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Fantasy ~Uncaged Blood [RE-REBOOT]~


The Duck Overlord

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Uncaged Blood
In a World Ruled by Vampires

The Fonteyn family, a bloodline of vampires, has ruled over the kingdom of Fontenell for nearly one thousand years. Under their rule, humans have lived in relative oppression. Vamps can take blood whenever they want, and should they choose to take someone as a blood slave, they can't object. Thus, the humans live in fear of attack by a common vampire or even one from the aristocracy. Though the life of a blood slave entails luxury, it's not freedom. There have been far too many unsuccessful revolts in centuries past; the vamps are just too powerful. But this time, the rebels have an advantage: help from within the castle.


The elder Fonteyn son and heir to the throne, Aleron, greatly supports the ideology that has ruled Fontenell for a millenia. Vampires are clearly the superior race, so why shouldn't they rule? Phoenix and Lyllith, his siblings, disagree. They've seen how the humans suffer under the rule of the vampires. They're not happy, and they never have been. The younger prince and princess know this needs to change. But how to do it?

On a secret jaunt outside the castle, Lyllith meets a rebel, in turn finding the Uncaged Birds, a rebel faction that has operated without the monarchy's knowledge for five years. They welcome her with open arms, thinking her to be a poor girl living on the streets. But some random misstep, they discover she is indeed the vampire princess, but the rebel she met before stops them before they can do anything to her. He reasons that having someone within the castle, and the royal family to boot, would be of great help to their cause. The Birds grudgingly agree and accept Lyllith into their ranks, as well as Phoenix, who had secretly tailed his sister on her adventure outside.

If they overthrow Aleron, they'll finally free the humans from vampire oppression.
Of Fonteyns and Uncaged Birds

These are the main characters. Although these descriptions are the basis for them, whoever plays them will have the freedom to develop them however they want! I would like for these roles to be filled before considering any other characters. c:

Aleron Riskel Fonteyn (23) ~ Open
Aleron is cold and calculating, much like his parents. The dignity of his race matters the most to him, and he believes his siblings to be incredibly naive to support the side of humans. To servants, he's harsh and demanding, and his brother and sister are nod different. His parents dote on him, much to the ire of the second son and first daughter.

Phoenix Edmond Fonteyn (19) ~ Open
Phoenix is young and reckless but also very thoughtful. He chooses his words carefully and tends to think through things before deciding on an action. Though his parents favor Aleron, they praise him on his skill in war strategy and critical thinking. He's often consulted on how to fix a problem within the kingdom such as natural disasters, crime sprees, and other concerns.

Lyllith Violeta Fonteyn (17) ~ AnimeGenork AnimeGenork
Lyllith may seem weak and girly, but she's tough if given the chance. She picks fights with Aleron because of his obviously wrong ideas, but she's closer to Phoenix than practically anybody. Her parents treat her as inferior due to her status as the youngest sibling, and they insist that she marry an aristocrat. She'd rather marry someone she actually cares about, though. That's what leads her to venture outside of the castle and into the kingdom.

Duncan Mauntell (25) ~ Open
Duncan is the leader of the Uncaged Birds. He's highly respected and trusted among his subordinates, and everyone takes his word as law. In their eyes, he's the wise leader who should take the throne once they overthrow the Fonteyns, but he'd rather leave it to someone else. Out of everyone he trusts, his lieutenant is the one he trusts the most.

Lyra Coffyn (24) ~ Open
Lyra is Ducan's lieutenant and the secondary leader of the Birds. Duncan is the only one she truly trusts, but the others are very much like her children. She's the first to scold mischief makers and she's very no nonsense. However, there's something very vulnerable about her, and that may come from the secret that no one knows: she's a vampire.

Kentin Monteacute (18) ~ Open
Kentin is the rebel Lyllith met in the city, and he's the one who convinced Duncan and the others not to kill her on the spot when they found out what she was. He doesn't particularly care for vampires, but he does value the rebellion and if there's even the slightest chance that this strategy could land them a victory, he'll take it. Normally, he does the scouting for missions the Birds carry out.

Cassiana Alington (17) ~ Open
Cassiana is the weapons expert of the Birds, and she's the first to make it clear to Phoenix that he's not welcome here. Duncan is her idol, and she looks up to him. Some say she has a crush on him, but she always denies it vehemently. There's no room for love in a rebellion.
Other Records

The plan is, this will be a detailed RP. It's based on plot, yes, but character development and relationships between characters will be important, too. (And yes, I'm hoping for some sort of romance in places where it seems most apparent.) As this is detailed, I expect at least two descriptive paragraphs per post. The story depends not just on me, but also on you. I need everyone working together to move the story along. That's the only way we'll truly have fun with this.

To make sure no one commits to something they can't do, I will require that those who want to join are committed and can do at least one post per week. (I have a life, too... and it kinda takes precedence.) And for those of you who want a specific part, I will need you to post a sample of your writing below your CS, and I will confirm/choose from there. c:

Rules N' Such

Please respect your fellow players. Like really. Let's not insult/criticize/indirectly antagonize anyone. I've seen it all. Not fun. If you have a problem with another player, please inform me first. Or be a badass and tell them that what they're doing isn't cool. No, but seriously. Tell me first.


Please follow RPN rules.

I'm the GM. I will whup your ass if I see the need. c: (Or I'll let Lyllith do it for me... whichever comes first.)

All good?
Please comment with the phrase "Maya Angelou" if you read everything. DO IT.

Coding by AnimeGenork AnimeGenork


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ooh, how intriguing, my my maya angelou!

actually,, hmm, may be interested in playing as lyra! but we shall see if ya girl has time, cry
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crazy = genius
maya(aahooo) angelou

it is i, and im pumped up to play either phoenix again or spice it up with kentin boi - i'll will probably wait until there's only one left to choose from. (unless you reallly want me to do a certain one c; )


The Duck Overlord
maya(aahooo) angelou

it is i, and im pumped up to play either phoenix again or spice it up with kentin boi - i'll will probably wait until there's only one left to choose from. (unless you reallly want me to do a certain one c; )

A re-reboot eh?
Yall want the old Duncan back or nah
Um of course I want Duncan back?
I honestly spent a while trying to find you since your username isn't the same anymore
And then I forgot to tag you anyway

Interested. Duncan seems cool but i might leave it to someone more experienced ^^;

Maya Angelou btw, forgot to add

I should... probably put up a CS thing soon, huh? >.<


a white butterfly
Heyyyy I love this idea so much! I will try to join if I can but just wanted to say it’s so detailed and well thought out. Really like all the characters. Reminds me of a good anime haha.


The Duck Overlord
oof, don't know which one to pick. What's a good recommendation for noobs?
Which character?
I'm biased but
They're all awesome

Heyyyy I love this idea so much! I will try to join if I can but just wanted to say it’s so detailed and well thought out. Really like all the characters. Reminds me of a good anime haha.
That means so much! Thank you! c:

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