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Aolani King
Aolani noticed the nervous look and tone of the centaur peer and racked his head of ways to possibly calm him but just settled on simply being kind as maybe he just needs to get to know him first. Though snapping out of his trance hearing his peer ask a question he thinks briefly before responding with a quick “Should be no need” before quickly scooping up his sleeping peer in his arms bridal style. The girl was lighter than he expected but it’s not like he ever really carried someone like this before so he cracked a smile and turned to his peers trying to speak with a softer voice. “I’ll carry her and keep her warm till she awakens again then we can just explain whatever she missed” he takes a few steps towards the gate before stopping suddenly and turning back around. “Excuse my hastiness, I almost forgot to ask what is your name?” focusing on the centaur man who addressed him as nervous as he seemed. Making allies in this school would be very beneficial as he’d always imagine his school days as gaining knowledge with the strong bonds he makes with people. Feeling the coldness of the girl only slowly decline he pulls her closer laying most of her against his chest to attempt to warm her up. This gives him a slight shiver but he doesn’t falter from the feeling as he’s never held someone this close before which surprisingly makes him somewhat anxious to her reaction to when she’ll wake up hopefully not getting mistaken for some pervert or kidnapper.



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Vera Cortez

Vera looked worried as Aolani responded, telling him there was no need for getting Professor Vex involved. It was just a case of a cold-blooded creature needing more warmth. But Vera knew it could be quite dangerous if this girl didn't get the warmth she needed. That's why they looked so worried. She was cold and fit all the bills for being a reptile. Reptiles couldn't produce their own body heat.

But AK fixed that matter a second later, pulling the sleeping girl up into his arms. Aolani had probably done that because she wasn't mobile, but Vera knew it would somewhat solve the heat problem. The girl would be able to siphon heat from AK and use it to warm herself. He said he'd carry her till she awakens and give her heat, and then they could explain everything that she missed. They nodded, thinking it was a good idea. Vera had been prepared to carry the girl on his back, but that would've been pretty hard. They were quite runty and weren't a usual centaur. Their lower half was that of a deer rather than a horse, which made it hard to carry people. He didn't have the strength his uncle did, who could easily carry people on his back for miles. Well, bipedal folk. Someone with four legs like Vera would be a little harder for Cornelio to manage.

So, they were grateful Aolani took the task for him.

The much bigger teen took a few steps towards the gates and then turned to face them, looking at Vera. He said he almost forgot to ask what his name was, which somewhat shocked Vera. They weren't used to stuff like this. He didn't get along with most of the kids his age in his uncle's herd because of his size and hobbies. He focused on plants and animals more than battle tactics and techniques. He felt warmth in his stomach that went against the cold night air.

"My name's Vera." They said, taking a few steps to stand with Aolani.

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