She NEVER. GOT. CAUGHT.

Crime, stealing, art, the color grey, and magic

Getting caught, quiet, and cops

--Theme Song--

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I was testing out the BBCodes to see if I could make my sheet look fancy, but I can't get it right ;-;

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