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Fandom ⌜undertale + deltarune ⌟

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howdy! i’m never going to give up my undertale phase, so let’s rp! ☆

right off the bat, i’m an adult, and i’m only comfortable roleplaying with other adults. right now, i’m looking for something mostly casual, although i tend to get hyper-fixated on characters, storylines, and headcanons, so apologies in advance if i’m like, way too invested.

i’m really interested in oc x cc or oc x oc! i used to have a regular thing going with this and i miss it…

i’ve mostly played sans in the past, but i would be down to play almost any canon character for you, so please ask! i’m also open to aus. i’m pretty familiar with underswap and underfell and willing to research others you suggest. in return, i would like to play my oc against wd gaster, grillby, or spade king. maybe others? maybe au gasters?? mostly, i just want to jump back into the world and experience all that warm fuzzy nostalgia again

if you’re interested, i prefer you reach out through pm so we can chat. thanks ~
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I'd be interested as well! I dob't have OCs as I usually play canon but I get just as hyperfixated on them as an OC *says the one who has like a 2 page document of Sans lore* 😅

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