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Realistic or Modern Under The Lights | A Slice of Life RP

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The Shape-shifting Master of Goatees and Darkness

Under The Lights
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(These are simply role descriptors. In no way does the set role have to live by that role. The Talentless can have a talent, like painting, but keep it secret to avoid pressure. There can be someone who is here for Academics etc.)
Senior Gunslinger
This is the incumbent starting quarterback. After falling short in the state championship game the prior season, he's looking to redeem himself. With an incoming Junior transfer hot shot, will he be able to keep his starting spot?

Senior Highlight Reel
The star of the championship basketball team. He led the team in several major categories, and his expected to be the first or second pick if he could be drafted today. Yet, he has a secret he's hiding that could affect his future.

Junior Legacy
They come from an acting family, one of their parents is a star on broadway, the other in every movie you see. Their elder sibling is a senior at the school, but they've already been cast in this summer's biggest action movie. This junior can't seem to get any traction for any roles, will they be the family failure?

Theatre Brat
Theatre used to be an escape for them when they were growing up, and it became their passion over the years. They are regarded as the best all around student in the theatre program, but maybe stress is starting to get to them?

Senior Screenwriter
They've been the head writer on every film produced through the school's film program since they were a freshman, but this year the school's big production is being written by a sophomore? Is their world falling apart?

Pitching Phenom
The school's lowest single season ERA belongs to this man/woman (sophomore or up), but this season is starting a lot different for them after losing their entire immediate family in a car crash days before the start of school.

Sophomore Fashion Designer
They don't have to come to school, their line has already been bought and backed by a major company. Yet, they still are here. What ties them to the Academy hidden in the trees?

1. RPN rules apply
This is obvious. Very obvious.

2. What the GMs say, goes

AkuTheWolfOkami AkuTheWolfOkami is the GM of this wonderful roleplay. At the end of the day, what we say goes. Please do not argue against me if there is no need.

3. Don't be that asshole
Don't be rude to anyone when there's no need. Aku has no problem putting you back in your place.

4. Be creative
We enjoy ideas being thrown at us. Just throw them gently.

5. You must be able to produce at LEAST 2/3 paragraphs
One-liners are an ABSOLUTE dub. Don't be that guy.

6. No Mary Sues/ Stevie whatevers
We all can't be Beyonce. No perfect characters.

7. Unlimited Characters
You can have as many characters as long as you are able to produce quality posts with them. If we see that you are not able to handle the number of characters you've created then we have the right to ask for you to give them up.

It's a lifestyle. It's every day crafting your art so that it is perfection. It's no corners cut, measuring twice and cutting once. It's blood, sweat, tears. It's preparing for when you step, under the lights.

Labissiere Academy is a private school with infinite resources started by billionaire french businessman Adrian Labissiere in 2010. It was started when his eldest daughter was making it known that her plans were to go to college in America, and he wanted to send her younger sibling there to be close. He found that the education system, in even the private schools, to be lacking. So he did what billionaires do. He built a state of the art school.

Over the years the school developed into a powerhouse, but not in the way that the businessman predicted. No. It had become the premiere high school in the nation for athletic and performing arts. Each one of their sports programs had won a (or multiple) state championship in the last few years. From football to track and field. You could see alumni from their performing arts programs in movies, on the radio, and everywhere else in the industry. With state of the art facilities, on campus dorms included in tuition, and top teachers the school was a breeding ground for success. For those who could not afford the steep tuition bill, there were scholarship programs and work-studies to pay it off.

The school would sound like heaven to anyone looking to make it, but it's not easy. The school's core curriculum was rigorous, practices felt ten times harder, and success was expected. There was no failure allowed at the school. Anxiety and depression ran rampant amongst the students, despite the on-site counseling and therapy available 24/7. The pressure was always on, especially when you stepped under the lights.

(These are simply role descriptors. In no way does the set role have to live by that role. The Talentless can have a talent, like painting, but keep it secret to avoid pressure. There can be someone who is here for Academics etc.)

Talentless, but Popular
They aren't good at anything. Not academics, not sports, not any of the arts. They only were able to get into this school via connections, but everyone loves them.

The Baddie
They grew up usually being referred to as the baddest girl in the area. A cheerleader (sophomore +) who never had to work for anything, with an attitude to match.

Junior Olympic Star
Being one of the youngest gold medalists ever is nice. That nagging shoulder injury that is causing you to sit out the year, is not.

Band Geek/Music Geek
Music is your life, but is it what defines you?

Smiling Mask
That knee has been healing forever, you're going to miss yet another season. Are you smiling to mask that you're afraid your career is over? (can't be a senior)

Hi. I'm Aku. I don't know what else to say besides please diversify your character face claims?

The roleplay will be divided up into episodes. What is an episode in regards to roleplaying you may ask. Well, an episode is generally the amount of time that it should take to finish a mini-plot. For instance, if there is an event..let's say a dance, then the preceding events of the day or the day before (like planning and prepping) and the dance should be done by the end of the episode. Each sub-plot point will require an episode. The other idea of an episode is to have a time period that it should last to keep the roleplay from dying. I'm thinking 2 weeks actual time is a good place but will adjust it based on the flow of the group. If I find the group can get through like two rounds of posts a week, I might make an episode a month, but if the group gets like 6 round of posts, I might just let it go until the episode naturally concludes (and push it along the way.) What I hope to avoid is slow plot progression, where people lose interest as a whole. This episode idea will adapt to the group, but this is the basis of it.

Questions, comments, concerns? Let us know. If not? Join us.

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The Shape-shifting Master of Goatees and Darkness
Basically, this roleplay is focused on the lives of the students as they face the pressures of what comes with attending this school.

Alex is slow

A gay dumbass who can’t do fucking math
I’m interested, it seems really cool. But I don’t have discord is that a problem?


The Shape-shifting Master of Goatees and Darkness
Definitely interested!
Oh neat! That's enough to at least get the ball rolling, still looking for more! There are plenty of possibilities for characters! Will send a pm out to those who have expressed interest.


The Shape-shifting Master of Goatees and Darkness

For anyone else interested, please click this link to the CS above and like the first post to show me you are, and i'll add you to the onboarding CS.


The Shape-shifting Master of Goatees and Darkness
Gonna bump this and see if we can't get TWO folks who are interested. More are welcome, but doesn't seem like some of the original are into it anymore. Two more would make 5, and I think that's enough to get started.

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