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Realistic or Modern 𝘜𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘷𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘥

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KRP, Mystery, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life

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    billie eilish


    ou thought you could get rid of me? A notification arrives in a group chat, days before a college student is discovered dead in her family's isolated villa. Found laying in a pool of her own blood in the kitchen, multiple stab wounds in her torso, there's no mistaking the case as anything but what it is: a murder.

    The victim is Kang Mijin, young and beautiful, smart and popular, loved and in love. And in the middle of a sudden mental breakdown, it seemed, having recently disappeared from school and run away from home for no apparent reason. For a whole week, she had been off the grid, never online and unable to be reached. Except for one message, one final and foreboding question.

    And the suspects are its recipients, members of an otherwise innocuous group chat. Her closest friends since high school, many for even longer. People like her, perfect people. As well as, the investigators would quickly realize, fellow scions of some the filthiest of the rich in Seoul. Untouchable.

    So, with no other leads and no murder weapon — or phone — to be found, the case gets stuck as quickly as it unraveled. Doomed, it seemed, to go cold. Her family is devastated, her school mournful, her acquaintances shocked.

    Her dear friends? Glad. Glad that their secrets were buried with her. Glad that her mouth is shut. Glad until a notification arrives, again, in the group chat. And then the chilling realization dawns, that her dying message wasn't her last.




by the way,

you've been


krp, mystery, drama




triples, stardust galaxy

spots open


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sugar is my wife and gold is best child
very very interested, this looks so cool! also my sister has been bingewatching pretty little liars again which this seems to have similar vibes to this so muse is at its highest peak rn oop. Im interested in trying out for the amethyst role but if that one goes to someone else no worries!


the dream mr sandman sent
N-On-E-Mus N-On-E-Mus unfortunately, we aren't doing this by first come, first serve so you can't reserve a space. feel free to give the role a shot tho

the cs page is up over here ! temporary deadline is 8th may, 23:59 CT and we look forward to seeing the characters
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the dream mr sandman sent
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Madness At Its Finest!
Hey, after reading a bit more about the rp again, i dont think this rp is for me, so ima be withdrawing


sugar is my wife and gold is best child
I will also be withdrawing sadly as one of my threads picked up and I'm now much more busy then I thought! This looks amazing though and I wish yall luck!

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