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Fandom Undertale/Horrorfell 18+

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Action, Adventure, AU, Dystopian, Horror, Magical, Multiverse, Mystery, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural


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Hello all!

I am currently in search of a few lit story tellers for a long-term Undertale themed type rp if anyone is interested :)

-I have a LOT of potential ideas of my own but I’m always open to new ones if you wanna share. The themes I usually go with tend to be on the darker side of things though like Underfell and Horrortale so I’m going to rate this 18+ to be safe for potential gore and other nsfw themes.

-This doesn’t mean we HAVE to go with those ideas, I really like cute romance and stuff as well as long as we can make a plot for it!

-If we go with a darker plot ,oh boy, am I going to mess up things against your characters just as much harm is done on the poor human. After all, I do want to be able to use SOME canon characters in a less than kind way. (the gore will be beautiful~)

-I’m not getting creepy with this, my O.C is 18+ with NO exceptions.

-I’m mainly looking to be able to develop and use my o.c as she hasn’t gotten much action yet in this universe and I ammmm willing to ship her if the conditions are right in the story, but only than.

-I will try to reply once a day or more if I can but we can’t always do that due to life, just reply when you can!

-You probably heard it a million times before but I would prefer someone who has a Sans muse.

-I can do a lot of characters as well! It mostly depends on what AU we go with but I can typically use Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, and Azriel :)

-On a serious note I do multi para, no exceptions. I need material to work with and one liners won’t cut it.

-Don’t take yourself too seriously, ^^ have fun and chat with me! This is a story to make and we should have banter with it!

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Little flower
Hello! I love Undertale (And I think I'm vaguely familiar with Horrortale, though I will most likely need to refresh my memory). Though I did want to know if you're looking for a specific gender pairing for this type of plot?

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