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Realistic or Modern 𝘜𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘷𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘥 [cs]





application info.

Role, etc.

Eye Color
Body Modifications
Faceclaim, etc.

Describe However You Want

Same As Above, Go Wild

How did they know the victim?
When did they last see her?
How do they feel about her death?
Allegedly, why could they be accused of the murder?
How well do they know their friends?




The Peridot is the one that everyone looks up to, and also the one to look out for. Facing extreme pressure to be at the top, the Peridot feels like she has a target on her back and everyone else is just waiting to hit the bullseye. But this queen isn’t going down that easily and would do anything to be at the top of the ladder — no one will take away what belongs to her, because there’s only one throne and it has her name written on it. Can she keep the place that she has worked so meticulously all these years for or will the weight of all her actions during the past years finally break her down?



The Diamond is the most recent addition to the group, though how she made it into their exclusive circle remains a mystery to everyone but herself. A master of disguise, she has faked her way into a world she doesn’t belong in. But keeping appearances is harder than it seems, and living on the edge of getting caught is starting to make the Diamond paranoid about everything and everyone. Can she hold together the unravelling strands of her fabricated life or would it become clear that she’s an ugly duckling pretending to be a swan, a mere counterfeit?



The Ruby is someone who stands out wherever she goes. Having lived a life full of pampering and luxury, everything she has ever wanted was given to her in the blink of an eye. For the Ruby, the sky is truly the limit and all the world is at her feet. But when problems start to arise and money can no longer buy her happiness, the glitzy, fragile bubble she has lived in all her life starts to show cracks and reveal the darker sides of her world. Can she keep up the perfect life she has always shown to society, even if it’s now just a facade, or will the truth behind her growing web of lies see the light?



The Sapphire can be described as the quiet one of the group, the calming presence. Not one to get too involved in the usual drama of rich people or school, he is focused on his goals and has no problem following the plans that were laid out for him. Whatever his family tells him to do, the Sapphire never says a word against it, even if it involves an arranged marriage. But when his feelings start going in a direction they shouldn’t, he starts to realize what he wants doesn’t fit into his parents’ big picture. Can the Sapphire continue playing the filial son or will he finally destroy what’s been holding him down?



The Amethyst is better known for his scandals than for his achievements, easily spotted as the odd one out among the group thanks to his frivolous reputation. A thrower of the best parties and the one to find for alcohol, the Amethyst is a guy who just screams trouble. Nobody really knows his true intentions, or sees the depths behind his carefree personality, even his best friends. He’s like a puzzle that seems impossible to solve… but is it really? When the missing pieces start falling into place, can the Amethyst keep up his shroud of mystery or will someone finally crack the code to what he’d rather keep hidden?



The Emerald is the kind of guy your mother wants you to marry, complete with the looks, the personality and the background. But behind an alluring smile, the Emerald hides his true face, the one who knows that he has everyone wrapped around his little finger, the one who treats life like a game of chess. A player amidst his pieces, nobody can stop him when he makes his move. That is, until an unexpected shift in his well-thought strategy begins to change the route of the game. Can the Emerald turn the tides back in his favor or will the pawns turn against their king and finally see through all his manipulations?

things to note.

this is not first come first serve, the gms will choose which characters will fit the rp best

please use realistic faceclaims only, and keep in mind this is set in Seoul, South Korea

the characters are all in university and would be around 21 years old, give or take a year

make sure you've read the plot over at this page before applying for this ~

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Roleplay Type(s)

  • 01.

    i have neither the talent nor the desperation to remain, yet i cling on for dear life anyways. isn't that so stupid of me?

    bae inhyeon

    the ruby




    bae inhyeon












    april 16th






    south korea



    fashion d.






    eye c.

    dark brown

    hair c.

    dark brown


    you wouldn't be surprised to find someone of inhyeon's stature on the cover of vogue. tall, slim and boasting legs for days, she's well aware of her beauty and takes full advantage of it. how could you not, looking like her?

    body mods.

    pierced ears

    a lower rib tattoo


    moon gayoung





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Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)


  • kim ryeom




    12th January


    seoul, sk



    65 kgs

    blood type
    star sign



    His natural hair colour is black, but he tends to lighten it to caramel or dark brown. He has a short to medium cut with a full fringe. His hair will never surpass the tops of his years as his parents say anything past the ears is considered as ‘untidy’ and people would think of him as a ‘poor person’


    Ryeom has mono lidded, almond-shaped eyes. He’s often credited for his “smiley eyes” when he smiles or laughs. He has extremely dark brown iris shade, borderline black. Depending on the light, his iris’s can appear to be a very dark shade of chocolate brown, or black.

    body type

    Ryeom has an ecto-mesomorph body type; he has long thin limbs with stringy muscles. As a child, he used to be overweight due to his eating habits. The Kim family sent him away to a weight loss clinic when he was eight years old, and again when he was fifteen. His wide shoulders give the illusion of an endomorph (a larger) body type, which has prompted his parents to hire a physical trainer for him and a strict diet routine. He trains four times a week and has a natural, healthy BMI level.

    body mods

    He has none; his parents would kill him if he had any. He has always wanted to get his ears pierced, but his parents, who are extremely homophobic, have always said “only gay men have their ears pierced”.

    body style

    Much like with everything else in his life, Ryeom has little to no control over his appearance. His closet is filled with suits, sorted out into various occasions and colours. For evening or visit wear, most of his items are navy blue, grey or black. All the activewear in his closest is made of cotton, sticking to the grayscale pattern. Around the house, he does tend to wear smart casual attire with a button-down collar, but generally with his suit pants. His parents have always told him to be prepared for any occasion and to always look his best.

    face claim

    Cha Junho

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  • We All Lie
    하진 (Hajin)
    [SKY 캐슬 - SKY Castle OST Part 4]

    Name: Jang Hye-Bin 장 혜빈

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Birthday: October 21st

    Role: Peridot

    MBTI Type: ESTJ-A

    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 105 lbs

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Eye Color:Dark Brown

    Body Type: Ectomorph

    Body Modifications: Ears pierced

    Style: X X X X

    Faceclaim: Kim Hye-yoon

jang hyebin

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  • gyeong min sook
    "Seo Soo Ah"
    the diamond
    university student
    part-time bag spa worker
    part-time laundry worker
    pob mokpo, jeollanam-do
    dob august 2


    height: 162cm
    weight: 96 lbs
    hair color: a dark shade of brown
    eye color: black pupils
    build: ectomorph, on the slimmer side
    style: strictly high-end brands, at least when she goes out with the gang. otherwise, she is usually seen--which she dreads, by the way. don't see her--wearing glasses, a white cap, a white mask, and whatever lousy outfit she has in her actual closet.
    fc: lia (itzy)

    seo soo ah

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avatar of flesh
name: Chul Jeup
age: 21
sexuality: unlabeled (doesn't care about gender)
date of birth: May 5th
birthplace: Spain(just happened to be there)
role: amethyst

height: 5'11
weight: 143lbs
eye colour: brown
build: lanky
body Modifications: dyed blue hair, several tattoos(shown in image but there are more), as well as several piercings(septum, ears, a few cartilage, and tongue)
style: x X x X x
his style is generally messy and in your face. Even though, he will wear anything, at times changing at random. Even still, there is one style no one ever sees him in and if they do he is extremely uncomfortable. He avoids professional and neat styles with a passion and will do anything to not be in one. He likes to keep himself messy and is confident in his style and himself.

a string floating in the wind, getting caught in branches but still disappearing the moment the next gust comes passing by. Chul has always been hard to pin down, both his train of thought and his movement. Chul is as hard to describe as he is to pin down in one place. He moves through life in what looks to everyone like he is liquid, constantly flowing and never seeming bothered by obstacles that come in the course. His life is always full of so many things, yet he is so laid back that it's almost as if he has no cares in the world. He is someone who everyone knows, always having someone to chat with despite the location.

he always has a hundred tasks going on and picks up new ones with little thought. He is the same towards almost anything, performing actions on urges without worrying about the consequences that will come from it. He is the life of the room and always manages to know what to say to get people laughing or to brighten a mood. While he excels in most things he does, he refuses to continue activities once he masters/excels in it, never letting himself be caught in something and moving on to the next thing as quickly as the first.

a calm, never-flowing lake is the best way to describe Chul's parents with him being the current that rips through and tears up the lake bed. Keeping a level head is something his parents strive for and something they hoped would be passed down to their kin. Business people who only focus on their work, a sad life, though one filled with much success and wealth. People who believe there is no time in life for emotions or stopping to take breaks. They believe you must keep moving or else you will get left behind. This point is proved even more by his mothers decision to continue travelling for work despite being very far into her pregnancy. This required her to give birth in another country. Though of course, she was out of the hospital the moment she could stand.

rather than develop the similar beliefs his parents hoped for him, Chul did the opposite. Learning of the shortness of life, rather than search for success like his parents, Chul picked up the tendency to fulfill any dreams or desires as soon as he could. Living life to the fullest and never slowing down in the movement of life. While he is enjoying life to the best of his abilities, he still picked up something nasty from his parents. Ignoring his emotions. Despite his copious amounts of friends, none of them has seen him in a state other than his happy, laid-back self. It's at the point where most people simply can't imagine him with one or think that everything is great for him at every point.
how did they know the victim?
old family friends, their parents had partnered up for something in their work so they met and kept in contact since then.​
when did they last see her?
not too long before her mental breakdown. The two had gotten into an argument about something so when she didn't show up for parties later in the week he didn't think anything of it.​
how do they feel about her death?
Chul and Kang have known each other for a while, but as with everyone and Chul, he has never gotten extremely close. Even still his emotions regarding this are violent inside him as much as he wants to ignore them. This may have affected him more than he wants to admit.​
allegedly, why could they be accused of the murder?
Chul is most likely the most infamous out of all Kang's friends. He has known to have gotten into fights as well as abused multiple substances(illegal and otherwise). There is also a rumour that Kang found out something Chul was trying to keep secret, which caused a rift in their relationship. People also say this is why they had gotten into a heated argument.​
how well do they know their friends?
Chul is quite infamous everywhere he goes. He both knows and is known by many. He has conversed with most people and is most likely friends with all of them(or he considers himself to be). Even still, as with all his relationships, they are strained, some more than others depending on their thoughts regarding him and his activities.​

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