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Fandom Undertale AU

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I'm looking for a few people doesn't matter how many people but I want a few people to do an undertale roleplay with . at least know the basics and is willing to learn the Alternate universes of undertale. If you already know a few that's great. I will start by telling you a bit about myself. I'm surgess and I have 7 years of roleplay experience. And 2 years of drama class in highschool. The universes I know are like underfell. Swaptale. Underswap/Swapfell. Dreamtale. Dust tale. Crosstale. Horrortale. And many others. I'd like for you to tell me a little about which AUs you know. And the last thing is I need to be able to understand what your typing it doesn't matter if its in first person or second person I just need to understand. Of course there will be the occasional miss spelled typos so that I will understand. Looking forward to meet a bunch of amazing role players!
Hello! I am a humble blob, first off I'm pretty new at roleplaying, sorry for that. I've been at it for about three years. I love Undertale and it's AUs, I know Underswap, Underfell, Dreamtale, Swapfell, Errortale, Inktale, Dustale, Horrortale, and a few others, along with a couple of my own. I usually type in third person. I normally only do one or twoA few of my favorite AUs to rp in are Underswap, Underfell, and normal Undertale. Hope this is alright, excited to roleplay with you!


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Hey! I’ve been roleplaying on and off for ~4 years. I know a lot of AUs (curtesy of UT being my special interest a few years ago) and AU characters.

My favourite AUs/AU characters are (in no particular order):

• Fellswap Gold
• Error (and the other Error characters)
• Nightmare/Dreamtale
• Outertale
• Horrortale
• Undersail
• Fresh

and others I may be forgetting.

I write in 3rd person and am quite literate, so there’s no need to worry about not being able to understand me :)

I think that’s everything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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Hello! You can call me Dread if you wish and I'm pretty new to roleplaying. I know somethings about some AUs like underfell, underswap, dusttale and some others and I wouldn't really say that I have a favourite AU. I prefer writing in first person but I sometimes do write in third person. If you have any questions you can ask me.

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