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The woman stepped out of her large, black, cube-shaped house in HotLand, pulling a cigarette out of her sweatshirt pocket, lighting it with her mind and taking a smoke from it. She was going to walk to the shop in Snowdin, for the sole reason that she needed to buy some food to stock her home. As she walked, she greeted some of the other monsters (the ones from the game) and kept one hand in her pocket. while she walked through Waterfall, she listened to the Echo Flowers, hearing some things that were funny, and some were just random messages.

(Well there we go, first rp post)
Waking up in an unknown location, he rubbed his head. He had a excruciating headache and not knowing where he was didn't benefit him either. The heat was unbearable as well. His vision went in and out. And having little to no clothes didn't help either. The only thing he had on was blue shorts and a blue bandana around his neck. His memory was interfering a lot with his headache, the more he thought about his past, the worse it got. "Ugh, my head..What the..? How did I get here? And why is it so hot?" After stumbling over himself, he got back up and resumed limping. It was very difficult to choose which direction to go. He wanted to ask someone for help but there was no one in sight. Since his vision was blurry, he couldn't tell what anything was. His body feeling hot, he could tell something was up. He stumbled again and presumed crawling, making sure to not crawl to the edge. His body was already dehydrated, the heat didn't solve anything. The finally chose to go left, but the fear of running into someone didn't go away. If they asked any personal questions, how would he awnser that?
She sat down by some of the Echo flowers, listening to one of them that was a small message of someone singing. As she took a few more smokes from her cigarette, she started to space out a bit, not thinking of anything in particular. Some people passed by, but she mostly ignored them except for people she knew well. After a few minutes of idly sitting, she heard someone's voice coming from Hotland, and she stood up, curious to find out where the noise was coming from and why.
"How long have I been walking?" It seemed like he was getting nowhere, but he soon changed his mind after seeing a change in the terrain. The heat vanished, all he could see was flowers that glowed brightly. Touching the petals gently, something surged through him. Pain worked it's way back and his head felt worse. On the inside, he was writhing in pain, but on the outside he refused to show it. Continuing to make his way through, he passed by monsters he'd never seen before. Some of them glanced at him but none of them returned their gaze back to him. He pulled up his bandana, which now covered his mouth and nose to prevent anyone from seeing his anxious expression.
She looked everywhere, and she saw Yoshi, but didn't think that he would be the one making all the noise. She shrugged it off, and and turned back around, passing Yoshi and walking almost next to him, but in front by a couple of feet. Looking at the Echo Flowers and smiling her cigarette, she glanced at Yoshi from the corner of her eye, sensing something wrong about him.
Looking down at his hands, he realized he wasn't human. It didn't seem right. Too many questions came to mind and he stared at his hands. He tripped and fell again, but before he stood up, he made sure to check and see if anybody else was watching. Struggling to his feet, he kept his head down a little embarrassed. Yoshi didn't dare look at anyone else and see the criticizing look on their faces. He continued walking, more like speed walking, pushing his way past everyone. Soon, he was out of her sight but the embarrassment still followed.
She was a bit shocked when she saw Yoshi fall, and when he ran away, she thought she'd go after him, ask if he was okay. She flicked her cigarette butt into one of the lakes in Waterfall and started to float after him. In her mind, she knew something was wrong, she just didn't know what. Once story I was in her range of view, sped up and stopped right behind him. "Hey, kid! You alright?" she said, a bit out of breath.
"I-i'm fine. Just don't know where I am is all.." Confused why anybody would care about his well being and a little alarmed about what she wanted, he avoided eye contact. Putting his hands into his pockets, he turned around and paced forward nervously, hoping she wouldnt prod him with more questions. He didn't know his name, where he came from, what he was or where he was. All he knew was his name, but surely no one would ask him anything else.
"Listen, kid. You aren't fooling me with that. What's up? What happened? " she said, floating into his range of vision and talking to him. He was obviously nervous about something, and she wanted to know what.

(Oop sorry for the short response)
(It's fine!) A little startled, he began to become irritated but refused to lose his temper. "Umm..it's just, I don't know where I am. Could you maybe tell me?" Regretting what he had said he turned away slightly, hoping she would move out of the way. He was getting quite antsy and he wanted this conversation to end as quickly as possible.

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