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Multiple Settings Unconventional Romance(MxF)

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captain care bear
Hello everyone, and welcome to my most obscure search thread where I shall throw out some rules and pairings and just see what happens. Because why not.

I am nearly 21, you must be at least 18. I don't rp romance with anyone younger than 18.
If you're going to plot with me just to completely disappear two replies in, do not message me. I understand we don't all get along, but honestly, you won't know that quickly whether or not our story will work out!
I may reply daily, I may reply weekly, it's all my schedule, I'm sorry. I don't rush replies. I prefer 1-3 paragrah replies.
I like to chat ooc sometimes! The better we get along, the better a roleplay goes!
I will rp nothing against RPnation rules.
I'm looking to play the female character, but I happily take side characters and occasionally double, just ask.
I can write either here or on Discord.

Onto pairings!! No plots on this thread, let's come up with those ourselves. The character I'd like is the first one.

TeacherxCollege Student
Magic BeingxNot Magic Being
Magic BeingxMagic Being
Circus FreakxCircus Freak

Mythical Creatures, Royalty, Age Gap, Dark Fantasy, Unexpected Pregnancy, Forbidden Love, Hidden Relationship, Historical, Modern, Futuristic, Arranged Marriage, Affair, Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers

What I don't want: Zombies, Vampires, Demons, High school Drama

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