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Fantasy Unity RPG: The Age of Strife (TTRPG Setting, Dice Optional)

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure

Mythy The Dragonwolf

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(Disclaimer: None of this setting belongs to me. All information, excepting the possible plots of the RP, are paraphrased from the Unity Core Rulebook. Dice will likely not be used, however races and classes at the least will be used in the character sheet. With this said, I have been very excited about this setting and hope I can interest some of you as well!)

(Image grabbed from Imgur. Races from left to right: Human, Valla,(art piece), Furian, Afflicted)

The World (and some history)
The world of Unity is, at the moment, in chaos. Having killed their mother god (The Ivory Queen), causing their father god (Once Skyfather and now Mad God) to lash out and cause the Great Calamity, the children of Unity are no longer in a golden age. The drift, the spiritual realm where emotions coalesce and where demons live, has opened - allowing said demons (known as the Fell) to breach into the mortal world. Many areas of natural splendor have been corrupted, and undead plague the Gemini Peninsula. Many autonoma, once used by the humans as slaves for menial labor, have been granted sentience and those who have been live away from the Children of Unity, being called the children of steel. And the remnants of the Crimson Horde, the amalgamation of races which the Ivory Queen created to destroy her children, live in the wilds in an attempt at finding themselves and peace with the children of Unity.

After the Ivory Queen was killed, her divine essence scattered into the drift. From that essence, and the wishes and needs of the people, came the Demigods. Beings of lesser, but still immense power, each demigod has something they stand for, which relates to why they were formed. Aluvane the Dawnwalker, Volkanus the Forgemaster, Lunastra the Silver Maiden, Temperion the Vanguard, Mave the Trickster, and Halifax the Lorekeeper.

The Races

: The firstborn children of Unity. With their cerulean blue spirit stones (with vestigial feathers set around) in their foreheads, the Valla used to have a psychic link between each and every one of them, sharing thoughts and intentions without secrets between one another. Before the Great Calamity, there was a number of Valla who desired silence, and shattered their spirit stones, becoming wandering Valtoran. However, now every Valla is forced into silence of the mind, which has driven many of the older Valla mad, having known it for all their lives. Younger Valla don't have that memory - though they are still born with a now-amber spirit stone- but there is another problem which plagues the race. The Drifting Glory, a drug made from a flower which, when used, brings a flood of psychic connection. However, addiction, withdrawal and side effects have caused this drug to be outlawed - though of course it is still found in many seedy undergrounds.

Valla live naturally for centuries, meaning that those left over from the golden age struggle with the loss of their link as mentioned above. Younger Valla, seeing the world with fresh eyes, don't understand the loss and are much more open to the other races; they are much more optimistic, chatty, and curious. They place high regard for the art, and tend to fight with agility and grace.

Valla are taller than the average human by half a head, but shorter than the Furians. Their builds are slim yet strong, and they are the most graceful of the races. They have skin and hair colors similar to humans, with a few shades besides (such as deep purple and near-porcelain white). Their eyes are very striking, with gold, sapphire blue, lavender and emerald green as common colors.

Example names
Male: Aldruin, Altaris, Belron, Calreth, Eramdel, Malfusiel, Soren, Valaris
Female: Alluria, Corin, Enna, Gillindra, Lillandris, Maelleneth, Nimiriel, Shayanna, Valoria
Family: Arundel, Celeborn, Dawnstar, Laromar, Stormsong, Windwalker


Furians: The secondborn, they were created to have the fire to create, and the power to match. Their parents hoped that this race would tame the world farther than their siblings, who had become complacent if not lackadaisical. They were given a deep reservoir of power to run their powerful forms, and it is this spark - granted by the Ivory Mother - that the Skyfather corrupted during the Great Calamity. Now, should a Furian draw too deeply and too quickly, they will fall into the red rage during which they will lash out at anything, friend, foe, or beloved family all alike. For their culture - steeped so deeply into honor and family - this has brought many Furians to shun emotionality. And yet, some still persevere to conquer their curse, preaching about an internal place between rage and serenity where the Furians can still thrive.

Furians live still long lives, though only a couple centuries rather than the potential for a millennia. Their culture is based on the tenants of honor and family, with everything they are and will be being owed to them that came before. It is a great disgrace to dishonor the family name with misdeeds and failure. There are three camps dealing with the red rage: Those who preach for an empty heart, those who say they can conquer it (many of whom go mad) and those who preach the middle path. They have a high regard for all types crafting.

Furians are taller than the Valla, and are thickly built with muscles. Their skin is smooth like stone, and when they tap into their strength their veins burn red with fire. Their skin tones are similar to the mountain, with shades of grey, brown and obsidian. Males can grow facial hair, and all hair is thick and unruly with a texture like a lion's mane - complimenting their feline features. Eyes come with colors of green, hazel, grey and yellow - hair of white, gold, brown, orange, red, and black.

Example Names
Male: Anga, Bran, Date, Drax, Hark, Jin, Laz, Nazam, Pagon, Urag, Yat, Zan
Female: Akane, Corra, Eshima, Gena, Haru, Juno, Kana, Murai, Nara, Sora, Yassa
Family: Blackstorm, Cinderglow, Doomlash, Firefist, Hellbringer, Stonehammer, Redhand, Rivermane, Sungloom, Truesworn, Youngscream


Humans: The youngest children of the Ivory Mother and Skyfather, and the most favored, they were the last attempt to create a race that would expand and tame Unity. Gifted with little but short lifespans, and protected from the others by a wall of mountains created by the Ivory mother, Humans lived their lives with passion and innovation. It was them that created the autonoma to deal with menial tasks so they could focus on more self-actualizing tasks, and them that created the Titan Rigs and guns. When their siblings first met them, they started to war - which led to the age of chaos, the Skyfather leaving and the Ivory Mother creating the Crimson Horde. Their curse was the phage, infecting their brightest minds and creating the Afflicted.

With their passion and short lifespans, the Humans live much differently that the others. They constantly expand and innovate, and since the Golden Age has passed, their Empress has attempted to once more make peace with both their siblings and the afflicted. They are religious, owing to the great love their parents showered them with at the start of their existence.

Humans are as varied as they are in our world, with similar colors and names.


Afflicted: Created when the phage struck the brightest of humanity, the Afflicted are a tragic people. They are ravaged by their disease constantly from a young age, and their lifespan depends on what organs and body parts are affected first, as well as what mutations they are born with and gain. Those who survive do so by grafting bionic parts and organs on and into their body to replace what they lose - that, or replace flesh with that harvested from the other races. However, they are still the brightest minds from humanity, and as they breed (one with both afflicted parents are always afflicted, those with one afflicted parent have a chance of being born a normal human and yet carrying the phage within their genes) they work with one another on projects, making sure that knowledge is never lost even as they search - so far fruitlessly - for a cure.

They tend to live underground, which causes their skin to stay in lighter tones. They often lose all their hair due to either the phage or stress of replacing their body parts. Replacements are not always one-to-one, as a hand may be replaced instead with a tool such as a claw or hook. The different races have different views - humans with the most violent generally - but they are mostly outcasts everywhere.

Their names are similar to humans, but afflicted often take the name of their settlement as a family name as a sign of solidarity or shared suffering.


Heavily-armored warriors that charge into battle with the biggest, baddest weapon available and causing massive damage.
Dark Caster that trades life for power, gaining physical augmentations for a price.
Fell Hunter
Non-Caster ranged death-dealer with agility, navigation, tracking.
Holy Juggernaut clad in heavy armor, marching calmly and smashing the darkest terrors, bolstering allies and being a reckoning force on their own/a leader
Arcane spellcaster glass cannon, hurls fireballs and beds space and time.
Agile melee assassin relying on active defenses such as tumbling, setting up attacks and dealing tons of damage.
Utilizes divine power to cast spells or augment themselves into a holy warrior, and to heal.
Hybrid Caster and Melee fighter, utilizing the elements, bolstering themselves with animal strengths; More savage and wild
Tanky melee fighter that values discipline and skill over raw power, utilizing shield as a weapon and to defend.

For the RP, we could be heroes sent on an epic quest from the start, or just a band of rowdy adventurers who get sucked into a plot to save the world! Or maybe something else? There's a lot more to touch on, but I hope this was enough to get you interested, or even excited! Please don't hesitate to chime in with your interest, comments and/or questions!
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