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Fandom University for Quirk Challenged OOC



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Don't wanna clog up the character sheet screen, but edits have been made, let me know if there is anything else that needs to be changed!


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Okay, I think that we have enough to get started ^_^ So I'll give another 24 hours (or 12 if I just can't wait anymore XD), then I'll post a starter. Don't worry anyone who has posted a character yet, this won't mean you're kicked from the rp. Your characters in the rp will just be kicking around in the background till they're created ^_^

If getting started is a major problem for anyone, please let me know


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Just wanted to clarify for everyone that I was actually planning for you guys to take part in a small entrance exam. Just for a little fun. And obviously everyone will still get in no matter what happens.

My initial thoughts were for it to be a one on one exam with the principal as the examiner. To do it this way I believe there are two (maybe 3) options.

1. Exam is done on the threads (one student is called in at a time and we play out the exam while others do some slice of life stuff)
2. Exam is done via pm and everyone can still do slice of life stuff until everyone has completed an exam (this way, I believe, would save time as multiple exams can happen at once)
3. We Don't do an exam and just have class straight away

I'd love to hear everyone's input on this ^_^

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